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The journey began in 2005 when Expect Referrals founders Jody & Jamie Layne met at a local Orlando marketing agency. Jody was a marketing strategist and sales consultant. Jamie was a developer. From day one they worked closely, helping their clients use personalized direct mail and email to help them prospect and prosper. They worked with big and small brands, always with one purpose in mind; to help businesses grow by finding new customers. Success was quickly achieved through direct mail, auto responding email campaigns, PURLs and more. In 2010, when the economy was at its weakest and marketing budgets were getting slashed, Jamie and Jody started thinking about word of mouth marketing. WOM is free and is truly the best type of marketing there is—people will always believe their friends so much more than they believe advertisements. They got to work on creating a software that would help businesses automate, manage and track a referral campaign. When social media started to explode, they added social sharing and coined the term social incentive sharing. In 2013, the duo turned their working relationship into a life long partnership when they become husband and wife. And together they continue to help companies discover how to get the most from the Expect Referrals software and from referral marketing in general. Jody and Jamie are true marketers who love software and have a sincere passion for helping businesses do more with less. And, they are definitely not shy.

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