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Proximity Marketing

What is Proximity Marketing? Proximity marketing involves communicating with an audience through their mobile devices when in close range to a given location. Marketers use technology such as beacons and Wi-Fi to send content to nearby opted-in... more

Influencer Marketing Alone Can't Save a Bad Product

Ashley Kaczmar | Lately, it seems brands think that influencer marketing is the cure-all to a product that's not doing so hot. Are you making that mistake?... more

Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Modeling: An Introduction

Madeleine Helme | There are multiple multi-touch attribution models that you could use. These are some of the most common.... more
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            We are a premier lead generation company. We provide sales-ready leads to our customers on a performance basis. Using our digital marketing processes.... more

Building new products in context

Lisa Callahan | April Dunford works at, and she's a really funny/interesting presenter to listen to. So let me set the stage. She says... “My ten-year-old says ‘Yeah I’ve got a joke. What’s brown and sticky?&... more

Building a Better Product Team

Tim Ziegler | Lystable revamped how their product teams work to keep up with the company's fast growth. They tell us how to build a better product team in this article.... more

The Marketing Madhouse: Reducing Stress in Email Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Less stress in email marketing? That sounds like a dream, right? Use these tips and it can become your reality. We promise.... more

Does MarTech Make Us Less Productive?

Tim Ziegler | There's a dark underside to the martech tools we love. As tech advances, the greater the chance that these two negative effects also grow bigger.... more

4E's new marketing protocol

Ben Ibarra | With the new marketing strategies and beliefs coming out, I couldn't agree more with this. Although the old 4P's is simple as the article stated, the 4E's may require an adjustment period before it is universally adopted. When/if that happens,... more

Mastering the E-Commerce Product Catalog

Madeleine Helme | Ready to put your products online? Bill Davis from CMSWire explains the different kinds of applications you can use to set up your product catalog.... more

8 Steps to Becoming a Better Product Manager

Kathi Furman | Improving your leadership skills impacts the success of your team and business. Use these steps to be a better product manager and be open to continued change... more

What Product Managers Should be Asking

Courtney Raaz | In this article, Mike Cohn shares his favorite questions to ask from his experience as a Scrum Master.... more

Mastering the Scrum Product Backlog

Tim Ziegler | how do you keep the Product Backlog from being a tangled monster that grows bigger and more tangled by the day? Find out in this article.... more

Writing Product Descriptions that Reflect Your Brand

Lisa Callahan | Marcia Yukdin from Practical Ecommerce describes how to infuse product descriptions with your brand's Unique Value Proposition to inspire customers to buy.... more

Think Outside the Default for Product Listings

Madeleine Helme | Don't just rely on default sorting options and assume it's the best option for your product listings. Read on to learn how to show off your products.... more

The Blair Marketing Project: Making Stable, Respectable Video Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Video marketing is only effective if it's properly filmed. Nobody wants a shaky mess. Use these tips to make sure your video is stable and effective.... more

4 Tips for Profitable Affiliate Marketing

Madeleine Helme | Make sure you consider these four profitable affiliate marketing tips when choosing your affiliate partners and optimizing your site to advertise them.... more

Pull in Customers with Proximity Marketing

Madeleine Helme | How can brands resolve issues of poor timing with their marketing messages? With location-based marketing, also known as proximity marketing.... more

Problem-centric vs. solution-centric marketing

Lisa Callahan | Martin Welker, the founder and CEO of Zenkit, talked about some of the tough lessons he learned from launching a startup -- You can read about it in this article he wrote for Entrepreneur. Something that took me by surprise was the area where he s... more

Boosting Office Productivity with Fresh Decor

Lisa Callahan | Harshil Barot outlines a few small ways to refresh your office environment for more productivity -- No paintbrushes or staple guns necessary.... more

Introducing the One, the Only Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape

Sara Sousa | Jeremy Epstein shares how this might affect the martech landscape and why you need to understand blockchain marketing technology. ... more

Basics of Software Product Prototyping and Why

Tim Ziegler | A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but a prototype is worth about a million explanations. Check out the basics fo software product prototyping here.... more

Press Play on Your Remote Worker's Productivity

Lisa Callahan | In this article from Inc, Jane Chin lists her top tips for keeping your remote workers focused while they kick up their feet.... more

Understanding Product Management and How it Benefits Businesses

John Shieldsmith | Product management is just a buzzword right? Actually, it can benefit your business in a big, BIG way. Read on to get started.... more

Fly or Die: Strategizing Your Product Launch

Lisa Callahan | Product timeline not going as planned? In this article from Forbes, Kevin Hong offers up some advice on ensuring your product launch goes smoothly.... more

Make Smart Product Recommendations With Collaborative Filtering

Madeleine Helme | Collaborative filtering is the smartest way to get your products in front of consumers -- in a way they simply can't resist. Keep reading to find out more.... more

Show Off Your Products With Showrooming

Madeleine Helme | Learn more about how consumers shop these days, and how retailers are moving towards the showrooming model of business in this article.... more

Group Messaging Tips for Team Productivity

Tim Ziegler | Group messaging is one of the most effective tools your team can have. Follow these tips for messaging goodness.... more

Death by Deadline: Mourning a Delayed Product Release

Lisa Callahan | Veamly walks us through the five stages of grief that all you Product Managers must face head-on in order to mourn the delay of your product release.... more

How Machine Learning Can Help Product Managers

Tim Ziegler | Machine learning is going to change the world and businesses into the future. Find out how it will help product managers in this article from Vishal Sood.... more

Questions and Tips for Interviewing Product Managers

Tim Ziegler | Brent Tworetzky has hired a product manager or two in his day. He shares his best tips for interviewing product managers in this article.... more

Product Management 101 - Prioritizing and Digging In

Tim Ziegler | Have your marching orders? Learn how to prioritize and start building in this product management 101 article from Chandan Kumar Jilukara.... more

4 Steps to Defining Great Metrics for Any Product

Tim Ziegler | Metrics are great - if you know what metrics to set in the first place. Read this article to get started and learn about defining great metrics.... more

The Future of AI for Marketing featuring Rodrigo Montagner

Carlos Rodrigo Paravella Montagner | Rodrigo Montagner is a featured contributor to The Impact of AI on Modern Marketing: 50 Categories Ranked, 70 Experts Sound Off report. Here's the complete contribution: Much ado has been done regarding AI and the future of our day to day life... more

An Introduction to Lead Scoring

Madeleine Helme | A systematic lead scoring system can help you to identify your most qualified leads, and market or sell to them when the time is right.... more

What's the problem with proximity marketing?

Hailee Franco | "A marketer messaging a customer is a little like a pick-up line."  Richard Graves I love this quote because I think it speaks volumes about marketing. Either it works, or it doesn't work.  And when it comes to proximi... more

Proximity Marketing: This Time it's Personal

Madeleine Helme | By adopting proximity marketing, you could see your sales and profits rise, but make sure your messages are highly personalized to get the best results.... more

How Programmatic Display Can Impact Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | In this article, Emma Ashby will talk about how brands can reach their consumers on a more personal level with programmatic display on mobile. ... more

Balancing Marketing Automation and Data Validation Processing

Trent Jonas | Bad data can be worse than no data at all when it comes to wasting resources. Data validation is therefore critical to successful demand generation.... more

Programmatic Advertising is Evolving With People-Based Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Programmatic advertising is becoming the standard way to distribute. However, there's still a lot of work to be done to make it work smoothly. ... more