Retail & Proximity Marketing


Selling Yourself: Mastering Retail Marketing

John Shieldsmith | You've got tons of great products to sell. So why aren't they selling? Have you tried selling your brand? Master retail marketing and dominate retail.... more

Why Marketers Want to Get Closer to their Customers in 2017 with Proximity Marketing

Madeleine Helme | More and more businesses are adopting proximity marketing and other location-based marketing techniques to deliver highly targeted marketing messages.... more

Funny Retail Moments that Perfectly Summarize 2017

Lisa Callahan | Summary The retail industry never ceases to "wow" us — even when we think we've seen it all.In this article, Cara Salpini from RetailDIVE lists eight notably funny retail moments that kept us on our toes in 2017. Who Should Read This Article An... more

Product Packaging Trends: How We'll Make Store Shelves Gorgeous in 2018

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Creative BBQ, Pam Webber & Martis Lupus list 10 product packaging trends that will dominate shelf space in 2018.... more

From the Window to the Wallet: Why Storefront Graphics Still Work

Lisa Callahan | Summary Can we all agree that brick-and-mortar is far from dead? No doubt are trends like BOPUS and beacons changing the way customers interact with brick-and-mortar. But that simply means that traditional retail methods have to get up to speed.In... more

How to Make Your Retail Store a Foot Traffic Magnet

Lisa Callahan | Summary Bringing customers into brick-and-mortar at any time of year can be a challenge.When the holidays come 'round, it's hard to predict whether you'll see a huge influx in foot traffic or a loss, due to customers buying online.In this article,... more

The Disease is Discount Fatigue, and Your Coupons are the Cause

Lisa Callahan | Summary Contrary to what TV jingles and in-store decor may imply, the holidays aren't all "holly jolly" for marketers.The phenomenon known as discount fatigue has an especially brash effect during this time of the year, as our customers shift from... more

Must-Know Rules for Providing an Unforgettable Retail Experience

Lisa Callahan | Summary There's no excuse for bad customer service.No matter how small your team or your budget, you can make slight improvements that will add up to a hugely positive change over time.In this article, MarketingProfs presents the three ways to give... more

Storing It: How AI will Affect Retail Stores in the Future

Hailee Franco | AI and deep learning or no longer just a part of science fiction. Learn how AI will affect retail stores in the future in this article from Arun Nair.... more

Embracing the 4Es for Retail Marketing

Hailee Franco | When it comes to retail marketing businesses need to focus on moving from a product-based business to a people-based one. Find out how in this article.... more

As the Retail Apocalypse Nears What Happens to Retail Workers

Hailee Franco | We live in a world of digital buying and no longer have to go to the store for anything. While this is great for us, it's not great for retail workers.... more

A New Reality for Retail: AR and VR

Madeleine Helme | With more and more brands adopting virtual reality, retailers need to think about how they can implement the technology in their marketing to keep up.... more

In-Store Events to Attract Customers and Drive Sales

Madeleine Helme | Hosting special in-store events create an exciting experience that attracts more customers to your store, while simultaneously raising brand awareness.... more

How Can Retail Stores Go Paperless?

Madeleine Helme | With a shift to paperless processes, retailers stand to benefit by saving money, helping the environment, and running more efficiently.... more

Don't Hang Up: 8 Tips for Dominating Sales Calls

John Shieldsmith | Sales calls can be terrifying. They can also be really effective. Avoid the dreaded prospect hang up with these tips, and own the call like never before.... more

The Success of Pop-Up Stores

Madeleine Helme | Pop-up stores have proven to be a lasting trend in retail, with more and more brands jumping on the bandwagon and reaping the rewards.... more

Retailers, Are Your Fitting Rooms Costing You Sales?

Madeleine Helme | Do your fitting rooms provide customers with a positive experience? Improving this area of your store could lead to more sales, profits, and happy customers... more

Not Dead Yet: 5 Reasons The Phone Helps Sales Development

John Shieldsmith | The phone is old news, right? Unless you're using it to text or Instagram. Actually, it can and should play a huge part in your sales developmetnt.... more

Why You Need Mobile Point-of-Sale Systems

Madeleine Helme | Are mobile point-of-sale systems just a new fad in the retail world, or will they become the standard method of payment in the years to come?... more

Holly Jolly Holiday Sales: Top Audience Segments to Target

Lisa Callahan | Summary You'd be silly to group all holiday shoppers into one neat package (no pun intended).Because like Santa's infamous "nice list," the audience segments that your business markets to should be semi-exclusive.In this article, Cara Salpini from... more

