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If you've been reading all the news on the GDPR you probably haven't heard much positive discussion around the topic. It's time to take a look at the bright side. Barry Levine shares how the GDPR might spark a shift in attitude that modern marketing needs.

Who Should Read This Article

Anyone who could be affected by the GDPR and is trying to get ahead of the game.

What You Will Learn

Levine shares the positive affects the GDPR could have:

  • GDPR will replace the Data Protection Direction with a continent-wide set of rules
  • GDPR ends the debate over who owns the user-generated data, and leaves no doubt
  • GDPR requires companies to adopt a "data minimalization" approach

Take Away

The GDPR sounds intimidating and change will need to happen, but marketers should not fear it. It's time to start focusing on the positive affects the GDPR might have on modern marketing. What are your thoughts on the GDPR?