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Product Manager vs. Product Owner

Tim Ziegler | What's in a word? In the difference between Product Manager vs Product Owner, quite a lot! Find out what in this article from Sean Duplantis.... more

Don't Be a Product Manager. Be a Product Leader

Tim Ziegler | To be effective, product managers must learn to influence and, therefore, must learn to become leaders. Find out how to be a product leader now.... more

A Product Manager's Guide to Inheriting a Product Backlog

Courtney Raaz | In this article, Nathan Rhodes provides other product managers with key advice on how to handle inheriting a product backlog.... more

Asset Management, Product/Program Manager, More?

aaron pawlak | Hi,   I graduated 5 years ago with a double major in accounting and information systems. I initially started in a financial accounting position before moving into our consulting practice where I perform software audits to ensure our Clien... more

Product Managers: It's Not About the Experience

Kathi Furman | The best product managers always look to improve products and streamline work processes.... more

Will the Real Product Managers Please Stand Up?

Lisa Callahan | Product managers are born at the intersection of customers, technology, and business, according to Medium's Mike Lovegrove.... more

Reasons to Fire Your Product Manager

Kathi Furman | If your product manager is guilty of one of these seven mistakes, it’s time to reconsider their position with your business.... more

Forget the MBA. Here’s the Fastest Way to Become a Product Manager

Tim Ziegler | Many people in their mid careers think about getting an MBA as a stepping stone to become a product manager. But do they need to?... more

Top Mistakes That Run Product Managers Out the Door

Kathi Furman | Without realizing it, business executives make mistakes that send their product managers packing. The most common mistakes are easily avoidable.... more

Product Manager Expectations You Need to Set

Kathi Furman | Many businesses fail to set appropriate product manager expectations in the beginning and struggle to see that value in the long run.... more

6 Reasons You Need to Hire a Product Manager

Kathi Furman | Even with their proven track record, many businesses are on the fence about the need to hire a product manager. Here are a few reasons it's necessary.... more

What Product Managers Should be Asking

Courtney Raaz | In this article, Mike Cohn shares his favorite questions to ask from his experience as a Scrum Master.... more

10 Industry Influencers Every Product Manager Should Follow

Tim Ziegler | It's not who you know, it's who you know to follow! Check out some of the top industry influencers and get schooled by the best product managers.... more

Questions and Tips for Interviewing Product Managers

Tim Ziegler | Brent Tworetzky has hired a product manager or two in his day. He shares his best tips for interviewing product managers in this article.... more

8 Steps to Becoming a Better Product Manager

Kathi Furman | Improving your leadership skills impacts the success of your team and business. Use these steps to be a better product manager and be open to continued change... more

Designers Can Be Great Product Managers

Tim Ziegler | Product managers and designers can be at odds. That's why PMs with a design background can be very effective. Find out why in this article.... more

How to Get Product Managers Excited to Work with Customer Success

Tim Ziegler | how does your business keep product managers focused on customer success and communicating well with the customer team? Find out in this article.... more

How Machine Learning Can Help Product Managers

Tim Ziegler | Machine learning is going to change the world and businesses into the future. Find out how it will help product managers in this article from Vishal Sood.... more

Product Demos: The Downfall of Product Management

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Ian Altman from Forbes explains why product demos may end up costing you business, not scoring you more.... more

Product Management vs. Project Management

Kathi Furman | Both product management and project management add to the overall success of a business in unique ways. Don’t ignore the importance of both.... more

Product Management

What is Product Management? When you're building online systems or software of any kind, product management is the big picture. It starts by determining the business goals - what does the business want to accomplish? - which turn into requirements f... more

Product Management: Keys to Success

Bill Gaskill | The multi-faceted and lateral nature of product management makes it a process that is learned during, rather than before, the job.... more

Understanding Product Management and How it Benefits Businesses

John Shieldsmith | Product management is just a buzzword right? Actually, it can benefit your business in a big, BIG way. Read on to get started.... more

Product Management Traps to Avoid

Tim Ziegler | As a product manager out there on the front lines, it’s likely you’re always honing your expertise. You know by now that there are any number of PM resources like videos, online courses, and how-to articles, as well as so many new methodologies,... more

What to Watch in Mobile Product Management

Lisa Callahan | In this article,  Ashley Sefferman from Business2Community lists the 7 mobile product management trends that PMs have their eyes on.... more

7 Reasons why Product Management Grows in the Cloud Era

Tim Ziegler | In these days of software as a service, where all businesses live in the cloud at least part-time, the role of Product Manager becomes even more important.... more

Product Management as Minimum Viable Experiment

Tim Ziegler | Instead of building big products and seeing if you got them right, take a "minimum viable experiment" approach. Find out how in this article.... more

Agile Product Management - a Start to Finish ZipCar Case Study

Tim Ziegler | What can a company like ZipCar teach you about agile product management? More than you think. Find out in this article from That UX Dude.... more

"Anti-Patterns" or What Not to Do in Product Management

Tim Ziegler | Know what NOT to do in product management. "Anti-patterns" are solutions to recurring problems that seem like a good idea, but are they?... more

Lessons Learned After 13 Years in Product Management

Tim Ziegler | Product management is a strange field because product managers come from all sorts of backgrounds. Find out why from an expert in the field.... more

The Surprising Similarities Between Product Management and Poker

Courtney Raaz | In his article, Tommi Frosström draws comparisons of Game Theory in poker to product management.... more

Tools of the Trade: How Product Management Keep Businesses Relevant and Resilient

Lana K. Moore | These experts have some product management advice they’d like to share. We posed the question: "How do you build a product that stands the test of time?”... more

Think You Got What It Takes for Product Management?

Tim Ziegler | Product Management is a strange field and takes a certain kind of person. But what is that kind? Find out in this article from Melissa Rosenthal.... more

Product Management Basics: How to Define Your Build

Tim Ziegler | You can't make an awesome product if you don't know what to build, or for whom.Check out these product management basics to learn how to figure this out.... more

Product Management 101 - Prioritizing and Digging In

Tim Ziegler | Have your marching orders? Learn how to prioritize and start building in this product management 101 article from Chandan Kumar Jilukara.... more

Manage Your Remote Product Team in 5 Steps

Tim Ziegler | Your remote product team won't run itself, no matter how much you want it to. This means you need to know a few basics of managing a remote team.... more

Product life cycle and how to manage it successfully

Gregory Samsa | This was a very interesting read and incredibly in-depth. The product life cycle can be very tricky to deal with and product management is an essential part of the process of keeping the product relevant to the consumer base throughout its lifespan.... more

Software Product Management

aaron pawlak | Hi,   So I just got promoted to a/(the) Management position here at work. Up until now each developer has pretty much been in charge of his/her own product so there are minimal standards for version control, bug/enhancement tracking, etc.... more

7 Product Page Features That Will Hook Stray Shoppers

Lisa Callahan | Summary What makes a product page into a conversion machine isn't stylish photos or witty product names.As they say, the devil is in the details. And in ecommerce, especially, details are everything.In this article, Han-Kuo Yang from Virtucom Grou... more