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Ensuring Data Quality of Third Parties

Michael Benedek | You can't watch over the shoulder of third-party data providers, but you can practice due diligence to ensure data quality. Michael Benedek explains how.... more

Through the Martech Looking Glass: Ecommerce à la 2018

Lisa Callahan | Summary I can shamelessly say that we tend to geek out over tools and trends at MarTechExec.And while we would love to know exactly what's around the corner, the truth is that imagining is half the fun.In this article, Max Greenwood from Techvibes... more

Scoring data providers

Dave Prince | Great article Michael. Do you know a way or is there an opportunity for a research company or analytics firm to benchmark these 3rd Party data providers against the criteria you list? Would it be best done on random audeince segments, or do marketer... more

4 Data Science Job Titles and What They Actually Mean

Lisa Callahan | Summary The tech field isn't famous for having the clearest job titles or descriptions — even in the eyes of applicants themselves.But as martech requires more tech talent day by day, we need to welcome these pros — and their sometimes wonky ti... more

These AI Tools are on Fire, According to Forrester

Lisa Callahan | Summary Forrester's version of Gartner's Hype Cycle illustrates the rise — and fall — of 10 different AI tools. Wanna know the fate of your faves?Check out this article from House of Bots' Nand Kishor to discover where the AI market is headed w... more

Taxonomy Time! Here's How Machine Learning Does it Faster and Smarter

Lisa Callahan | Summary Sometimes, the hardest tasks in martech are the most straightforward. Like creating an intuitive, navigable taxonomy.We tend to overthink things like this, which is why logic and reasoning are priceless assets. And it just so happens that m... more

I See Machine Learning in Your Future, Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Earlier this month, CleverTap had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural  Mobile World Congress Americas  in San Francisco. Paul Brody, CleverTap’s Chief Product Officer, was a speaker at the event. He presented a topic at the... more

Is the AI the Enemy? Here's How We Can Ensure it Isn't

Lisa Callahan | Summary There's a level of fear-mongering still present around the idea of AI in martech.Whether it comes from a place or paranoia, misunderstanding or simply cynicism, this perspective needs to be challenged.In this article, Colin Priest from Info... more

Predictive Analytics: Tools of the Trade (in Layman's Terms)

Lisa Callahan | Summary In this article, Bart Van Der Vurst from Element 61 offers a simple explanation of predictive analytics tools — both SaaS and self-service. Who Should Read This Article Trying to pick between a SaaS vs. self-service predictive tool? Th... more