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The Secret Sauce to a Successful Social Media Campaign

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Does Your Mobile Marketing Meet Customer Needs?

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Using Customer Surveys to Read Your Customer’s Mind

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Swallow Your Pride and Step Aside for New CXOs

Lisa Callahan | Your C-suite employees have a special place in your biz. It takes an introspective entrepreneur to admit weaknesses and let other, stronger CXOs step in.... more

Micro-Influencers are Changing the Way We Do Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | All you have to do is look to the Fyre Festival to see how influencer marketing is done wrong. Make sure you're using micro-influencers properly.... more

Google vs Facebook: Remarketing and Retargeting Pt 2

John Shieldsmith | Both Google remarketing and Facebook remarketing offer incredible opportunities for marketers and businesses. You truly can’t go wrong.... more

The Powers of Marketing and HR Combine for Better Employee Advocacy

Ashley Kaczmar | Digital trends have been pushing HR departments to collaborate more and more with the marketing department for things like employee advocacy programs.... more

Creating Loyal Brand Advocates Starts with Saying Thank You

Kathi Furman | Gratitude is an important life attribute and a valuable key to experiencing business success. Here are seven ways you can thank your brand advocates.... more

Uncover Hidden Profit with Customer Success Software

Kathi Furman | Utilize available resources and unlock the hidden profit in your business operations by shifting your focus to customer success.... more

Impressing Google with Your Social Media Marketing

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Happy Customer, Happy You: Optimizing the Customer Experience

John Shieldsmith | It's easy to overlook the customer experience when thinking about all of marketing's moving parts. Read this guide to learn why UX should be #1.... more

10 Industry Influencers Every Product Manager Should Follow

Tim Ziegler | It's not who you know, it's who you know to follow! Check out some of the top industry influencers and get schooled by the best product managers.... more

Say it with Emojis: Branding with Facebook Reactions

Hailee Franco | Social media is powered by emotions, which is probably why Facebook Reactions was created late last year. So how can your businesses use this tool?... more

How Influencer Marketing Trends Will Influence Brands

Ashley Kaczmar | Influencer marketing has changed a lot over the years. Of course, like anything, it will continue to see some changes. Let's explore the latest trends.... more

Are You Seeing the ROI You Want From Influencer Marketing?

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Increase Your Referrals with Some Cross-Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | How do you get more referrals for your brand? You dip into some cross-marketing, of course. Find out how in this article from Forbes.... more

Creating Customer Loyalty Is About More Than Data

Ashley Kaczmar | The beauty of data is that it's supposed to let us understand customers more. Yet, customers still feel that brands don't know them as well as they should.... more

No Risky Business Here: How to Minimize Influencer Marketing Risks

Ashley Kaczmar | Influencer marketing might be the trend of 2017, but it comes with risks. You can't control the influencer the way you can control your own brand.... more

How to Make Influencers Fall in Love with Your Brand

Ashley Kaczmar | A key component of influencer marketing campaigns is having a good relationship the influencer. The more genuine your relationship, the better the campaign.... more

Survey Mistakes Every Marketer Makes

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Webinars: The Newest Revenue Generating Marketing Tool

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Answer Me! The Subtle Art of Boosting Survey Results

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ABM by the Numbers: Counting Down to ABM Success

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Facebook vs. Twitter: Choosing the Right Social Platform

Kathi Furman | Your business needs have a social media marketing strategy, but that doesn’t mean you need to be on all available social media platforms.... more

Space Is Limited: Making Your Next Conference Successful

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Understanding Influencer Marketing ROI

Kathi Furman | Influencer marketing doesn't mean much unless you can quantify your efforts. Find out how to calculate your influencer marketing ROI.... more

Why You Need Online Review Management Software

Kathi Furman | Online review management software provides many benefits to businesses. Find out what the benefits are and how to use it for your business on MarTechExec.... more

You're Fired: Is it Time to Say Goodbye to a Client?

Kathi Furman | A vital part of success is knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to certain clients. Look for these signs to determine if it is time to fire a client.... more

Improve Account-Based Marketing With Content

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Feel the Churn: The Impact of Churn Rate on Customer Success

Kathi Furman | It is vital for businesses to understand their churn rate, how to calculate it, and make improvements to achieve higher customer success.... more

Don't Break the Rules with Influencer Marketing

Hailee Franco | If marketers don't even want to see ads, then consumers certainly don't want to either. So what is a marketer to do? You could try influencer marketing.... more

Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Media

Hailee Franco | Just posting to social media isn't enough. You need to be doing it right. Is it time for you to stop wasting your time on social media?... more

How a Pair of Leggings Sparked a Debate About Customer Empathy

Hailee Franco | United Airlines allegedly prevented two women from boarding their flight due to leggings recently. So what does this say about empathy?... more

Easy Ways to Up Your Instagram Game

Hailee Franco | In case you didn't already know, Instagram is the fastest growing social media tool. So it may be time to up your Instagram game. Learn how in this article.... more

Closing the Sale: Turning Shoppers into Customers

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The Social Media Content Storybook

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Make Your Social Media Count in Real Numbers

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Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and Sales with ABM

Ashley Kaczmar | Your sales team is doing one thing, and your marketing team is doing another. You can't hit the numbers you want to hit when those teams are so out-of-sync.... more

Bettering Your Brand: Why Social Media Matters

Hailee Franco | Hey, print marketer! Yeah, you with the mailer! Put down the paper and learn why social media matters in this article from Jordan French.... more

Like, Share, Comment: Marketing on Facebook

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