Out with Y, in with Z: Generations Apart for Marketers

Lisa Callahan | Summary Gen Z encompasses those currently between the ages of 13 and 21, or those born between about 1996 and 2004.These up-and-coming spenders redefine everything we marketers thought we knew when the Millennials were in charge.In this article, De... more

Show Me the Money, Honey: Sales Events Tips & Tricks

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Armando Roggio from PracticalEcommerce lists seven tips for making your next sales event a huge success.... more

Omni-Channel Marketing is the Best of Both Worlds

Lisa Callahan | Omni-channel marketing allows marketers to reach more people in their target audience by taking advantage of everything that online and offline data can do.... more

Demise of Lies: What's Really Happening to Retailers

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Erik Morton from VentureBeat walks us down memory lane to see where big-box retailers have been and where they're going — online, duh.... more

Brick-and-Mortar Retail is Far From Dead

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Ilyse Liffreing from Digiday explains how the fall of malls has given rise to a new era in brick-and-mortar shopping.... more

Millennials are Ousting "Middle Man" Retailers, But Why?

Lisa Callahan | Greg Sterling from Marketing Land dives deeper into the results of this survey to find out why consumers are ditching retailers to buy direct from brands.... more

Evangelism: What Every Student of Religion Knows

Darius Lee | This article is particularly useful for invoking a term I never thought I'd see in Forbes: evangelism. It's useful, because as any student of religion knows, evangelism can't be forced. "Forced evangelism," in fact, is probably one of the... more

We're living in The Twilight Zone

Darius Lee | One question this article raises is, what does it mean for marketers to be both savvy AND socially responsible?   Obviously, AI knowing how many people try on shoes in a department store is hardly the stuff of science fiction nightmare. &a... more

AI is real now

Erik Serrao | Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives with each passing moment.  In fact, AI is now an integral process in commerce and sales across the globe.  Artificial intelligence is responsible for assis... more

4E's new marketing protocol

Ben Ibarra | With the new marketing strategies and beliefs coming out, I couldn't agree more with this. Although the old 4P's is simple as the article stated, the 4E's may require an adjustment period before it is universally adopted. When/if that happens,... more

Unacast is teaming up with Blis to augment location data. Think of the possibilities!

John Shieldsmith | Unacast, the self-proclaimed operator of the largest beacon network in the world, has partnered with Blis, the location data technology firm. The two are hoping to use their joint powers to bridge the current gaps in location-based data. This will... more

CrowdOptic's approach to PR is way different from the norm. What do you think?

John Shieldsmith | Jon Fisher, the CEO of CrowdOptic, has a unique approach to PR. Rather than take a "carpet bomb" approach and try to get exposure everywhere he can, Jon focuses on a smaller, more unique events. This places a focuses on where CrowdOptic i... more

Using guests on wifi to build a customer profile?

John Shieldsmith | Historically, guests on wifi have offered little value in terms of analytics and customer profiles. Euclid Analytics aims to change that with Euclid Connect , which lets guests opt-in to have a profile created using their habits within the store. Th... more

Empyr debuts cost per revenue model. Is this the future?

John Shieldsmith | Historically, there's always been some risk for advertisers when partnering with a business. Cost per visit models have helped cut down on this a bit.  Empyr is taking things even further with their pay per revenue model, described in deta... more

Martech's Leading the Way in Retail

Madeleine Helme | Technology is inevitable, but make sure the tech you're using improves the customer experience. Read on to find out which technologies retailers need.... more

What are Your Customer's Shopping Habits? Webrooming vs. Showrooming

Madeleine Helme | Learning more about the shopping habits of your customers can help you develop a strategy on how to cater to them in the most effective way.... more

Using Beacon Analytics to Gain Insights on Your Customers

Madeleine Helme | Beacon analytics provide ways for these physical businesses to gain insights on their customers, giving your business a real edge on the competition.... more
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Is proximity marketing a real tool?

jesus muino | Seeketing had the opportunity to test and compare the tree main available technologies: ibeacon, wifi-routers and Seeketing.Results are very different (ibeacon < 1% of total customer engaged, wifi-router/social wifi <10%, Seeketing &am... more

up-selling and cross-selling

Sam Madushanka | There's no doubt that up-selling and cross-selling should be kept in mind when designing the layout of websites and when dealing with customers personally in a store. Many times I've been tempted to add items to my cart in a website based simply on... more
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