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Search Advertising

What is search advertising? Search advertising  is the placement of ads in search engine results. Businesses pay to place these ads at the top of search results. The price paid depends on several factors, such as search term popularity, c... more

Not Getting the ROI from Search Advertising That You Want? Take the Experts’ Advice

Ashley Kaczmar | Search advertising is the placement of ads in search engine results. Businesses pay to place these ads at the top of search results.... more

Will Voice Search Take Over the Advertising Industry?

Ashley Kaczmar | Is 2017 the year of voice search? That's what many brands are being led to believe. But it may be too soon for that just yet.... more

The Perfect Fit: Deciding Between Search or Display Advertising

Ashley Kaczmar | Deciding on the right digital advertising campaign can be overwhelming. There's a lot to choose from. This article has a few tips to help you sort it out.... more

iOS App Store Adds Search Advertising

Madeleine Helme | As advertisers don’t create their own ad copy, search ads are an opportunity with little time investment needed, and app downloads could soar as a result.... more

Are Your Ads Creative Enough for Search Advertising?

Ashley Kaczmar | When you're doing search advertising, it can be easy to stick to a formula. However, there's a lot of competition, so it's time to think creatively. ... more

iOS App store keyword search advertising

Taylor Symone | This type of advertising could greatly increase the traffic and profit of smaller companies in a small amount of time. If a customer searches in the iOS app store and sees an advertisement for what they are specifically looking for, they probab... more

How Programmatic Advertising Can Win Advertisers' Hearts Again

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Programmatic advertising is still in some troubling waters. Many brands still don't trust it. Some believe that different methods will replace it all together.However, in this article, Erik Oster will discuss the potential programmatic adve... more

Expert Opinion: Social Advertising featuring Sean Killian

Sean Killian | Each brand’s social advertising strategy is different than the rest. In this article, Sean Killian shares a few top tips for social advertising success.... more

Adding Near Field Communication to Your Print Advertising

Madeleine Helme | Make your print advertising campaigns more engaging and interactive, and provide your audience with valuable content using near field communication.... more

Ringing in the New Year with Blockchain and Programmatic Advertising

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Last year saw programmatic advertising go through quite a number of growing pains. Now, as we come into the new year, many expect to see programmatic grow past, particularly with the help of blockchain.In this article, Jay Friedman will di... more

Is 2018 the Year of Mobile Advertising?

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary It goes without saying but 2017 was the year of mobile. There were many shifts in the industry that brought mobile marketing to the forefront.So what does that mean for us in 2018?In this article, Nicolas Rieul will discuss what he sees fo... more

Researching appropriate font for promoting eye catching adve

Devis Michel | An effective advertisement requires extensive research and testing in order to determine what will work best for your product in your particular market. I would like to thank Madeleine Helme for opening up this discussion about various elements... more

SEO Gold: Using Influencer Marketing to Increase Your Search Ranking

Kathi Furman | Influencer marketing grew tremendously in 2016. One influencer marketing benefit missed by most companies is its positive impact on their SEO strategy.... more

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is Search Engine Marketing? Search Engine Marketing also known as SEM, is the process of driving additional traffic to a site through paid and unpaid methods. SEM includes SEO, which is the practice of fine-tuning one's site and content t... more

It's Not Stealing: Using Competitor Research for Content

John Shieldsmith | Research can be a lot of work. Your competitor already did research. Why not use theirs? It's not stealing. It's just competition.... more

Search Engine Ranking

What is Search Engine Ranking? Search Engine Ranking is the place in which a website appears on a page of search engine results. A high ranking site appears earlier in the search results, while a low ranking site appears further down or on later p... more

Searchmetrics' study shows links losing importance, content is king

John Shieldsmith | A study published by Searchmetrics on Google ranking factors shows that backlinks aren't as heavily influential in a site's rank. On the other hand, content is becoming more and more important to Google ranking.  With content marketing a... more

How Local Businesses Can Rank in Search Engines in 2017

Madeleine Helme | Local search results are a tough nut to crack. That's why David Mihm started the Local Search Ranking Factors survey to help local businesses market.... more

Aiding TV Ads with Search and Social

Ashley Kaczmar | Have you ever thought about combining your TV ad efforts with your social and search efforts? That might sound weird, but it's more effective.... more

Hey B2B Marketers, Are You Making These Paid Search Mistakes?

