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Customer trust is the center of every customer relationship. Trust increases customer loyalty, boosts referrals, and increases sales. Trust makes or breaks a business’s longevity.

What is customer trust?

Trust is an individual’s ability to believe what you’re offering is valid. Customers struggle to trust businesses daily. Multiple untrustworthy businesses try to gain a sale without truly caring about customers’ well-being.

Some businesses don’t consider trust to be critical to their long-term business growth. Loyal customers require less in time and financial commitment to market new products or services than brand-new customers.

How do you gain it?

There is no trick to instantly gaining a customer’s trust. It is something you have to work to earn over time. Here are a few techniques you need to master to increase customer trust in your business.

1. Provide an amazing customer experience. An amazing customer experience makes customers want to come back for more. The customer experience includes every point of contact the customer makes with your business- website, phone calls, and in-person visits. Train your team to make decisions based on the customer’s needs and to display a positive personality every time.

2. Invite customers to review you. Encourage existing customers to leave feedback about their experience online. This shows customers you trust them and helps improve your image to new customers researching you online.

3. Use interactive content. Interactive content is a new form of content marketing. It builds a story for customers to actively participate in by layering information in interactive formats. As readers interact and take action, they gain more trust in your message, your business, and believe you are capable of helping them.

4. Respond to negative reviews. Take time to respond to every online review, even the negative ones. Publishing a response to negative reviews shows researchers you are capable of handling yourself well when things don’t go as expected. It also shows you actively care about your customers’ experience and are willing to make it right.

5. Deliver quality. Never deliver anything less than what you promised the customer. Delivering quality every time shows customers they can rely on your business long term. Once they believe that, they have reached the line of trust.

6. Don’t pretend. Be yourself and don’t pretend to be another company. Deliver on your promises and own up to your faults when they occur.

Why is it important?

Trust is essential to a strong customer relationship. Building trust increases customer loyalty, sales, and the likelihood customers will recommend you to others. A recommendation from a friend or colleague is far more powerful than your promise. Take the steps today to make trust a priority in your business strategy.