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Are You Spending Your Digital Advertising Budget on the Right Things?

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How Experts Write Excellent Social Media Ad Copy

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Getting the Most Out of Your Google Shopping Ads

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Digital Advertising is Overtaking Traditional Advertising

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The 7 Deadly Problems Digital Advertisers Face

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Google vs Facebook: Remarketing and Retargeting Pt 2

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Brand Advertising Trends: Emojis

Madeleine Helme | Emojis can be a great addition to your advertising content, making it more engaging and relatable, make sure you assess your own brand and audience first.... more

Are Your Digital Ads Caught in the Wrong Metrics?

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How to Perfect Your Mobile Search Marketing

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If Social Media Doesn't Work, Why Not Try Native Advertising?

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How to Save the Day When Your Adwords Campaign is Suffering

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Are Your Ads Creative Enough for Search Advertising?

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"Alexa, What Products Do You Recommend?"

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Hey B2B Marketers, Are You Making These Paid Search Mistakes?

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Getting Started with LinkedIn Advertising

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Adwords. Ad Groups. Campaigns. Bid Adjustments, Etc: Learning to Speak Search Advertising Google-ese

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What's New in Google Ads?

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A Guide to Advertising on Twitter

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3 Easy Ways to Succeed with LinkedIn Advertising

Kathi Furman | If your company markets to other businesses, you may find the LinkedIn platform to be most effective for advertising and promotion.... more

Creating Instagram Ads People Will Love

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Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

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Are Social Issues Poison to Your Advertising Efforts?

Ashley Kaczmar | Of course, not every ad that addresses social issues gets any form of vitriol. If it's handled correctly, it can go on to be a successful ad. ... more

Aiding TV Ads with Search and Social

Ashley Kaczmar | Have you ever thought about combining your TV ad efforts with your social and search efforts? That might sound weird, but it's more effective.... more

Beat Your Competitors With These Ad Copy Tips

Ashley Kaczmar | Why are advertisers relying solely on data when it comes to creating ads? The best way to reach your audience: through their emotions.... more

The Change Up in Digital Advertising

Ashley Kaczmar | Advertisers are realizing that their approach to targeted advertising isn't quite right. Find out more in this article from MIT Technology Review.... more

Is Using Location Data for Ads Too Invasive?

Ashley Kaczmar | The use of location data in marketing has become more sophisticated in recent years. But does this cross a line for consumers?... more

How to Get Ahead with Your Ad Headlines

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary When it comes to print, the difference between someone choosing to read something or not is often the headline. This is true for digital advertising as well.In this article, Perry Marshall will talk about three tips you can use to create be... more

Is Your PPC Audience Strategy at the Top of the Game?

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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your AdWords Campaigns?

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The Latest Facebook Custom Audiences Changes

Madeleine Helme | Test out Facebook’s new Custom Audiences tool for yourself to find your existing audience on Facebook and turn them into loyal customers.... more

Kick Your PPC Campaigns Into Gear with These Ad Copy Tests

Ashley Kaczmar | Jon Clark provides 7 tests you can run on your ad copy to boost your PPC performance in this article from Search Engine Journal.... more

Popular Pay is popular with pay...get it?

Ashley Kaczmar | It was recently announced that Popular Pay received $3.1 million in funding.  Popular Pay is a company that helps companies generate buzz on social media.They work with well established social media contractors to promote products and ser... more

Please, no unnecessary exclamation marks!

Darius Lee | I particularly appreciate how the author highlights the need to junk unnecessary exclamation marks. When you're looking for an apartment on Craigslist, are you really going to be interested in the listing that tries to overload you with exclamation... more

Use common sense in text ads

Erik Serrao | The average reader nowadays can pick up on these errors and instantly write your company off if there are mistakes. This is why it's so crucial to make sure you're building your text ads with a thorough and clever eye.... more

Generating leads with LinkedIn

Gregory Samsa | I've found that LinkedIn is a great tool to generate leads and prospects. In this respect, I find that the LinkedIn team does a decent job of running a marketing campaign for the user, but if one wants a more proactive approach, he/she can try the s... more

Creating the perfect Google ad

Gregory Samsa | I agree with your article, a lot of businesses are careless when making use of text ads like the ones found on Google. Most users will undoubtedly search generically if they're not looking for specialized products and/or services. Therefore, it is k... more

iOS App store keyword search advertising

Taylor Symone | This type of advertising could greatly increase the traffic and profit of smaller companies in a small amount of time. If a customer searches in the iOS app store and sees an advertisement for what they are specifically looking for, they probab... more

LinkedIn is a great platform for B2B advertising

Ben Ibarra | Because LinkedIn's focus is on businesses and professional environments, I believe that creating relevant ads on this platform is so effective when it's niche specific. Although there are many social media outlets, Linkedin is perhaps the only... more

Young Mobile search and marketing

charles pope | Google was the original starter of the search revolution with its marketing targeting mobile CPA SEO ads / adwords to target mobile consumers. With the target markets getting younger and younger its no suprise that search business is focusing o... more

Adsense earnings potential

Tim Geiger | The Google Adsense program is a good way to monetize your website, regardless of what you are promoting. In setting up your Google Adsense to monetize your website, there have been a few tricky obstacles in making sure your website is fully qualifie... more