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Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda is a featured contributor to Influencer Marketing: Where the Tactic is Headed and Trends to Support It report.

Here's the complete contribution:

I think we’re going to see influencer marketing expand beyond testimonial content due to customers no longer trusting influencers because of so much saturation. Brands are going to look for influencers to create content that brings consumers through a journey of product discovery, education and decision. Therefore brands will need influencers to work with them on a much more intimate level versus the current short term campaign based relationship.

Influencer marketing will become more costly for brands, especially new brands looking to gain market share by sending free product to influencers because influencers will be looking to establish long term arrangements. I’ve already began to see savvy brands reach out to me offering generous terms for me to work with them on a long term relationship to build their customer base.

Everyone will be able to monetize their influence. There will be the Pros getting the big campaigns, but there will also be opportunity everywhere for ordinary, everyday people to earn money promoting the products they love and buy on the regular basis. Virtually, every e-commerce brand will have an affiliate code or link associated with their brand for every consumer to have the opportunity to earn credits, points and cash.

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