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Are You a PPC Marketer? Then You Need to Know This

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary When are we not in search of more great tips and tricks for paid search advertising? If you're a PPC marketer, you know the answer is never.Luckily, in this article, Lisa Raehsler will share 6 things you likely have not unveiled yet with A... more

Keep Your Competitors From Owning Your Brand Searches

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary You ever find yourself checking in on your rankings and you go to search for your brand and then you see it. Your competitor is at the top of the page for your brand.How do you keep this from happening?In this article, Neil Patel is going t... more

Are You Planning Your Web Redesign Carefully?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Relaunching a website is exciting. However, you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. And that means making sure this redesign isn't going to hurt your paid search efforts.In this article, Pauline Jakober will walk through th... more