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Voice Search

Leon Miltiadous | An interesting and informative article. I have read many articles on this topic to educate myself on this topic. In a recent article I read I found that about 55% of teens and 41% adults use voice search on daily basis as there are many advantages s... more
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            ClearVoice connects brands with technology and freelancers to create content that resonates. Plan, hire, manage, distribute – consistently and at scale.... more

Optimize Content for Voice Search

Kathi Furman | New technology is introduced constantly to solve ongoing problems. Businesses optimizing their content for voice search will see better long-term results.... more

What Does Voice Search Mean for Marketers?

Madeleine Helme | Voice search lets smartphone users conduct searches with ease when on the go, to tap into this audience, make changes that will cater toward these users.... more

Will Voice Search Take Over the Advertising Industry?

Ashley Kaczmar | Is 2017 the year of voice search? That's what many brands are being led to believe. But it may be too soon for that just yet.... more

Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

Madeleine Helme | Effective keyword research can massively improve your website’s SEO and the success of your search advertising campaigns.... more

Ecommerce Site Search Best Practices

Madeleine Helme | An ecommerce site search is an invaluable tool that will help your customers have a great shopping experience on your website.... more

Let Your Customer's Voice be Heard When Shopping Online

Madeleine Helme | Voice-controlled shopping could be a revolutionary step in e-commerce, so make sure you don't get left behind. Here's a guide prepare your business.... more

Not Getting the ROI from Search Advertising That You Want? Take the Experts’ Advice

Ashley Kaczmar | Search advertising is the placement of ads in search engine results. Businesses pay to place these ads at the top of search results.... more

Invoicing Tips that Business Professionals Swear By

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Deanna Rampton from Due teaches us how to go from invoicing amateur to invoicing master in 12 simple steps.... more

But I Want It: Avoiding Unnecessary Martech Purchases

John Shieldsmith | The world of martech is always changing. There are constantly new, shiny options for your stack. But do you need them? Maybe, maybe not.... more

"Alexa, What Products Do You Recommend?"

Ashley Kaczmar | We've been talking a lot about how the age of voice search is upon us, but are we talking about how those voice searches work? ... more

Are you Missing Out by Only Advertising on Google?

Madeleine Helme | Are we missing a trick by only advertising on Google? There are other search engines out there, and your customers might be using them.... more

Why Online Reviews Are Top of Mind for 70% of Consumers

Max Schleicher | Online reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, and TripAdvisor shape consumer behavior. ReviewTrackers reached out to a U.S. based consumer panel and found that 70% of consumers read reviews in the beginning of and during the research phase of the... more

The Future of AI for Marketing featuring Vishal Srivastava

Vishal Srivastava | Vishal Srivastava  is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report. Here's the complete contribution: I see AI becoming an integral part of marketing in the next few years.... more

Why Does Your SEO Need Local Marketing?

Madeleine Helme | These are three major ways that effective local marketing efforts could boost your SEO and make your website and brand easier to find online.... more

SEO Gold: Using Influencer Marketing to Increase Your Search Ranking

Kathi Furman | Influencer marketing grew tremendously in 2016. One influencer marketing benefit missed by most companies is its positive impact on their SEO strategy.... more

Piloting Your SEO Plan to Come Out on Top (of SERPs)

Ashley Kaczmar | SEO is a process marketing professionals use to drive more traffic to a website organically to ensure the website ranks high on a search engine return list.... more

Looking Forward: SEO Trends in 2017

John Shieldsmith | What does 2017 have in store for SEO trends? Thanks to my handy crystal ball, and the opinions of numerous experts, we can get a look at the year ahead.... more

A Look Under the Hood at Chatbots

Tim Ziegler | Chatbots are those friendly little programs that talk to you. They’re the hottest thing since sliced bread, if bread could talk to you and still not be human. (Nothing to see here, talking robot bread slice.) As a techie marketer, you need to kno... more

Understanding the Importance of Call Analytics

Kathi Furman | Understanding the importance of call analytics in your digital marketing strategy is vital to future success. Find out why on MarTechExec.... more

Calling all Marketers: What You Need to Know About Call Tracking

Kathi Furman | Call tracking provides powerful insight into your daily operations. Research available options, and use these sets of data to impact your bottom line.... more

Customer Intelligence Yields Better Audience Insights

Lisa Callahan | TL;DR Definition Customer Intelligence (CI) is the process businesses use to gather and review customer data. This data is taken from multiple sources to gain a complete view of customer details and activities. The goal of CI is to understand what... more

Staff Up the Smart Way with Automated Hiring Tools

Tim Ziegler | Automated hiring tools can help you do everything from post job listings and identify new talent to review applications and schedule phone screens.... more

What trends could reshape content marketing? Find out what the experts say.

Lana Moore | It’s impossible to predict without fail what the future holds. But, to get a better idea of what's next for content marketing, we asked the experts.... more

Content and Experience: All the Stats You Need to Know

Lana Moore | There is so much information about content and experience that it can be hard to keep all your facts straight. That is why we made this list for you.... more

Like, Comment, Share: Creating Shareable Social Media Content

Hailee Franco | You spend hours every week crafting great social media posts. But no one is sharing them! Here's how to create shareable social media content.... more

Too Many Cooks: 1,000,000 Content Marketing Tips

John Shieldsmith | Everyone is doing content marketing, and everyone has content marketing tips. Read this article to learn how to differentiate yourself.... more

How Marketing Masters Use Online Communities and Reviews to Dominate Their Industry

Ashley Kaczmar | Community and reviews relates to discussion of your brand online by customers and anyone else who has interacted with your brand in some way.... more

Stealth Marketing: The Art of Content Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Content marketing is all the rage right now. But how do you go about breaking into this huge market? Start with this guide.... more

Call Analytics and Management – What Are Your Callers Telling You?

Ashley Kaczmar | Call analytics provides a way for a company’s inbound calls to be responded to efficiently and tracked to better manage and engage with incoming leads.... more

The Experts Talk Best Strategies for Engaging Target Audience

Lana Moore | Finding new ways to engage with your audience can be tricky. This is where marketing analytics comes into play. Let's see how experts engage.... more

Being an Enabler: Mastering Sales Enablement

John Shieldsmith | Your salespeople are your biggest asset. But, are you doing all you can to empower them? Master sales enablement and you will master sales.... more

Straight from the Experts: Using Mobile and Web Analytics to Improve CX

Lana Moore | The customer is always right, or at least that is how the saying goes. So if this is the case, what can you do to improve CX? Find out from the experts.... more

The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: Scoring AI's Impact on Marketing Technology with Comments from Experts

Lana Moore | The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing, Part III Scoring AI's Impact on Marketing Technology with Comments from Experts  Delivering the right message at the right time to the right audience isn’t really a goal.  Goals are statements that yo... more

Creating a Successful Content Advertising Campaign According to the Experts

Lana Moore | Making content is part of the daily grind for any brand. Making content for an advertising campaign that goes above and beyond? That's not easy.... more

How to Make Journalists Love You According to the Top PR Experts

Lana Moore | How do you get that journalist to just love your brand and what you have to say? We turned to the experts to find out just what to do.... more

What does the future hold for the MarTech landscape? Hear what the experts have to say.

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Reviving Dead Accounts with ABM. The Experts Weigh-In

Lana Moore | Are you having issues bringing your ABM account back from the dead? If so listen up. We asked some of the best in the field to share their tips with you!... more