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Predictably Bad: 3 Common Sales Process Mistakes

John Shieldsmith | Flattening your sales force makes perfect sense. But it's also predictable, and easy to counter. Avoid these three common sales process mistakes.... more

Ugh, Whatever: Driving Employee Engagement

John Shieldsmith | Do you feel your employees are engaged at work? Or are they just pushing buttons and going home? It's time things get set right.... more

The Future is Now: Tackling the Digital Transformation of Sales

John Shieldsmith | People often talk about the coming changes of sales and commerce. What if I told you those changes are already here? Read on.... more

Kill Your Darlings: Trimming Your Sales Funnel

John Shieldsmith | Your sales funnel is as old as your company. It's also not converting. It's time to update by taking a step back - or two.... more

Questionable Questions: 6 Questions to Stop Asking Prospects

John Shieldsmith | Do you ever get the feeling that you're asking your prospects the wrong questions? Well, stop it. This article has the right ones to ask.... more

How to Spice Up Static Lead Capture Forms

Madeleine Helme | Lead capture forms that are more engaging and interactive can prove to be much more successful than static lead capture forms.... more

Qualified Leads You Should Never Ignore

Madeleine Helme | Spotting important, qualified leads and knowing how to respond to is crucial to turning them into sales. Here's a guide to identifying qualified leads.... more

Seal the Deal: Closing Techniques

John Shieldsmith | Failing to finish a sale right at the close is like tripping right before you cross the finish line. Don't let that happen to you.... more

The Heming-Way: Using Sales Stories to Sell

John Shieldsmith | Answering the "why" questions of a buyer can be difficult. Have you tried using a story to sell them on your product? Here are four to start you out.... more

Enable Peer-to-Peer Learning With Sales Enablement

Madeleine Helme | Peers can help each other learn the best ways to sell, but sales enablement needs to step in to make it a more effective process.Jim Ninivaggi has some tips... more

Questions to Ask When Choosing Sales Tech

Madeleine Helme | Whether you're looking at CRM solutions, sales automation technology, or tools for lead generation, be sure to ask these key questions before making a pick.... more

Become the Master of Your Sales Funnel

Madeleine Helme | Understanding your sales funnel is key to a successful sales team. Drive success by becoming familiar with these 3 key components of the sales funnel.... more

How to Attract Top Sales Talent

Madeleine Helme | Here are 4 pro tips for building a commission structure that accelerates sales and continuously motivates your sales talent and hard working reps.... more

Add Personas to Your Sales Tool Belt

Madeleine Helme | Personas aren't just a useful tool for the marketing team but can help to inform sales activities too. Read on to find out how personas can help boost sales... more

The Future is Now. Prepping Your Sales Team for AI

Hailee Franco | AI gives your business a reason to buy into your company not just to buy from it. It's time to get prepared. Learn how in this article.... more

Betting Big on AI: How This Intelligence Improves Sales

Hailee Franco | When it comes to the future of sales, AI is sure to play a major role. Learn how in this article from Jonathan Long on Entrepreneur.... more

Also a great time to work on your skillset

Ricardo Solindro | The slow period is also a great time to reevaluate yourself, your work, and take time to improve your skillset. We should never get complacent about our abilities and should be constantly learning new things. See the summer as an opportunity to... more

Not meeting your sales quota

far san | Hey, new here. Was wondering if anybody wanted to share personal stories on how they recovered from a month of unmet quotas. I run a small home-based business and sometimes the money gets tight. Personally point #4 of working smarter and harder was... more

Get up & try again!

Sarah Thielland | I agree Hailee - I think the most important advice you gave was just to relax a little. In my opinion, nothing substantial has ever been achieved in a state of pressure and worry. The key is to relax, get some fresh air, think and - start over... more

Overcome your sales anxiety

Sarah Thielland | Another good piece of advice would be to not set goals you know you cannot achieve. That would only make your fear of not meeting your goals worse. Also, don't sweat rejection! It's fine falling back a little - the best way to get over that is... more

Is the buyer's or seller's journey more important for sales enablement?

Hailee Franco | When it comes to sales enablement, businesses need to consider not only sales but marketing as well. This got me thinking about creating content for sale-enablement.  That was when I found an interview from Robin Saitz the CMO of BrainShar... more

Is augmented reality the most important tech trend for sales?

