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Cloud storage and computing

charles pope | The cloud seems to be continuting on an upward trend, with a variety of services and costs being offered. With the major providers like Google, Apple, and Microsoft investing in new technology for cloud storage, I agree that it is safe to a... more

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Sales on Facebook, opportunities are everywhere.

charles pope | Facebook has no shortage of customers, but finding the correct one/s is at times a challenging problem. The new shop pages and call features are good ways of attracting and targeting potental leads. In my experience, the easiler it is for a... more

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Amazon Ads

charles pope | Amazon is a giant of a company, with interests in Cloud, retail, sub retail and publishing. Google is the major player in the ad SEO playground, but with Amazon and its huge customer base it is likely to make an impact on the area and and obtain cust... more

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Young Mobile search and marketing

charles pope | Google was the original starter of the search revolution with its marketing targeting mobile CPA SEO ads / adwords to target mobile consumers. With the target markets getting younger and younger its no suprise that search business is focusi... more

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Simple Ways to Optimize Website SEO

Hailee Franco | Even if you don’t know everything, there are some simple ways to optimize website SEO that take almost no time to implement.... more