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Daniel Weinbach is a featured contributor to The Definitive Guide to Public Relations in a Shifting Media Landscape.

Here's the complete contribution:

Public relations — as a method for brands to relate to their audiences — will mirror the changing media landscape. So as conventional media like print and television are crowded out by new media, like social, PR professionals will need to adapt and they will need to recognize their role will change from messengers to content creators. That's because technology increasingly makes user-generated content easier to disseminate to end-user audiences.

In addition, we'll likely see technology-driven PR systems bring greater efficiency to disseminating information. The days of pitching journalists will disappear. Instead, we'll see technology-enabled information exchanges where journalists and publicists can seamlessly upload, search, select and publish content. We already see this type of information exchange taking place through platforms like Slack, and we'll undoubtedly see more in the future.

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