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Before Transparency Comes Control

Kerry Bianchi | While not exactly a panacea, here are some of the controls that advertisers can leverage as a significant first step toward transparency.... more

Ensuring Data Quality of Third Parties

Michael Benedek | You can't watch over the shoulder of third-party data providers, but you can practice due diligence to ensure data quality. Michael Benedek explains how.... more

Do You Know This About Mobile Ad Fraud?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Many marketers think of mobile as the next big frontier. However, as marketing goes mobile, so does ad fraud.In this article, David Sendroff will talk about the key things brands need to know about mobile ad fraud and how they can stay on t... more

Scoring data providers

Dave Prince | Great article Michael. Do you know a way or is there an opportunity for a research company or analytics firm to benchmark these 3rd Party data providers against the criteria you list? Would it be best done on random audeince segments, or do marketer... more