Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization also known as SEO, is the practice of optimizing a website. This optimization maximizes the amount of free or organic traffic captured via a search engine. This is done by followi... more

Impressing Google with Your Social Media Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Everyone wants to rank high on Google's search engine. Enter social media. Find out how to best use it to improve your SEO ranking.... more

Backlinks: Why You Need 'Em and How to Get 'Em

John Shieldsmith | Backlinks play a huge role in your site's ranking. But how do you go about getting them? Read on to learn why you need them, and how to land them.... more

Pop-Ups Everywhere: The Dangers of Overlay Elements

John Shieldsmith | It can be tempting to bombard users with tons of pop ups. They have to cave eventually, right? Actually, overlay elements can be quite dangerous.... more

The Right Stuff: Sending Google the Right Signals

John Shieldsmith | Everyone wants to get the attention of Google. Google is like the popular kid in your class... that has the power to make or break you.... more

Climbing to Page One: 5 SEO Best Practices

John Shieldsmith | There's no one-and-done solution for SEO. It's a mixed bag, through and through. Here are five best practices to get you headed toward page one.... more

Dressed to Impress: Tips for Image SEO

John Shieldsmith | Image SEO? That doesn't matter, right? Actually, it does. A lot. Google Image searches are the second most popular search in the US.... more

Change It Up: Fitting Your SEO Strategy to Your Business Strategy

John Shieldsmith | Is your SEO strategy static? Well, that's gotta change. And fast. It's time to change your SEO strategy to fit your business model.... more

Mobile Search: Optimization No Longer Optional

John Shieldsmith | Mobile optimization used to be optional. Now? It's essential. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile search with these tips.... more

Everything Hurts: Recovering from a Google Update

John Shieldsmith | Did the recent Google update wreck your ranking? Your authority? Well fear not, you can fix it. Start here with the basics.... more

Do Single Page Websites Hurt SEO?

John Shieldsmith | Single page websites are all the rage. But are they killing their SEO by following this fashionable trend? Read on to find out!... more

Site Not Found: SEO Tips from Neil Patel

John Shieldsmith | SEO tips are a dime-a-dozen. Neil Patel SEO tips? Those are a bit more precious. Here are some tips from the one, the only.... more

AI, SEO, OMG: Experts Weigh In on AI's Role in SEO

John Shieldsmith | The world of SEO is a wild one as is. AI looks to shakes things up with SEO even more. See where the experts weigh in here!... more

SEO on the Go: Mobile SEO Mistakes to Avoid

John Shieldsmith | SEO is an ever-evolving, challenging game to play. Things get even messier when mobile is considered. Avoid making these common mistakes.... more

Understanding Google, RankBrain, and Page Authority

John Shieldsmith | Google seems to change their algorithm every minute. Master RankBrain and stay on top of Google's next update, no matter what.... more

Backlinks for Everybody: Find 50 Backlink Opportunities in 20 Minutes

John Shieldsmith | Backlinks are everything when it comes to page authority and ranking. But acquiring backlinks can be near impossible for new sites. Let's change that.... more

S-E-NO: Common SEO Mistakes

John Shieldsmith | The common thread between all of these SEO mistakes is quality. If you write quality content and do things right, the business will follow.... more

HTTP to HTTPS: The S Stands for SEO Magnet (Okay, Not Really)

John Shieldsmith | Your site is still sitting on HTTP. Why move to HTTPS? Because Google thinks you should? Actually, there are a number of reasons you should move.... more

Nip, Tuck, Oops: Common SEO-Killing Web Design Mistakes

John Shieldsmith | Just because you think a web design choice looks good, doesn't mean it's good for your SEO. And what isn't good for your SEO, isn't good for you.... more

Social, SEO, Oh No! Which Traffic Source is Best for You?

Hailee Franco | The two best sources of traffic are organic search and social media. So what is a small business to do when they can't focus on both traffic sources?... more

Featuring the Right Optimization for Featured Snippets

Ashley Kaczmar | Ann Smarty will walk you through how to optimize your content to appear as a featured snippet on Google in this article from Moz.... more

SEO Trends for Digital Marketers in 2017

Hailee Franco | If you want to get ahead in 2017 you need to keep up with what's trending. Learn what SEO trends you need to know in this article.... more

Content marketing without the risk of damaging SEO?

John Shieldsmith | Earlier this year BrightEdge unveiled their ContentIQ technology , which lets content marketers run content through test servers before publishing it. This lets them make sure their content won't hurt their SEO efforts in any way before going live.&... more

Searchmetrics' study shows links losing importance, content is king

John Shieldsmith | A study published by Searchmetrics on Google ranking factors shows that backlinks aren't as heavily influential in a site's rank. On the other hand, content is becoming more and more important to Google ranking.  With content marketing a... more

Single page sites are perfect for targeting a specific audience

lening moses | Yes. I agree with you. I am a small business owner and I recently created a single page site to market my products for a target audience. The results exceeded my expectations. My conversion rates improved by more than 20% and I got new customers but... more

Bring Your Affiliate Marketing and SEO Goals Together

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Affiliate marketing can be a great tactic for helping your brand reach its goals. However, in order to see real, long-term benefits from affiliate marketing, you need to make sure those goals align with your SEO.In this article, Aleh Barys... more

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Search

Hassan Bawab | You probably remember the moments in the movies when the girl with whom the main character is in love rejects him for a more beautiful and successful guy.The main character is embarrassed, he cries, and we all feel sorry for him.Does this relate to... more

To be successful do sales and marketing need to communicate?

Hailee Franco | At my office, we work in a collaborative environment. Every team is working together to ensure that all ever project we do is done with not only our users in mind but the other departments. This has helped make us more effective overall while improv... more

Ranking on Google. How Long Should it Take?

Hailee Franco | When you create a new website you want it to rank right away. I mean it makes sense. You spent all this time developing a site, so of course, you want people to see it.  But it isn't always that easy. In fact, a study by Ahrefs found that... more

Are you guilty of falling for these SEO myths?

Hailee Franco | SEO is something that fascinates and terrifies me all at the same time. Why? Becuase it is so important to a website's success. If I get it right my site may thrive. If I get it wrong...well crash and burn come to mind. That is why I am constantly s... more
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