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Take the marketing acronym and martech acronym quiz.

Ever get the feeling marketing acronyms have gotten out of control?

At this point, it might be worse than marketing jargon and buzzwords.

The sad truth is, I admit to speaking in acronyms more than I'd like. So the next logical step would be to create an absurd, fun, and addicting game out of it, right?

Ok, so before I give you the origin story behind the Marketing Acronym Quiz, for those who want to skip the article and get at it, go ahead and

Play the Marketing Acronym Quiz.

The game's origin story

Every week the MarTechExec team gathers in our conference room and we have what we call “Workshop Wednesday.”

It’s something everyone looks forward to, because… it’s fun.

Yes, fun is relative. We’re martech nerds, so we love taking some time during the week to deep dive into a tool, tactic, channel, or strategy.  We also play martech games and compete for prizes like bobbleheads, succulent gardens, and even trips to conferences.

Actual winnings: Baby Groot on Ashlee’s desk

Actual winnings: Baby Groot on Ashlee’s desk

What are these martech games I speak of?

It all started out with WhichTestWon, now behave.org.  We’d review the A version and B version of an experiment, then write “A” or “B” onto a sticky note with our name on it and place it face down in the middle of the conference room table.

Then, we talked about why we chose A or B.

And then we’d do a reveal, and there would be tears of joy, bursts of anger, and Shea curled up in a ball in the corner of the room.

Sometimes it's experiments, sometimes we make games out of automation, or who can do the fastest data append...  I did mention that MarTechExec was a no-judgement zone right?

That was then. This is now.

WhichTestWon was our go-to game… until the new Demand Unit Waterfall was released by SiriusDecisions. We talked about the funnel/buyer’s journey/waterfall, which turned into a tirade about the never-ending acronyms, which turned into Ryman declaring:

“We need a cheat sheet.”

To which I replied, “No, we need a game.”

Marketing acronyms meet Family Feud

I’m not going to call anyone out here, but we’ve played the marketing acronym game several times now and a few leaders have emerged.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We break up into teams of 3.
  2. I say an acronym.
  3. We wish we had buzzers à la Family Feud, but for now we settle for people raising their hand, making a noise over video, or throwing something at me.
  4. A player from the team who gets my attention first tells us what the acronym stands for.
  5. Another player from that team uses it in a sentence.
  6. The last player from that team gives us a definition.
  7. If the team doesn’t get it right, it moves to the next team.

Here’s your chance

We love this game so much that we made it into a game anyone can play.

Play the Marketing Acronym Quiz

If you’re like me…

You want to know who’s winning, right?

Here’s the leader board.

Final thoughts

Take the quiz.

Follow the instructions to get on the leader board.

Boast to your friends, peers, bosses, and share it. (Perhaps goad them into seeing if they can beat you?)

Unseat me, and I’ll buy you a coffee.