Say You're Sorry: Apologizing During a PR Crisis

Ashley Kaczmar | Saying you're sorry is an important part of crisis management. But you can't just throw out any apology. Get some tips from PR experts on how to apologize.... more

Infographics are Flooding PR and It Might Be a Problem

Ashley Kaczmar | The popularity of infographics has resulted in more quantity, but less quality. Which poses the question: Are infographics still effective for PR?... more

Stuck in the Past? It's Time to Bring PR to the Future

Ashley Kaczmar | Social media has changed a lot when it comes to how customers interact with your brand. It's time to shelve some old PR axioms and use new ideas.... more

Getting the Right Measurements On Your PR

Ashley Kaczmar | The only way to show that public relations has value is by measuring the right metrics. So are you measuring the right metrics on your campaign?... more

The Times are a Changin' in Public Relations

Ashley Kaczmar | The face of the communications and public relations landscape has been slowly shifting for years. Dive into the biggest changes so far.... more

Are Brands Pulling Ads Too Quickly?

Ashley Kaczmar | Lately, a lot of brands have been pulling ads due to public outcry. But are brands responding too quickly to social media reactions?... more

Owned Media Means a Better Communication Plan

Ashley Kaczmar | If you're in PR, then you know about the four types of media. Each provides its own rewards. However, owned media seems to be the one that does it all.... more

Standing Among Giants: Small Companies vs. Big Companies in PR

Ashley Kaczmar | Let's say you've got an amazing product or service. But, wait! Your competitor is a giant, like Google or Facebook. All you need is a smart PR strategy.... more

Is Public Relations Disappearing in the Digital Age?

Ashley Kaczmar | Has anyone else noticed how PR and marketing seem to merge together more and more? I'm sure you have. So, what's the PR industry to do to stay relevant?... more

Need some PR metrics help?

Ashley Kaczmar | According to this article from MarTech Advisor, TrendKite has a strong framework for categorizing PR metrics and PR impacts.  Looking it over, I think it's a pretty solid framework. Do you agree?... more

PR is quite important today

Erik Serrao | Public relations is a very important part of everyday business for many companies across the world. PR can not only put a new product or service on the map for individuals who have not heard of it before, but it can also play damage co... more

Launching a new book

karen pink | I specifically think it is crucial when launching a new book to have an extensive knowledge of good PR. A lot of authors out there are now choosing to self publish, due to the insurmountable obstacles placed in their way by traditional editors and p... more

Time involved in PR

karen pink | I agree that it is the utmost importance to ensure a timely press release. Often, in the case of a shocking news release, the interent will spread rumours like wildfire within an hour. It is essential that the correct facts are issued in an official... more

How do you become a thought leader?

Ashley Kaczmar | "For example, by producing data-driven research that extended beyond the PR community, our client BuzzStream established themselves as an authoritative tool and resource among the digital community as a whole." Would you agree that BuzzSt... more

Apologies in a PR Crisis

Lee Hargrave | Apologies in a public relations crisis are necessary evils.  You must always think of the people that were harmed or slighted.  You should see what you can do to correct the problem short of giving away the company.  Be si... more

How to deal with bad publicity

David House | If your firm is being insulted in the media online, respond fast, efficeintly. If you are at fault, then apologise. Avoid saying 'no comment' - it sends out a negative message. Communication is good for PR crisis. Tell your side of the story with wr... more
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Pitch Yourself into Successful Media Pitching with These Tips

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