Why Online Reviews Are Top of Mind for 70% of Consumers

Max Schleicher | Online reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor shape consumer behavior. ReviewTrackers reached out to a U.S. based consumer panel and found that70% of consumers read reviews in the beginning of and during the research phase of their s... more

Programmatic first?

Mia Kristensen | I know it's a big buzzword but I'm not sure that I understand what programmatic first really means here. Are they talking about integrating apps with other modes, or the video itself? Do the apps themselves always include and lead to more data? I kee... more

Maybe old but not out of fashion.

Sharlene Rieger | The elevator pitch may be an older technique as the writer points out, but in no way has it become irrelevant. In fact, as she says, you should be able to out line your idea effectively in under 25 words. If that isn't twitter worthy, then I don't kn... more

Mobile advertising

Leon Miltiadous | There are so many platforms out there to promote business innovations and recently mobile advertisements are taking the world by storm. I enjoyed reading up on this article and finding out exactly what is required to incorporate this into my business... more

Negative Reviews Online

Tasha Lower | The article doesn’t expand too much on negative reviews but there is an angle concerning them that is worth considering. I’ve personally found myself more likely to buy a product with a few negative reviews if the negative reviews... more

Keyword Research Tools

Jeff Morgan | I think keyword research is incredibly important for businesses. What are the best keyword researcher tools? Most of the time I use Moz & google keyword planner, but is there anything you use that you like more? I appreciate your input.... more

iOS App store keyword search advertising

Taylor Symone | This type of advertising could greatly increase the traffic and profit of smaller companies in a small amount of time. If a customer searches in the iOS app store and sees an advertisement for what they are specifically looking for, they probably wil... more

Social Media is the most effective way for loyal brand following in my opinion

Ben Ibarra | Since everybody is glued to their phones and are drifting away from the traditional ways of customer engagement and TV, i believe social media and brand loyalty are interlinked, and I love the way this article gives tips on it as it is the new median... more

Customers are first

Ben Ibarra | As a business owner this article resonated with me so much. CRM is definitely one of the most important aspects to focus on, if not the most important. When done right, customers not only are served but feel understood and cared for by the business.... more

How to do you become a "best place to work"?

Ashley Kaczmar | "Choozle ranked No. 1 among medium-sized companies for the 2017 Denver Business Journal Best Places to Work awards."What do you think it takes to reach this kind of ranking?... more