Nomad Gear: 10 Minimalist Travel Essentials for Digital Nomads

Nicole Poncsak | One of the biggest perks of being an ecommerce entrepreneur is working on the go, and if you choose to travel while you work, great gear can make all the difference. This post rounds up the top 10 best gear you can invest in to make life easier and... more

Markov model vs. Shapley Value | Windsor Data Service

Laura Wyss | We are receiving quite many questions concerning the differences between the markov model and shapley value data driven attribution models . So I thought we would cover the main differences in a blog post. Regarding the sophisticated models the ques... more


Mouzzam Jafri | TechIndia Software (TIS) is a well-established company providing website Development, Mobile Application Development, and Digital Marketing services to businesses worldwide. TIS embraces the latest technologies to deliver solutions that address our... more

furniture pads for moving Made in China

mijie sen | Our HistoryCangnan Yongbo Textile Co., Ltd. is located in Longgang - China Printing City.Our leading products are Blankets and Felt, which are very popular among our customers domestically and abroad for competitive performance and price proportion.... more

China compatible ribbon manufacturers

mijie sen | Protex Smart Technologies is a professional solution provider of ID card and barcode printing systems established in 2010 in China.Protex's expertise covers the entire range of ID card printing, from ID card printers to ribbons, PVC cards, lanyards,... more

deformed steel bars suppliers

mijie sen | Wuxi Chuanghui Metal Products Co.,Ltd is a professional echnology-based enterprises which aims to produce and sell the precision cold-rolled flat steel bright and cold-drawn steel. Products are mainly used for door and window hardware, precision met... more

The Top 10 Co-Working & Co-Living Spaces Around the World for Digital Nomads

Nicole Poncsak | Bali, Morocco, Cambodia, Spain, Miami, San Francisco and Nicaragua... These are just a few of the places around the world that entrepreneurs and digital nomads are flocking to work, live and play. Whether you just need a quick getaway to buckle dow... more

The Article

renuka singh | The Article is quite impressive and thoughts been put up has clearly got something to state. Nice Post! Apple Product Dealers in Kolkata... more

Which attribution model should I use?

Laura Wyss | There is no “one-size-fits-all” way to track down all your marketing efforts. This is necessary to compare and test on which campaign suits and best represents your business requirement. You need to also, utilize Google Analytics... more

Integrate Your Data with Salesforce Data Integration System

Laura Wyss | Windsor is one of the leading companies in attribution modelling and data integration. With its highly advanced data integration techniques and data attribution models, it has made a unique place in the digital marketing world. Its attribution model... more

Integrated data systems ensure clarity of operations

Laura Wyss | When data is integrated and stored in a warehouse, it is available for access when it is most required, in an easy to understand format and within few minutes. This ensures easy access to data and clarity of operations across the organization, which... more

Delegation Board for My Team

Alex Rybacka | Managers have it tough when working with a group of people. Either remote or a stationary, managing a team can be challenging, especially when it comes to delegating tasks. And here’s where delegation board comes with help. This post expl... more

Asset Management, Product/Program Manager, More?

aaron pawlak | Hi,   I graduated 5 years ago with a double major in accounting and information systems. I initially started in a financial accounting position before moving into our consulting practice where I perform software audits to ensure our Clien... more

Marketing Automation for Creative Agencies: Tips and Tools!

Alex Rybacka | More and more brands are taking advantage of the wide range of services offered by the Internet marketing. The popularity of inbound marketing means that creative and advertising agencies acquire new customers. To improve task implementation, market... more

How Markov Model outshines the Shapely Value Based model?

Laura Wyss | • Without wasting on investment, you can get higher returns, if you use just the right attribution model. This can help you make well-researched decisions. The Markov Model is preferred because of its fine granularity. This model is best fo... more

How are Markov Model and Shapley Value Based model an improvement over the Last Click Attribution models?

Laura Wyss | Organizations today are normally relying on the last click attribution model, in order to derive data based results. But in order to understand more about the marketing optimization, these models like the Markov and Shapely Value are an improvement... more

How to Identify the Best Social Media Influencers for Your Brand

Shane Barker | You may be surprised to learn that identifying social media influencers is a major challenge for many marketers. 73% of marketers in a survey by Econsultancy reported that it is their biggest challenge. So here's everything you need to know about id... more

How Retail Stores Are Adapting to the Digital Age

David Sons | Basically retail stores are considered to the first market segments that has gone online, but still there is lots of things that need to digital transformation in other sector just like financial services, hospitality, energy, transportation and med... more

nRF8001 Bluefruit LE Not Advertising issue

aaron pawlak | Hi, I have an issue where my nRF8001 Bluefruit LE breakout module does not get to the "* Advertising" step. I've read through the posts and found that several people have had similar issues, but with the Micro and the Mega boards. In my c... more

Data Integration Solutions

Laura Wyss | In order to understand more about attribution modeling in Google Analytics, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject. This can help you give a bigger and better boost to your business. With one or more marketing techniques, you can attr... more

What Is Resource Allocation in Project Management?

