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Caitlyn Holland | Customer relationship management is a key source to develop a great relationship with your customers. It allows you to go through, and search different types of customers needs fast and easy. If you have a hard time keeping track of all you... more

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Online review management software

Caitlyn Holland | What I love about online review management is how time efficient it is. So, if your preference for a product is time efficiency, then online review management software is for you. It's a great way to get through all reviews in a super fast... more

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Caitlyn Holland | I think in a way automation is an awesome way to post on social media. It is very time efficient if you have multiple social media sites you are posting on. However,if you want hands on communication with your followers you might not want to use auto... more

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Why You Need Online Review Management Software

Kathi Furman | Online review management software provides many benefits to businesses. Find out what the benefits are and how to use it for your business on MarTechExec.... more