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When you sponsor something, you will become more visible throughout the entire site and get some exclusive features. Any company listing level can sponsor a category and/or section.


Not convinced? See the 6 Spectacularly Compelling Reasons to Sponsor a Section. It's a delightful read.

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Basic Plan


If you have an awesome product that is specific to one category, it would make sense to sponsor a category. Your visibility will be optimized for the customers browsing in that specific category.

$1,500 / Month or
$17,100 / Year (save 5%)

  •  1 byline article (ghostwritten or written by your company) per month 
  •  Included in 1 expert roundup in category
  •  1 syndicated ebook
  •  Listed as #1 on all articles, discussions, unclaimed and claimed company listings in that category
Categories Available for Sponsorship
Basic Plan


If you have a suite of products spanning multiple categories, it would make sense to sponsor a section. That way you are reaching all of the customers who potentially could use one of your products.

$3,500 / Month or
$39,900 / Year (save 5%)

  •  3 syndicated ebooks
  •  Product review (article on our site)
  •  Company interview (discussion)
  •  Listing audit (best practices)
  •  3 byline articles (ghostwritten or written by your company) per month
  •  Included in 3 expert roundups in section 
  •  Dedicated success manager
  •  Listed as #2 on all articles, discussions, unclaimed and claimed company listings in that section
Sections Available for Sponsorship

6 Spectacularly Compelling
Reasons to Sponsor a Section

Be Seen By Those Who Need You

Reason TitleAny discussion, article, unclaimed or claimed listing in your sponsored category or section will show you as a related solution. Guaranteed. That means you get top billing!

Stand Out Among Your Competitors

Reason TitleBy sponsoring a section or category, your listing is guaranteed to show up at the top of your competitors. Sponsorship benefits will make your listing be the best it can be.

We’ll Create Content Marketing - Just For You

Reason TitleEbooks and articles are so much nicer when you don't have to write them yourself, let us do the heavy lifting for you! We’ll put together everything you need for an awesome ebook, and we’ll syndicate it.

Get Help from MarTechExec Staff

Reason TitleWe’ll be at your beck and call waiting by the phone because we love solving other people’s problems. We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of MarTechExec. And the best part? We’re not a chat bot.

Established as a Thought Leader

Reason TitleBe associated with the best. We will include any company team member you choose in an expert roundup. Major exposure alert. We’re talking twitter handle, link to site, name, job title, company, and a headshot. What’s not to love?

Build Credibility as a Company

Reason TitleYour company will be seen in the places you want it to be seen. Be known and be respected with top placement. When you show up in related solutions, your logo will appear. Talk about some serious brand recognition.


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