Alex Rybacka | Resource allocation in project management is concerned with creating a plan which can help achieve future goals. There are many resources which have to be allocated when managing a project, beginning from budget to equipment and tools, to data and t... more


Livia Jozsa | mobile AR is fresh technology, which support to run on the both android and iOS mobile device and it become special welcome and special deal of hype as well the skepticism in the right measure. With the overlay of digital information into the real w... more

Add Custom Content to Header

aaron pawlak | Hi, I'm a newbie with Flare 10. I would like to add custom content to the header area:My company's logoSome TextSome LinksCan anyone provide advice on the best way to do this? I was thinking of creating some kind of post processing step that would... more

Tips for Organizing Your Office Supplies

Erica Sanders | When it comes to offices, an organized office is an efficient office. After all, having piles of office supplies haphazardly stacked on desks and replacement stationery crammed into cupboards is not conducive to the smooth running of any business. I... more

60 Trending Products & Niches of 2018

Nicole Poncsak | Every year new fads, trends and growing markets emerge and old ones pass. Trending products are important for every ecommerce entrepreneur to keep an eye on as they give insight into consumer interests and where market demand headed. We've scoured... more

My site's content is being copied

aaron pawlak | HI,   I'm very worried about my site's content. Recently, I noticed that one of my site's content is being copied. I found many sites who are copying my articles a to z. Those are commercial sites, selling tour packages. They are publishi... more

Ecommerce light enough for the pi

aaron pawlak | Hi, I am looking for an ecommerce solution which can be hosted on the pi and still be sufficiently fast. I have tried Opencart and a couple of others, but they were all too slow. Is there any minimalistic free ecommerce software that suits the pi?P... more

Reasons Why Gifts Are Important In A Relationship

Erica Sanders | Is there anyone on the planet who doesn't love receiving gifts? Um, no one. Here's the thing – gifts are an important part of a relationship, too. While the most important things are love, honesty, and trust, giving gifts is up there in th... more

Adapt/extend phplist for drip campaigns?

aaron pawlak | Hi, A drip campaign is the staggered delivery of a series of marketing messages to one or more list members. A campaign consists of a set of marketing messages and a list of recipients. Each set of marketing messages has a theme/topic, depending on... more

I will be able to create cloud ecommerce website?

aaron pawlak | Hi, Opencart has multi-store feature, but i would to ask will be possible to create a cloud based ecommerce platform like shopfy using opencart? so users could create their own store within some clicks?there is other players in ecommerce platform l... more

The Problems of Marketing Attribution and their Solution by - Windsor

Laura Wyss | Your data-driven decisions are generally dependent on the data which is provided. Obviously, there is a need for some smart marketing tools to drive such data for making smart buying decisions for the future. By utilizing marketing attribution solut... more

Buy DasCoin LLC

Buy Das | Our vision is to lay down a global bedrock of trust that unlocks prosperity for everyone. By eliminating the problems of traditional money and adapting trust to the digital age, we are creating a better system for holding and exchanging value.We are... more

Ultimate Guide to Creating Original Research Content

Niel Malhotra | The best performing types of content is original research, as you can see from this survey of marketers: To that end, I created a 13,000-word ultimate guide that covers everything you need to know... more

Swiss Rieter Air Spinning Accessories

mijie sen | NO.R20NAME1 R200200.078-1034467O-RING 31-2 NBR70SHA 2 R200200.079-1019197HUB 3 R200200.080-1087804 SLOT RING 20/28 × 5.7 4 R200200.081-8505238BUSHING 20/23 × 15 IGLIDUR-W300 5 R200200.103-1086252RUBBER SPRING 8.5/20 × 3... more


mijie sen | 1.Our History ZheJiang Wuyi Xinyue reflecting products Co.,Ltd was established in 2007 with a decade of history. 2.Our Factory Our company is located in Wuyi, Zhejiang, adjacent to Yiwu International Commodity City. And the transportation is very co... more

Tungsten Crucible

mijie sen | Xi’an Kefeng Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd is located in Xi’an City China,is an integrated Enterprise taking research and development, production and sales as one, specialize in tungsten heavy alloy products. Own strong technical fo... more

Semi-opaque Inkjet Frit

mijie sen | Hot sale semi opaque frit JM618Place of original:zibo ceramic industry zone,ChinaAppearance:Transparent particleBrand name:JINMING GLAZESoftening point: 800°CFiring point:1050-1130°CExpansion Coefficient : 180(×10-7/&de... more

bulb plastic housing manufacturers

mijie sen | Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology CORP., LTD. (formerly Zhejiang Chenfeng Lamp CORP., LTD), the world-famous tide Holy Land - Zhejiang Haining Yanguan town. After years of development, now we have Jiangxi Chenhang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang... more


mijie sen | Specializing in the manufacturing of lost wax investment castings and finished products in carbon steel and alloy steel, our company is a world class manufacturer and supplier of investment castings in China. It consists of 2 major facilities, both... more

32-bcarrier Square Braider with 4 orbits factory

mijie sen | Aiflon Sealing Materials Co.,Ltd is a crystallization of Chinese seals, owns three manufacturers of sealing products and two holding factories of heat insulation. Aiflon multitudinous products with 6 series can satisfy various industrial demands for... more