Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization also known as SEO, is the practice of optimizing a website. This optimization maximizes the amount of free or organic traffic captured via a search engine. This is done by followi... more

Keyword Targeting: Multiple Words, One Page, One Solution

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Above the Belt: Elements to Place Above the Fold

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How PR Tactics Can Move Your SEO Strategy Forward

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Why Does Your SEO Need Local Marketing?

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Why You Aren’t Getting Any Backlinks

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Piloting Your SEO Plan to Come Out on Top (of SERPs)

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Impressing Google with Your Social Media Marketing

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Backlinks: Why You Need 'Em and How to Get 'Em

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Pop-Ups Everywhere: The Dangers of Overlay Elements

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SEO Everything: Image SEO and You

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The Right Stuff: Sending Google the Right Signals

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New, Broke and Linkless: Scoring Backlinks for Your New Site

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Fear or Fear Not: Do You Need to Beware Google's Algorithm Changes

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Hi It's Google. Can You Hear Me Now?

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Climbing to Page One: 5 SEO Best Practices

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Dressed to Impress: Tips for Image SEO

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Change It Up: Fitting Your SEO Strategy to Your Business Strategy

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Mobile Search: Optimization No Longer Optional

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Everything Hurts: Recovering from a Google Update

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How SEO Benefits From Data Visualization

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How Do You Improve Domain Authority?

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Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

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The Do's and Don'ts of Link Building

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Do Single Page Websites Hurt SEO?

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No Results: Common Content Marketing SEO Mistakes

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Site Not Found: SEO Tips from Neil Patel

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AI, SEO, OMG: Experts Weigh In on AI's Role in SEO

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SEO on the Go: Mobile SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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Understanding Google, RankBrain, and Page Authority

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Backlinks for Everybody: Find 50 Backlink Opportunities in 20 Minutes

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S-E-NO: Common SEO Mistakes

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HTTP to HTTPS: The S Stands for SEO Magnet (Okay, Not Really)

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Ok, Google: How to Secure the Google Answer Box

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Nip, Tuck, Oops: Common SEO-Killing Web Design Mistakes

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Social, SEO, Oh No! Which Traffic Source is Best for You?

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SEO: Good for Your Ranking, Good for Your Brand

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Revisiting the Past: Proper Content Audits

John Shieldsmith | A piece of content is never truly finished. Audits are an ongoing process that never stops. Don't let your brand suffer because of old content.... more

Are You Looking for These Traits When Hiring an SEO Expert?

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