Product Management


Why We Should Stop Tying Features to Releases

Tim Ziegler | It's important to keep your releases to the minimum viable product to keep yourself from being dragged into a sloppy mess.... more

Lessons Learned After 13 Years in Product Management

Tim Ziegler | Product management is a strange field because product managers come from all sorts of backgrounds. Find out why from an expert in the field.... more

10 Industry Influencers Every Product Manager Should Follow

Tim Ziegler | It's not who you know, it's who you know to follow! Check out some of the top industry influencers and get schooled by the best product managers.... more

Top Mistakes That Run Product Managers Out the Door

Kathi Furman | Without realizing it, business executives make mistakes that send their product managers packing. The most common mistakes are easily avoidable.... more

Will the Real Product Managers Please Stand Up?

Lisa Callahan | Product managers are born at the intersection of customers, technology, and business, according to Medium's Mike Lovegrove.... more

"Everyone's a Designer".... No, They're Not!

Tim Ziegler | Collins recently read an article “Everyone is a designer. Get over it. ” and it got him thinking. Find out what his thoughts were in this article.... more

"Anti-Patterns" or What Not to Do in Product Management

Tim Ziegler | Know what NOT to do in product management. "Anti-patterns" are solutions to recurring problems that seem like a good idea, but are they?... more

Why We Need Flat Design

Tim Ziegler | Flat design ain't just an aesthetic trend - there's a good reason for it. Learn why in this article from Ali Kapadia on Medium.... more

Chronicles of a Chatbot

Tim Ziegler | Follow the story of a chatbot from design to release, with all the lessons learned in this article from Nextup AI on Medium.... more

Rebranding the Right Way

Tim Ziegler | Rebranding is never easy, no matter how big or small your company is. So how do you go about rebranding the right way? Find out in this article.... more

Is AWS the Juicero of Web Hosting?

Tim Ziegler | The best product always wins, right!? Pedro Sostre says, hang on a sec. He looks at AWS and argues it's more expensive and less flexible.... more

To Build or To Buy? How 'Bout a Smart Mix?

Tim Ziegler | It is a myth that you can build everything yourself. The only question is how much of what you use from others feels comfortable for you?... more

Product Creation is a Team Sport

Tim Ziegler | You're a maverick. You go it alone. And your product ... stinks. Why is this? It may be because product creation is a team sport.... more

From GUI to CUI - AI and the Conversational User Interface

Tim Ziegler | AI will take us from graphical user interfaces to conversational user interfaces. Find out how and what this means for businesses.... more

Don't Be a Product Manager. Be a Product Leader

Tim Ziegler | To be effective, product managers must learn to influence and, therefore, must learn to become leaders. Find out how to be a product leader now.... more

User Value and Benefit to your Biz Ain't Always the Same

Tim Ziegler | Is what's best for your business always what's best for you user? Aligning the two principles can be a challenge. Find out why user value/benefit differ.... more

4 Steps to Defining Great Metrics for Any Product

Tim Ziegler | Metrics are great - if you know what metrics to set in the first place. Read this article to get started and learn about defining great metrics.... more

Product Management 101 - Prioritizing and Digging In

Tim Ziegler | Have your marching orders? Learn how to prioritize and start building in this product management 101 article from Chandan Kumar Jilukara.... more

No, You Don’t "Just Need a Developer"

Tim Ziegler | There's more to creating a product than just hiring a developer. How much more? Find out in this article from Darye on Medium.... more

Are Marketers Missing Opportunities to Seize Consumer Micro-Moments?

Tim Ziegler | Don't fear users' scattered behavior online, harness those thousands of micro-moments. Find out how in this article from Jessica Neville.... more

The Surprising Similarities Between Product Management and Poker

Courtney Raaz | In his article, Tommi Frosström draws comparisons of Game Theory in poker to product management.... more

What Product Managers Should be Asking

Courtney Raaz | In this article, Mike Cohn shares his favorite questions to ask from his experience as a Scrum Master.... more


Scott Willis |   I found this to be an interesting article. I also found it interesting that productivity has been down since the financial crisis. It makes one wonder if maybe peoples spirits are down? But a tighter job market and higher wages can help t... more

It has to be right

Nathen Cuthbert | I see too many product launches rushed to get to market in an attempt to beat out unknown competition. The result? An unfinished product not properly tested and a disater in customer confidence with your brand. You only get one chance to do it... more
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Do’s and Don'ts of Managing the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Lisa Callahan | Research has correlated the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities to a number of work-related factors, from salary and job satisfaction to unemployment rate and IQ. ... more

Think You Got What It Takes for Product Management?

Tim Ziegler | Product Management is a strange field and takes a certain kind of person. But what is that kind? Find out in this article from Melissa Rosenthal.... more

Is CMO Status a Death Sentence for Your Career?

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Matei Gavril peels back the "layers" of life for C-suite marketers to reveal why CMOs have such short lifespans.... more

Why Experts Say You Should Never Treat Product Management Like an Assembly Line

Lana K. Moore | No product earns it profits by moving from point A to point B, which means no product management plan should operate like an assembly line.... more

The Most Important Question Every Designer Should Ask Themselves

Tim Ziegler | If you think about it, design is in the foundation of how we communicate. So what do designers need to do to create a conversation?... more

Building a Better Product Team

Tim Ziegler | Lystable revamped how their product teams work to keep up with the company's fast growth. They tell us how to build a better product team in this article.... more

Haters Help You Make Your Site Better

Tim Ziegler | Don't let haters bum you out, let them help you make your product awesome. Find out how in this article from Danielle Klein.... more

How AI Works: A Visual Guide to Machine Learning

Tim Ziegler | AI and machine learning are all the rage. Here's a great introduction to how it works, with specific examples that include clear visual illustrations.... more

Project Management Made Simple: Agile Vs. Waterfall

Tim Ziegler | Agile vs. Waterfall is like the Mac vs. PC argument of project management. Which is best for you? Find out in this article.... more

Don't be Blindsided - How to Model Risk

Tim Ziegler | Risk is scary! But it's also part of martech and all tech - learn how to model risk so it can work for you in this article.... more

UX Design is All About Relationships

Tim Ziegler | If you ask most people, they’ll tell you that UX design is about things like pixels, colors, margins, and wireframes. But is it?... more