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Getting Engaged with Your Social Media Engagement

Ashley Kaczmar | We all know it's important to have engagement with consumers on our social media channels. But are we measuring it in the right way? Find out more here.... more

How to Save Time With Strategic Social Engagement

Anna Rachel Rich | Summary Everyone loves the feeling of receiving a thoughtful comment on a social post. The digital warm-fuzzies are real. But if you’re a solo social media manager or business owner, you know how much time engagement can suck from your already... more

COPY THAT: Writing Effective Social Media Posts to Spark Engagement

Anna Rachel Rich | Ben Sailer explains how to sharpen your writing chops and satiate consumers with quality copywriting on each social media platform.... more

SocialRep's CEO, Chris Kenton, says social media trends all boil down to this one truth

John Shieldsmith | In this article , Chris Kenton says that social media trends can all be traced to a shift - what was once a market segment is now a networked community of customers.  I definitely get that people are more connected with other, like-minded... more

The Importance of Social Sentiment

Ashley Kaczmar | Social sentiment is a way to measure the emotions of social media mentions. Knowing what is trending is great, but try taking it a step further.... more

Like, Comment, Share: Creating Shareable Social Media Content

Hailee Franco | You spend hours every week crafting great social media posts. But no one is sharing them! Here's how to create shareable social media content.... more

Quizzing Out: The Potential of Quizzes on Social Media

Ashley Kaczmar | People love to share quizzes with their friends and family. So, what would happen if you used quizzes in your social media marketing strategy?... more

Let's Get Visual: Luring Eyes to Your Social Content

Lisa Callahan | Be it a viral-worthy video, shocking statistic, or awe-inspiring panoramic, posting visual content to social media can make your engagements soar.... more

Use It or Lose It: Customer Retention and Social Media

Hailee Franco | If you knew it cost 6 to 7 times more to attract new customers than to keep old ones, wouldn’t you do it? Then use social media for customer retention!... more

OHM! Creating Content and Social Media Synergy

Hailee Franco | So if your content is constantly running away from your social media, you need to take a good hard look as to why. Then work to create social media synergy.... more

The Social Media Content Storybook

Ashley Kaczmar | When your target audience is scrolling through their social media platform of choice, your hope they stop and engage with your content.... more

Content and Social Media: Now in E-Commerce Marketing Flavor

John Shieldsmith | E-commerce sites need to do more than just sell. Promoting your site is essential. Use these tips to promote using content.... more

How Experts Write Excellent Social Media Ad Copy

Ashley Kaczmar | Writing ad copy depends very much on where your ad is going. So, when you're writing ads for your social media platforms, you need to adjust for that.... more

PR Storm Prevention on Social Media

Ashley Kaczmar | It's very easy these days for people to complain loudly and to a large number of people thanks to social media. So how do brands handle those situations?... more

It's Probably Broke, So Let's Fix It: Content Marketing on Social Media

Hailee Franco | How do you stand out when so much new content is pushed out every day? You look to the experts. Find out more about content marketing on social media now.... more

Don't Settle for Organic; Amplify Your Content on Social Media

Anna Rachel Rich | Heidi Cohen explores content amplification and how it gives assets an exponential boost by reaching the maximum possible audience.... more

If tragedy strikes does your social media change?

Hailee Franco | It seems like more often than not these days tragedy strikes. From natural disasters to acts of violence, theses incidents change us in profound ways.  But should they change how you do business? More specifically your social media.&nb... more

Can you attract your first clients on social media?

bruce J.stevenson | I'm interested as to what everyone thinks about this. I pose the question because I've experience varied success on the matter. I do agree that it is all about building relationships. If you can use your social media presence to connect with yo... more

Is social media a female entrepreneurs game?

