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Businesses utilizing digital asset management systems can save $189,000 over five years. Digital marketing initiatives are more than trending today. They are dominating business marketing strategies. Content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and graphics are just a few of the online marketing strategies businesses implement on a daily basis. The biggest struggle businesses face in digital marketing is keeping everything organized and manageable across various platforms.

Digital asset management (DAM)

Digital asset management is the tasks, procedures, and decision-making process surrounding use and distribution of your digital assets online. Why is this important to your business? Digital content runs the marketing world today and is constantly changing. It is vital businesses find a way to manage, organize and effectively implement their digital strategy.

Digital asset management benefits

There are numerous benefits of digital asset management software.


The best digital asset management systems integrate with other software resources. Some DAM systems integrate with Adobe InDesign by automatically linking the graphics. Other useful integration features include the ability to link customer management software and enterprise resource planning software. Integration makes work seamless between different software solutions and prevents your employees from having to go back and forth.

One voice

Building a solid online brand requires businesses stick to a consistent message across all marketing platforms. DAM systems help ease this process. You can create and share graphics across multiple platforms. It lets you place dates on your files so you know you are always using the most recent version in your message. You can store 100% of your digital creations in one central place. This simplifies finding files for your team. It lets you track the usage and engagement history. You can reuse those with the best performance stats. It also allows you to edit and update your files at a later date.

Stay on schedule

There is nothing more harmful to a business than not being consistent in creating content. The digital asset management system helps keep you on track because every department has access to the same files and information. This alleviates holdups in publishing content.

Protect what’s yours

You work hard to create your digital graphics and content. It is common for less savvy marketers to “steal” graphics and use them in their digital marketing efforts. DAM software systems prevent this with multiple features. Add watermarks to your images, include copyright information, and receive notifications when your content is used to help prevent theft.

Improved efficiency

Digital asset management software includes workflow features that let you assign different tasks to the appropriate people as needed, and provides them reminders as deadlines near.

Digital marketing is here to stay. Take control of your digital strategy with a digital asset management system. With continued use and effective implementation, you gain significant savings, efficiency, and organization that impact your bottom line.