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Why You Need Video Advertising to Reach the Consumer of 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Video advertising refers to online display ads that have videos within them. Video advertising is more engaging, easier to consume, shareable.... more

4 Easy Steps for Becoming a Video Advertising Master

Ashley Kaczmar | Video advertising has quickly become a favorite for consumers. But technology changes rapidly. So you may find yourself struggling to get an ad out there.... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring David Wiesenfield

David Wiesenfield | Display and programmatic advertising will have advancements in these 3 areas. Find out David Wiesenfield's predictions in this article from MarTechExec.... more

A Guide to Advertising on Twitter

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Let's Get Vertical: Using Vertical Videos and Images

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Two Video Types and a Cake: Using Live and Recorded Videos

John Shieldsmith | Which should you use - live or recorded video? Learn about these two video types. Did I mention that there's cake involved?... more

Is the future of video vertical?

Hailee Franco | How many times a day do you watch a vertical video? Once, twice, 15 times? For me, it's a lot because I love Snapchat. And almost every video I send and receive is vertical.  And I am finding more and more things I watch on my phone are cr... more

Video Killed the Content Star: Tips for Making Great Video Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary You've surely heard how powerful of a storytelling tool video content is by now. However, it can be hard to figure out the right strategy for video marketing.In this article, Jodi Harris will give 10 tips for creating video content that wil... more

Tips for Increasing Conversions With Video Marketing

Kathi Furman | Video helps engrain your message in their minds for future reference or thought. Use these eight ideas to help increase conversion rates online.... more

Video Marketing For Increasing Customer Engagement

Kathi Furman | Creating and implementing a video marketing strategy will help with increasing customer engagement, audience reach, leads, and business relationships.... more

Using Video Marketing to Generate More Leads

Kathi Furman | Video marketing delivers a larger return on investment, increased awareness, a larger online reach, and an increased number of leads when used strategically... more

Tweet Tweet! Using Video on Twitter

Hailee Franco | Have you shared a video on Twitter lately? Did it get the retweets you hoped for? If not get some insight on making videos more engaging.... more

What’s Stopping Us from Using More Interactive Video?

Lisa Clark | Martech teams must create, manage, and measure content across a variety of media today, even provinces like video that used to be left to specialist teams. Yet in a recent poll of martech professionals, less than 10% of respondents regarded themselv... more

Video Marketing

What is video marketing? Video marketing is the practice of using videos to promote your brand, products, as well as services. As a result of its effectiveness, video marketing is a key tool in most content marketing plans today. Some common forms... more

The Advantages of Skippable Video Ads

Madeleine Helme | Forcing people to sit through your ads could lead to a negative impression of your brand. Skippable video ads are a good way to stay among your audience.... more

In The Buff(ering): How to Showcase Your Best Assets With Facebook Cover Videos

Anna Rachel Rich | Donna Moritz explains how to create an engaging cover video and curates seven awesome examples for a little inspiration.... more

Video Marketing for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Kathi Furman | Make video marketing one of the key factors in your online marketing strategy, using these ideas as your launching pad.... more

Expert Tips on Perfecting Your Branded Video

John Shieldsmith | A branded video can do wonders for your brand. It can also be disastrous. Check out these expert tips to make sure you don't fall into the latter group.... more

Bringing Video Ads to Mobile Apps

Ashley Kaczmar | Video is one of the leading trends of 2017. Are you bringing your videos to mobile apps successfully? Find out in this article.... more

The Blair Marketing Project: Making Stable, Respectable Video Marketing

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Lights, Camera, Marketing: Mastering Video Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Video marketing is powerful, effective, and downright fun. But breaking into video marketing can be difficult. Not anymore. Read on to get started!... more

How Real-Time Bidding Will Benefit Mobile Videos

Ashley Kaczmar | Real-time bidding has given advertisers a strong sense of control over their ad campaigns. Find out how RTB will encourage advertisers to use mobile video.... more

How to Stop Viewers From Skipping Your Video Ad

Madeleine Helme | Five seconds is a very short space of time, but how you use it will make a huge difference in your video ad. Here's how to capture your audiences' attention... more