Hailee Franco | Anthony Reynolds CEO at Altify recently was asked what he thought the most important trend in technology. His answer may surprise you.  "Augmented Intelligence is the single most important trend that will drive sales and marketing per... more

Getting the customer's interest for up- and cross-selling

Gregory Samsa | There's no doubt that up-selling and cross-selling should be kept in mind when designing the layout of websites and when dealing with customers personally in a store. Many times I've been tempted to add items to my cart in a website based simpl... more

Closing the deal

karen pink | I find that one of the hardest parts of a sale is closing the deal effectively. Many times I have had people turn away and state they wish to think about it. This can be due to a lot of factors, but typically a lack of training or skill is one... more

Do we need to eliminate "Bro" from our professional vocabulary?

Hailee Franco | I won't lie, I love all things slang. You will often find me on off hours referring to my friends as dude, girl, get the idea.  But when it comes to work, I tend to have a filter. Dude become sir, girl becomes ma'am and pal becom... more

Are Humans Destined to Work with Robots? Peter Schlect, CEO of The SaaS Co thinks so!

Hailee Franco | It seems like 2017 is the year of AI. It's everywhere, in tech, in manufacturing and yes, in marketing. And depending on who you ask, there are generally two opinions about it.  Either you think Skynet is real and the robots will take over... more

LeadFuze's CEO says cold emailing is less annoying than cold calling. What do you think?

John Shieldsmith | In this article by LeadFuze's CEO, Justin McGill, he sings cold emailing's praise. While he has many points, he says that overall, cold emailing is less annoying than cold calling and more effective.  Do you agree? What elements do you th... more

Sales on Facebook, opportunities are everywhere.

charles pope | Facebook has no shortage of customers, but finding the correct one/s is at times a challenging problem. The new shop pages and call features are good ways of attracting and targeting potental leads. In my experience, the easiler it is for a pot... more

VisibleThread's website clarity review finds insurance sites have bad content.

John Shieldsmith | VisibleThread performed a website clarity review and found that many health insurance sites are suffering from confusing, bad content. A huge push in content marketing has been a focus on clean, concise content.  Why do you think health i... more

Sales Life Hack

Tasha Lower | It would be silly to deny the use of charm or even flirtation in saleswork. I’ve been encouraged before to think of dating as a way of “selling the best version of yourself” but I can honestly say I never thought a... more

Timely article just when I need it

Eve A | Selling on Facebook can be very profitable especially when you have very enthusiastic followers. I really like the idea of selling on a business page and I think Facebook Inc did well to include that feature. Also, it is mobile so, customers can sho... more

Having Employee Trust in the Work Place

Lee Hargrave | As my experience has led me to believe, you cannot have 13% employee engagement and expect to continue with growth.  You must create trust by employees and management alike.  Management must put some faith in its employees... more

How to boost your facebook page

David House | Facebook is a huge market for affiliated products and if you are planning to start a business related to facebook marketing then it is indeed a great idea.Some suggestions might be – 1. Join the groups related to your product and try to fi... more

On the Clock, Under Quota: Using AI to Improve Sales Efficiency

Lisa Callahan | Summary Can we get a time-turner for our offices, please? Oh, that's only a Harry Potter thing? Okay, never mind.It turns out that marketing and sales professionals can't actually manipulate space-time. Bummer. But where some use magic, we use hack... more

Perfecting Personalization in Your B2B Relationships

Lisa Callahan | Summary There's a misconception that B2B marketers thrive on cold calls and firm handshakes — a far leap from the "warm fuzzies" of B2C.But don't let the acronym fool you — B2B marketing still requires the same "human touch" as B2C.Because, at... more

Ridding Your Company of Spoiled Salespeople

Lisa Callahan | Summary Dial faster. Call more. Ask less questions. This sales approach makes for great scenes in movies like Wolf of Wall Street . But it isn't realistic. And it undermines the importance of smart prospecting.It pressures salespeople into meeting... more

How Salespeople are the Wingmen of the Business World

Lisa Callahan | Summary Salespeople are the wingmen/wingwomen of the business world. You sell people the promise of a great product like a dating pro would sell the promise of their sadly single friend.In this article, Mollie Bodensteiner from Marketo paints an in... more

Yes, words are only half (give or take) of the battle

Sandra Harriette | I know of so many people who struggle and straight up don't like to read. I can't speak on any statistics, just my own experiences. Visual stimulation to demonstrate ideas and concepts, how a product works, what a service is for or does -- things of... more

Sales Pitch

Steve Hironimus | I think opening with a short story or joke is key.  You need to loosen the audiance up in order to keep them engaged.  A sales pitch is not about what you are selling, but who you are selling to.... more

The art of selling. Should all college students take sales classes?

Hailee Franco | If I were to pick up a pen, hand it to you and then tell you to sell it to me, what would you do?  Chances are if you don't work in sales you would stumble over your words and not be able to come up with a solid reason for me to make the p... more