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4 Ways AI Will Solve Your Social Media Marketing Issues in 2018

Lou Jordano | Check out this guest post from Crimson Hexagon CMO Lou Jordano to learn about the implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on social media marketing.... more

You Get the Picture? App-solutly: 7 Mobile Apps to Enhance Photos

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Content containing visuals receives 94% more views than content without visuals, and is 40x more likely to be shared on social media. We’re visual creatures and there’s no denying it. Highlighting the power of images in social media mar... more

It’s Time to Find out Who Your Social Media Audience Is

Anna Rachel Rich | Alfred Lua details how to craft better content, boost engagement and increase reach by leveraging insights with these social media analytics tools.... more

’Tis the Season to be Social: How to Broaden Your Holiday Reach

Anna Rachel Rich | Set your eggnog down and learn to expand social reach over the next months with these tips from Patrick Gillooly.... more

Don't Settle for Organic; Amplify Your Content on Social Media

Anna Rachel Rich | Heidi Cohen explores content amplification and how it gives assets an exponential boost by reaching the maximum possible audience.... more

Retarget Practice: Hitting the Mark With Facebook Custom Audiences

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Wasting social spend serving ads to uninterested Facebook audiences is all too common for brands today. Carly Webber details Facebook’s five options for retargeting ads, turning prospects into customers with Custom Audiences. Who Sho... more

Keep Calm and E-Comm With Chatbots

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Bots are a game-changer for e-commerce brands — providing improved customer experiences, swifter responses and more intel on customers. Michael Quocon examines how future-focused brands are currently tapping the power of bots to get a leg... more

Build B2B Street Cred With Influencer Marketing Strategies

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary “Only 14% of people could recall the last time they saw an ad, and remember what it was promoting. The same study showed that 74% of people turned to social media networks for purchase decisions, and 49% of people relied on third party... more

Wrong Numbers: How to Fix Google Analytics’ Broken Social Channel

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Your traffic is Organic Search, no—Direct, no wait—it’s Social. Or is it? Google Analytics is currently broken and it’s not recognizing any customized source or medium tags with its default channel settings. Mark Traphagen explains... more

Automation Ambivalence: The Pros & Cons of Facebook Automation

Anna Rachel Rich | While automation can save time, Brent Barnhart warns of its potential to backfire by eliminating that human element audiences expect.... more

Data-Driven Tips to Fuel Your Facebook Advertising

Anna Rachel Rich | Brad Smith breaks down proven ways to reduce costs and increase conversions with effective Facebook Advertising strategies.... more

Know Your Rights: Legally Leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC)

Anna Rachel Rich | If you want user-generated content (UGC) for your marketing, Jim Belosic maps out steps to avoid potential legal hassles.... more

Is Social Traffic Worth Measuring Without Conversions? Of Course!

Ashley Kaczmar | Social media campaigns are often used to see a conversion of some kind. But have you considered using it for other goals?... more

How Service-Based Companies Can Win at Instagram

Ashley Kaczmar | Instagram is a great place to share images. But when you're a service-based company, you might not feel like you have anything worth posting. Think again!... more

Do You Have the Skills Necessary for Mastering Social Media?

Ashley Kaczmar | Social media is one of the best ways to reach consumers these days. But you can't use it to its fullest potential if you don't have the proper skills.... more

The Big Takeaways From Shake-Up Show

Ashley Kaczmar | Social media and PR have become intertwined. With that in mind, you need carefully plan for this channel. Get some advice from the experts in this article.  ... more

Learn About the Best Social Media Strategies from Marketing Experts

Ashley Kaczmar | Social media grew like a fire - fast and furious. A lot of marketers feel like lost in it. Luckily, there are experts who have strategies to share.... more

Understanding Visual Social Listening

Kathi Furman | Visual social listening is crucial to your marketing strategy. Find out how to utilize this feature for your brand, products or services, and competitors.... more

Survival of the Fittest Social Media Presence

Ashley Kaczmar | Only 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence whatsoever. Meanwhile social networks are closing in on 3 billion users. Why does this matter?... more

