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Jaroslaw Krolewski is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report.

Here's the complete contribution:

Modern sales and marketing support systems usually rely on human-crafted rules or the know-how of individuals and marketing departments.

More and more companies are investing in analyses of distributed data, generated by their clients, based on advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. However, this industry sector is still at the very beginning of its development which can be proved by numerous pilot runs conducted by international corporations.

The most powerful global companies are planning to invest huge amounts of money in research dedicated to artificial intelligence in the next several years. This research will determine their market competitiveness.

Unique applications of modern achievements in algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence, are the keys to the improvement of both the popular indicators used in marketing and sales industry and optimization of the processes related to them.

All-in-one platforms which allow clients to build value easily are getting increasingly popular.

Thanks to the use of AI solutions and research using meta-learning mechanisms to automatically select machine learning algorithms and their parameters, based on specific knowledge, marketers are able to deduce from it and automatically make strategic decisions, using heterogeneous data which originates from offline and online spheres, and analysed in real-time.

Modern marketers get knowledge from natural sciences (computer technology) and from social sciences (sociology, economy, cognitive science, psychology).

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to integrate data from different channels of knowledge about an organisation, their clients and the client's loyalty to their brand. This, in turn, highly facilitates the process of making strategic decisions in regard to marketing and sales.

Data enriched by external systems (data from World Bank, weather conditions, social surveys and other statistical data) make campaigns significantly more effective.

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