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Chatbot & Facebook Messenger: The Cure-All for Waning Open Rates

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary As customers’ inboxes are increasingly inundated with clutter, marketers struggle to optimize for higher open rates. Mason Wear suggests a strategy that bypasses email altogether — spotlighting chatbots and Facebook Messenger as viabl... more

Build B2B Street Cred With Influencer Marketing Strategies

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary “Only 14% of people could recall the last time they saw an ad, and remember what it was promoting. The same study showed that 74% of people turned to social media networks for purchase decisions, and 49% of people relied on third party... more

Wrong Numbers: How to Fix Google Analytics’ Broken Social Channel

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Your traffic is Organic Search, no—Direct, no wait—it’s Social. Or is it? Google Analytics is currently broken and it’s not recognizing any customized source or medium tags with its default channel settings. Mark Traphagen explains... more

Automation Ambivalence: The Pros & Cons of Facebook Automation

Anna Rachel Rich | While automation can save time, Brent Barnhart warns of its potential to backfire by eliminating that human element audiences expect.... more

Data-Driven Tips to Fuel Your Facebook Advertising

Anna Rachel Rich | Brad Smith breaks down proven ways to reduce costs and increase conversions with effective Facebook Advertising strategies.... more

Survive the PR Storms with These Helpful Tips

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary If you're on social media, then you've seen the rampant social media PR crisis that hit again and again — like Dove, for instance (and if you're not on social media then, what are you doing?).In this article, Kelly Dye will talk about st... more

Know Your Rights: Legally Leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC)

Anna Rachel Rich | If you want user-generated content (UGC) for your marketing, Jim Belosic maps out steps to avoid potential legal hassles.... more

The Social Way to Handle a PR Crisis on Social Media

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Some brands are better at handling a PR crisis on social media than others.Here's the thing: social media is the way we connect with consumers now. So you need to be prepared to handle a PR crisis on social media well.No more excuses.In thi... more

Target Locked On: How to Target Facebook Ads the Right Way

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Here's the secret: when a user is scrolling through Facebook, they don't want to leave the platform. So they're not interested in clicking on an ad that redirects them.Luckily, Facebook has figured this out and they're now providing some ha... more

Drive More ROI from Social Ad Spend With a Simple 3-Step Approach

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary There’s so much to learn, so little time in the ever-evolving world of social media advertising. From audience targeting and budgeting to A/B testing and pixel tracking—the list goes on. Brian Peters takes it all into account and breaks... more

Create Instagram Stories that Increase Business Account Visibility

Anna Rachel Rich | Kristi Hines dives into the nitty gritty of crafting the perfect Instagram Story and details how to use in-app insights to monitor success.... more

Risky Business: Protecting Your Brand from Influencer Marketing Pitfalls

Anna Rachel Rich | Paul Johnson outlines the potential risks involved with influencer marketing and lays out the groundwork for establishing mutually beneficial relationships.... more