Hailee Franco | Recently I came across a survey done by Animoto . In it they looked at the female entrepreneur.  They found that 98% of these women use Facebook for marketing. What's more 48% believe they can create high-performing content for that platfo... more

Essential Elements of a Successful Video Ad

Madeleine Helme | While there is no set formula for a successful and shareable video ad, there are a few key elements that some of the most successful ones share.... more

11 Essential Laws of Product Development

Tim Ziegler | There's no shortage of product development tips out there, but not all of them are created equal. Check out this list for some winning tips and laws.... more

New Shopify App to Help Entrepreneurs Source Official Pop-Culture Merch Legally

Nicole Poncsak | A breakthrough new Shopify app has just launched and it's going to change the way that ecommerce business owners are going to be able to legally source official pop-culture merchandise from now on. Up until now, sourcing products from official supp... more

Unlock the Potential of Recommendation Technology

Sara Sousa | Summary The recommendation engine is a huge marketing technology innovation that has brought digital personalization to a whole new level.Liz Alton explains how brands can utilize it for developing content marketing and martech strategies. Who Sho... more

Expert Opinion: Content Marketing featuring Albizu Garcia

Albizu Garcia | Read up on what content marketing expert Albizu Garcia predicts will happen as content marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Built to Win: 5 Essential E-Commerce Features

John Shieldsmith | What you're selling is important. But how your e-commerce site looks and functions is even more important. Read on for tips.... more

The Anti-Ad: Using Content Marketing to Catch Millennials

John Shieldsmith | Millennials have a buying power of more than 600 billion dollars. But how do you reach this elusive group that hates ads?... more

Be Influential Using Influencer Marketing

Hailee Franco | Many businesses are making the move away from traditional marketing and embracing influencer marketing. Find why and how your business can be influential.... more

The Essentials: 5 Must-Follow Martech Trends

Hailee Franco | The heart of a business should be tech. Are you using it enough? If not check out these martech trends to see what you need to add to your stack today.... more

A Touchy Subject: Essential B2B Customer Touchpoints

Hailee Franco | If you don't want to fall behind your B2C counterparts, then listen up B2Bers. Chris Wright shares some of the biggest B2B customers touchpoints.... more

Adsense earnings potential

Tim Geiger | The Google Adsense program is a good way to monetize your website, regardless of what you are promoting. In setting up your Google Adsense to monetize your website, there have been a few tricky obstacles in making sure your website is fully qualifie... more

Social Selling

What is social selling? Businesses use social selling to generate leads and nurture sales prospects using social networks. It uses the social aspect of these platforms as a way to build relationships and develop trust. They achieve this by engaging... more

Social Media isn't Just Big Business

Hailee Franco | Do you know social media isn't just big business? It's true! In fact, small businesses may have the social media advantage. Find out why.... more

Social Intelligence: What No Computer Can Replicate

Darius Lee | " combining image recognition technology with in-depth social intelligence." In-depth social intelligence is what was missing when Microsoft decided to release Tay AI, with disastrous results.  How disastrous?  Look... more

Brand Advocate

What is a brand advocate? A brand advocate typically refers to a customer that is so happy with your product or service that they speak favorably about to others. They market for you through word of mouth. They can become an even more valuable resou... more

Social Media Relationships

Dylan Jacobi | Social media is the biggest and fastest growing way of reaching new people, contacts, and potential customers. How can we increase positive interactions between these three groups to help ourselves for the end goal of increasing synergy for our... more

Social Media is the most effective way for loyal brand following in my opinion

Ben Ibarra | Since everybody is glued to their phones and are drifting away from the traditional ways of customer engagement and TV, i believe social media and brand loyalty are interlinked, and I love the way this article gives tips on it as it is the new media... more

Social Media Marketing

Lauren Campbell | This was an excellent article. I have always thought that using humor, espcially in our tweets and facebook posts, is the most effective way to grab the attention of our prospective customers, who for the most part are millennials. When someone... more

Facebook Ads

Leon Miltiadous | From my experience, social media can have both negative and positive outcomes when it comes to the promotion of your product or service. Customers nowadays are using social media to not only find new products/providers but to ask the opinions o... more

Bettering Your Brand: Why Social Media Matters

Hailee Franco | Hey, print marketer! Yeah, you with the mailer! Put down the paper and learn why social media matters in this article from Jordan French.... more