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Who doesn't love social media? It's great for raising brand awareness and engaging with your audience. While this is beneficial for your brand, what about when you want to really push more sales?

Some marketers believe that social media is not the appropriate platform for direct sales to your audience and that it should simply be a channel for building relationships. However, with the right tools, your social profiles (like your Facebook business page) can be really successful at driving sales for your business without the hard sell.

Let’s take a look at how you can optimize your Facebook business page to drive more sales. All of these tips can be implemented without spending a cent to advertise on Facebook.

CTA Button

On your Facebook page, you can set up a call-to-action button to drive more users to complete a particular action. You have a variety of options for your CTA, including:

  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Sign Up
  • Shop Now

Select the option that is best suited to your company’s method of selling. If you sell products online, then you can use the Shop Now button to direct people to your website. Other businesses who primarily sell offline may prefer users to call or email them to close a deal.

Shop Section

Your audience can buy from you directly from your Facebook page through their Shop section. This is completely free to set up and sell through, but it is currently only available for physical products, not for services or digital products. Users on both mobile and desktop will be able to browse the products you list on your Facebook page and complete checkout without having to leave the platform, although you do also have the option of sending them to your website to complete the purchase.

Promote your sales

If you are running a sale or promotion, it can be tempting to constantly post statuses about it to promote it to your audience. However, this can end up annoying your audience by clogging up their timelines. They'll end up wanting to throttle you, virtually. So, they'll just unlike your page or hide your updates.

If you want to avoid this, you can still promote your sale by making it prominent on your business page, so anyone who visits your page directly is aware of it. Your cover photo is one of the first things a user sees when they land on your page, so making a custom image advertising your sale is a good way to raise awareness. Make it bold and eye-catching, and make sure all the important details are clear.

Another thing users generally pay attention to is the top post on your page. You can pin a post to your page so that it remains at the top, so create one that promotes your sale and links to the appropriate page on your website, if relevant. Posts with images capture more attention, so including an image is a good idea, too.

These three strategies can help turn your Facebook business page into a selling machine and drive more profits to your business. Do you earn sales from your Facebook business page? Let us know your secret.