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Many small businesses avoid creating interactive content because it sounds high-tech and demanding. Businesses can easily add it to their existing content strategy if they know the right places to look. There are interactive content creation tools available for businesses of all sizes, and when businesses choose to use them, it doesn’t require a lot of time to create professional and engaging interactive content.

Interactive content types

Interactive content significantly boosts online engagement and conversion rates. There are several types of interactive content you can use in your content marketing strategy:

  • Assessments
  • Calculators
  • Contests
  • Tests/Quizzes
  • Interactive Video
  • Moving Infographics
  • Interactive Whitepapers
  • Polls/surveys
  • Photo galleries

Each of these lets you tell your story in a unique way that requires user interaction to release the final wow factor.

Tools you can use

Here are 11 tools you can use to create interactive content that is compelling and reaches larger audiences than static content.


  • Qzzr - Add customized quizzes to your social media pages or websites.
  • Apester - Embed tests and quizzes in your webpages or mid blog post to recapture users’ attention.


  • Contestcore - Create contests and sweepstakes to distribute on your social media pages. They have six different types to choose from and let you customize every detail.
  • Viralsweep - Create an unlimited number of sweepstakes and contests to boost your online engagement. It captures user data through the life of your contests and lets you download the information to track success.


  • Biteable - Create moving infographics to tell your story in an entertaining way. Your message doesn’t appear on the user’s screen at one time, making them remain on the page until they see the very last detail.


  • PollDaddy - Lets you customize polls to match your website and brand. These polls can be embedded on your website to appear like you are the host.
  • SOGoSurvey - Pick from existing templates to easily create a survey for your online audience in minutes. It lets you distribute it on your website, social media, and e-mail.


  • Zaption - Upload existing videos to make them interactive. Zaption lets you add quizzes, polls, and lets them link to other relevant downloads on the screen.
  • Webyclip - This video software helps you create videos that let users interact with products. When products appear that are available to purchase, a pop-up appears directing them to add it to their cart.


  • SnapApp - SnapApp is a one-stop shop for multiple interactive content needs. Create assessments, polls, galleries, contests, video, infographics and calculators with their online software.
  • Ceros - Ceros also lets you create multiple forms of interactive content, including infographics, eBooks, Microsites, Magazines, and Banners.

Creating interactive content doesn’t require additional staff or serious graphic design knowledge. Use these tools to generate engaging content that delivers your message more effectively to your online audience. Businesses using interactive content in their content marketing strategy see higher engagement rates, higher lead conversion, and more sales.