Ashley Kaczmar | If you work in B2B marketing, you might not be used to handling paid search campaigns. However, they're still crucial to your marketing.... more

How to Perfect Your Mobile Search Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | It's not enough to just copy what you did with desktop searches and expect it to work on mobile. It's time to take your mobile marketing to the next level.... more

Paying Attention to Paid Search Saves You Money

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary One of the biggest pests in online advertising is the high cost of paid search. It's reached the point where some businesses are even deciding to move away from it. However, competition is so fierce that not using paid search might cost a b... more

Social Ads are Right Behind Paid Search in the Ad Spending Race

Ashley Kaczmar | The latest State of Search Report is in. Advertisers, it looks like the social ad trend continues to grow. Not only that, it's the fastest growing trend.... more

Keep Your Competitors From Owning Your Brand Searches

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary You ever find yourself checking in on your rankings and you go to search for your brand and then you see it. Your competitor is at the top of the page for your brand.How do you keep this from happening?In this article, Neil Patel is going t... more

Are You Making These Mistakes with Paid Search?

Ashley Kaczmar | There's a lot of suggestions out there on how to best manage a paid search campaign. But, what about the things you shouldn't be doing?... more

Young Mobile search and marketing

charles pope | Google was the original starter of the search revolution with its marketing targeting mobile CPA SEO ads / adwords to target mobile consumers. With the target markets getting younger and younger its no suprise that search business is focusing o... more

Women Dominate Influencer Marketing [Research]

Yuval Maoz | Everyone knows influencer marketing is exploding, but to what extent? To answer this question, we’ve recently analyzed 1.5 million #ad posts and were blown away by the results. Here are the key findings: Women Dominate Influencer Marketi... more

Searching online

karen pink | As a person who rarely uses a PC these days, other than for work and business, I understand the importance of getting the right advertising tools that will be suited to smartphones and tablets. Not all advertisement is geared up to be seen on such a... more

Summertime sadness is real and ClearCompany's CEO wants to fix it

Lisa Callahan | Andre Lavoie , the CEO of ClearCompany, wrote what I thought was a really interesting piece about the "summer blues" that plague offices. He mentioned a lot of example companies throughout the article, and talked about ways they boosted m... more

Expert Opinion: Customer Service featuring Joshua March

Joshua March | Customer service is critical to a brands success. In this article, Joshua March shares a few top tips for customer service success.... more

Find Your Marketing 'March Madness' Moment

Hailee Franco | March Madness and all that goes with it is an event that gets people excited. So how do you find your marketing march madness moment?... more

Mistakes Businesses Make When Purchasing Marketing Automation Software

Kathi Furman | Too many businesses invest in marketing automation software without planning for what they truly need. Avoid these mistakes to maximize your investment.... more

Seal the Deal: Closing Techniques

John Shieldsmith | Failing to finish a sale right at the close is like tripping right before you cross the finish line. Don't let that happen to you.... more

Fear of Missing Out

What is fear of missing out? Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is an emotion that advertisers often try to evoke from a viewer. FOMO refers a feeling of apprehension that others are having great experiences that you're not there to experience. This is d... more

Purchasing Power: The Importance of Online Reviews

Kathi Furman | Today, 90% of individuals say online reviews impact their purchase decisions. So the importance of online reviews shouldn't be lost on businesses.... more

Learn from the Best: How Companies Are Using Marketing Analytics

John Shieldsmith | Modern marketing analytics has led to an overwhelming amount of new possibilities for marketing and has changed the playing field as we know it.... more

Differentiating Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining

Trent Jonas | In order to master data science as a whole, you need (at least) a working knowledge of the interplay between statistics, machine learning, and data science.... more

’Tis the Season to be Social: How to Broaden Your Holiday Reach

Anna Rachel Rich | Set your eggnog down and learn to expand social reach over the next months with these tips from Patrick Gillooly.... more

Always In Season: Tips for Making Evergreen Content

John Shieldsmith | Evergreen content is the best. It drives traffic, can turn into leads, and boosts your authority and ranking. But how do you even begin to create it?... more