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Curated Roundup of the Best Ecommerce News, Resources & Guides

Nicole Poncsak | Every month we try to put together a curated list of some of the most noteworthy ecommerce news, articles, apps, and resources that take place throughout the month, and this month we did just that. The purpose of these monthly roundup posts is to b... more

Ecommerce Marketing: A Guide for Reaching Today’s Customer

Ashley Kaczmar | Undeniably, the customer journey now starts and often finishes online. Ecommerce marketing is now more critical than ever.... more

Marketers Can't Live Without a Customer Data Platform

Lisa Callahan | A Customer Data Platform is a software-based marketing solution that integrates and stores all a customer’s data in one place.... more

What We Learned About MarTech From Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

Sara Sousa | Summary We can learn so much about martech from this holiday season and the biggest lessons learned have come from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.Are you interested in knowing what you as a marketer can do even better for next year? Well, the best w... more