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All B2B and B2C companies understand external marketing – you want your targeted external audiences to buy your products and services. Yet how much effort do you spend on internal communications engaging your internal audiences – those employees who enable you to sell your products and services?

Modern digital signage provides companies with numerous ways to engage employees across offices and locations. Yet before we explore this topic, let’s clear the air:

  • We are not talking about traditional digital signage that pulls in reruns from a cable channel or flashes a company name across a screen in ticker-tape format. We are talking about dynamic digital signage on TV displays that share engaging content from a variety of company-created and company-curated sources.

Before we get into the optimal elements of modern digital signage, let’s consider what you can share that will engage your employees:

  1. Employee recognition

    Everyone enjoys seeing his or her name “in lights.” Have an employee of the month you want to honor? Forget about sending the news in an email that your employees ignore or in an internal newsletter that your employees never read.

    Instead post the employee’s photo, job title, and a personal quote via the CMS of your digital signage software. Use this very public recognition in two ways – to praise the employee and to motivate in other employees the desire to be recognized in the future.

  2. Employee events

    Holding your monthly in-office social gathering? Unhappy with the number of employees who have attended this event in previous months? Use colorful graphics (and perhaps a video) to grab the attention of employees and motivate them to attend.

    For example, announce the prizes that will be awarded in a raffle to be held at the in-office social gathering. Or ask for volunteers to create a satire of a new office policy. You can even include a video from your CEO explaining why it is important for employees to attend these monthly events.

  3. Company news

    Yes, all employees should be reading the company emails about what is happening at their company. Unfortunately, in a digital world there is often so much clutter that even important emails get buried in an avalanche - and they don’t ever get unearthed.

    Use the CMS of a modern digital signage system to share important company news in a colorful and captivating manner. Again, graphics and videos can be used to impart this information.

  4. Safety announcements

    Whether it’s an approaching tornado or an extreme heat wave warning, modern digital signage can quickly share safety announcements. With a simple signage option, these announcements can be flashed to the appropriate locations in minutes.

Now let’s turn to what features are important in modern digital signage:

  1. CMS that enables one person to manage content across multiple screens and across the entire globe. This ability is particularly effective for franchisors who want consistent digital signage for employee outreach in all franchise locations.
  2. CMS that enables unlimited users around the globe with specific access for local content. Rotating with consistent company-wide messaging, local content can be added to engage employees in specific locations.
  3. Cloud-based CMS on a secure server system.
  4. Unlimited CMS storage with no extra fees.
  5. Web-based dashboard for ease of use in sharing company-created and company-curated content.

With a modern digital signage system, the sky’s the limit to using the system for engaging employees and spicing up employee enthusiasm. You can even run contests for the best employee-created digital content!

With the imaginative use of engaging digital signage for internal communications, stronger bonds can be created between employees at all levels. And this is a very important goal because, after all, there would be no company without those employees!