Living in a Mobile-First World: How to Engage Your Customers on Mobile

Ashley Kaczmar | What does being in a mobile-first world mean? It means that the lines between social, mobile, and messaging continue to blur. ... more

How Experts Write Excellent Social Media Ad Copy

Ashley Kaczmar | Writing ad copy depends very much on where your ad is going. So, when you're writing ads for your social media platforms, you need to adjust for that.... more

Prove it! How Social Proof Bolsters Brand Awareness

Hailee Franco | Remember the good ole days when building a brand was easy? Yeah, neither do I. So how do you build trust? Social proof is a good place to start.... more

Get On Top of SEO with Social Media Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Do you understand exactly how social media marketing benefits you and your Google ranking? This article breaks down the how and why.... more

Like, Comment, Share: Creating Shareable Social Media Content

Hailee Franco | You spend hours every week crafting great social media posts. But no one is sharing them! Here's how to create shareable social media content.... more

Google vs Facebook: Remarketing and Retargeting Pt 2

John Shieldsmith | Both Google remarketing and Facebook remarketing offer incredible opportunities for marketers and businesses. You truly can’t go wrong.... more

Is Instagram Winning the War Against Snapchat?

Ashley Kaczmar | Snapchat is working especially hard to appeal more to advertisers. Lately, though, brands have been showing favoritism to Instagram. Find out why.... more

Walking Through the Sales Funnel with Instagram

Ashley Kaczmar | It can be hard to see if you're getting value out of your Instagram activity. This article will provide you with a strategy to help quantify your efforts.... more

Impressing Google with Your Social Media Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Everyone wants to rank high on Google's search engine. Enter social media. Find out how to best use it to improve your SEO ranking.... more

Snapchat vs Instagram in the Marketing Race

Ashley Kaczmar | Snapchat might be the trendier platform to the kids, but marketers seem to prefer Instagram. Why is that? Read on the find out.... more

Say it with Emojis: Branding with Facebook Reactions

Hailee Franco | Social media is powered by emotions, which is probably why Facebook Reactions was created late last year. So how can your businesses use this tool?... more

Fact or Fiction? 4 Social Media Video Myths, Debunked

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Global Internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019, according to Cisco. With social video’s dramatic increase in popularity, it’s important to distinguish truth from   mere myth. Jordan Kasteler... more

The 71-Point Guide to Win B2B Facebook Ads

Anna Rachel Rich | Allen Finn sheds light on Facebook’s substantial business growth opportunities in the B2B sphere.... more

How to Save Time With Strategic Social Engagement

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Everyone loves the feeling of receiving a thoughtful comment on a social post. The digital warm-fuzzies are real. But if you’re a solo social media manager or business owner, you know how much time engagement can suck from your already... more

Executing B2B Social Programs the ROI-t Way

Anna Rachel Rich | Derek Edmond explains seven steps that are essential in establishing a path to success when developing B2B social media marketing strategies.... more

(Dar)Winning Social Media Campaigns: Hacks to Help You Adapt

Anna Rachel Rich | It’s survival of the fittest brands and Neil Patel is swooping in with the latest social media hacks to keep you agile in your approach.... more

How to Take Your Brand’s Pinterest from Pinning to #Winning

Anna Rachel Rich | Denise Lambertson explains how to best use Pinterest to drive new followers to your site and stand out in your industry.... more

Good Advice on Instragram Usage

JONTY HART SHARP | I think your point about being sure not to overload Instagram with useless posts is an important one. So often people post for the sake of posting without a clear strategy as to what they are trying to achieve on the platform. Instagram can be a fan... more

Social Intelligence: What No Computer Can Replicate

Darius Lee | " combining image recognition technology with in-depth social intelligence." In-depth social intelligence is what was missing when Microsoft decided to release Tay AI, with disastrous results.  How disastrous?  Look... more


Caitlyn Holland | I think in a way automation is an awesome way to post on social media. It is very time efficient if you have multiple social media sites you are posting on. However,if you want hands on communication with your followers you might not want to use aut... more