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Are Your Video Ad Impressions Being Wasted?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Some publishers are wasting up to 20 percent of their programmatic video impressions, even though programmatic video ad spend in the U.S. tripled from $3 billion in 2015 to $9 billion in 2017, according to eMarketer. In this article, Ross... more

Expert Opinion: Video Marketing and Advertising featuring Paul Beck

Paul Beck | Read up on what video advertising expert, Paul Beck, predicts video advertising evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Video Advertising featuring Tripp Boyle

Tripp Boyle | Read up on what video advertising expert, Tripp Boyle, predicts video advertising evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Video Marketing and Advertising featuring Yaniv Nava

Yaniv Nava | Read up on what video advertising expert, Yaniv Nava, predicts video advertising evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Video Marketing and Advertising featuring Bob Bentz

Bob Bentz | Read up on what video advertising expert, Bob Bentz, predicts video advertising evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Choosing the Right YouTube Ad Type for You

Madeleine Helme | With these options, you will now be able to choose the right kind of YouTube ad depending on the goals of your advertising campaign and content.... more

How to Stop Viewers From Skipping Your Video Ad

Madeleine Helme | Five seconds is a very short space of time, but how you use it will make a huge difference in your video ad. Here's how to capture your audiences' attention... more

Digital Ads Surpass TV for First Time

Tim Ziegler | This week the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)  released its numbers for ad spend in the US in 2016. Find out what it said about digital ads.... more

Press Play On Youtube Ads: Why Consumers Prefer Them

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Some marketers believe that Youtube advertising is ineffective - that viewers merely skip by them every time.However, a recent study has found that Youtube ads are, in fact, more readily accepted than video ads on other platforms.In this ar... more

Let them opt-out

Ashley Kaczmar | " Videology and Tru Optik hope to get more devices and apps into providing more targetable, measurable inventory by doing something that might seem counterintuitive: making it easier for consumers to opt out of interest-based ads or behavioral... more

Is Amazon the place to be?

Ashley Kaczmar | Vungle recently announced that they're bringing over a software developer kit (SDK) for Amazon’s Fire tablets. Why? Because, "According to analyst firm IDC, adoption of Amazon devices increased 1,200 percent year over year in 2016 ,... more

Youtube Ads

Taylor Symone | Youtube is a lucritive business marketing strategy and one of the best ways to reach consumers. I personally have not tried Youtube ads yet for my company, but I have considered trying Youtube ads to get more traffic. I really want to try to incorpo... more

Aiding TV Ads with Search and Social

Ashley Kaczmar | Have you ever thought about combining your TV ad efforts with your social and search efforts? That might sound weird, but it's more effective.... more

Hulu is Trying to Break the Chain Between TV and Advertising

Ashley Kaczmar | Can you imagine a world where you watch TV without seeing any ads? For many viewers, that sounds like a dream come true. For advertisers, not so much.... more

4 Easy Steps for Becoming a Video Advertising Master

Ashley Kaczmar | Video advertising has quickly become a favorite for consumers. But technology changes rapidly. So you may find yourself struggling to get an ad out there.... more

Bringing Video Ads to Mobile Apps

Ashley Kaczmar | Video is one of the leading trends of 2017. Are you bringing your videos to mobile apps successfully? Find out in this article.... more

Getting high-impact videos in front of viewers

Ashley Kaczmar | That's what ConvertMedia seeks to do.  An excerpt from the article , which features an interview with CEO Yoav Naveh: “Video is high-impact, but the reality is that not everyone in the world likes watching videos online, and we... more

New research from Touchstorm on Youtube

Ashley Kaczmar | " Touchstorm, using its VideoAmigo software , today announced that for the month ending May 2017, YouTube viewing was up +3.13 percent vs. April, with views from the United States up +2.53 percent." With the ever growing views on Youtube,... more

Getting the data on programmatic videos

Ashley Kaczmar | "Genesis Media, a leading publisher analytics and data science company, announced today it has merged with Denver-based, Altitude Digital, a programmatic video technology company. The company will operate as Genesis Media." You can read m... more
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            In less than one minute, make your YouTube or Facebook video interactive. Add apps to your video such as MadMimi, MailChimp, Google Maps, Skype and more! Share a coupon with viewers or embed a button link to your store. Viewbix makes doing all of thi... more
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            Tremor Video (NYSE:TRMR) helps make every advertising moment more relevant for consumers. The company’s heritage as custodians of the most recognized advertiser and publisher brands is built on leadership in all-screen analytics and a long-sta... more
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            SpotX is a video inventory management platform for premium publishers and broadcasters, helping them manage all of their demand sources from one place, and monetize content across all screens. The SpotX platform offers publishers unprecedented transp... more
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