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How to Come Up With a Business Name: Ecommerce Edition 2018

Nicole Poncsak | Even though it may seem like the simplest thing to do, deciding on a business name for your company or brand can be tricky. Some business owners are lucky enough to be absolutely certain about their choice, however, it is not uncommon to see others... more

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself with Your Martech ROI

Sara Sousa | Summary Let's face it, technology is almost an inseparable part of marketing now, I know nothing new. But, that also means that Return on Investment (ROI) is a key factor.Heike Neumann shares findings from a recent Ascend report and a bit of a real... more

These Tech Trends Will Shape Marketing in 2018 According to Experts

Sara Sousa | Summary We’ve seen tons of martech predictions for the new year. But what should you believe?Kimberly A. Whitler went straight to the CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, CVOs and others. Who Should Read This Article Anyone trying to keep up with martech in... more

Neglected Marketing Topics: What Should Universities Teach Students?

Kevin Nelson | There’s a growing concern about the quality of education that students are receiving in the universities today. The curriculum of some of the courses being provided in the institutions does not have practicality in the real workplace situa... more

Tips for Balancing Digital Marketing and Creative Writing

Kevin Nelson | One of the most common reasons as to why many people decide to take on writing jobs is simply because they love to write. They are so much passionate about writing to an extent of desiring to spend as much of their time as humanly possible in exploi... more

Connect With Your Customers on a Deeper Level with VR

Sara Sousa | VR is quickly becoming a necessity, not an option, for marketers who want to truly connect with their customers. ... more