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Ensuring Data Quality of Third Parties

Michael Benedek | You can't watch over the shoulder of third-party data providers, but you can practice due diligence to ensure data quality. Michael Benedek explains how.... more

Scoring data providers

Dave Prince | Great article Michael. Do you know a way or is there an opportunity for a research company or analytics firm to benchmark these 3rd Party data providers against the criteria you list? Would it be best done on random audeince segments, or do marketer... more

Big Data is Your Business (Literally): Top 10 Big Data Benefits

Lisa Callahan | Summary Big data: It's much more than a buzzword.Slowly but surely, marketers are coming to understand what exactly big data is and what it means for our field.In this article, Aniketh Jain from Inc42 casts light on the future of big data and how i... more

These Big Data Trends are Paving AI's Path to Success

Lisa Callahan | Summary It's hard to imagine AI could get any "buzzier" than it already is. But current big data trends point to huge advancements in AI for the upcoming year.In this article, Kayla Matthews from Big Data Made Simple lists five big data trends sure... more