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YouTube: Increase Your Online Visibility

Kathi Furman | Viewing time on YouTube has increased at least 50% year-over-year for three straight years. YouTube is not new to the online marketing world.... more

Create Instagram Stories that Increase Business Account Visibility

Anna Rachel Rich | Kristi Hines dives into the nitty gritty of crafting the perfect Instagram Story and details how to use in-app insights to monitor success.... more

Online Community

What is an online community? An online community is a group of people who interact online. They use social media, voice chat and instant messaging to talk to each other. Most groups revolve around a single interest or goal.... more

Building a Community: Increasing Online Community Engagement

Kathi Furman | Increasing online community engagement is possible. But it requires daily commitment, determination, and a well-crafted plan to make it work. Find out how.... more

Creative Selling: Using Creativity to Drive Online Sales

John Shieldsmith | Do you have the creative bug? Creative teammates? Are your sales not where you want them? It's time you all buddy up and solve this.... more

Online Community Trends You Need to Know

Kathi Furman | Here are seven trends business online communities need in order to continue delivering an experience customers want to be part of.... more

Are You Making These Online Community Creation Missteps

Kathi Furman | Implement a successful online community by avoiding common missteps by other marketers.... more

Growing Your Online Community in the Age of Fake News and Fake Reviews

Lisa Callahan | Brands and customers are no longer "selling to" or "taking from" one another — We're creating online communities. Learn more in this expert roundup.... more

What is a conversion attribution model in online advertising?

Laura Wyss | Conversion attribution modeling in online advertising helps to compute ROI for every touch-point, be it a first touch or last touch point. This is very helpful because it will help you to optimize every touch-point consequently. It will help in dete... more

Issuing a Reality Check for Clingy Business Leaders

Lisa Callahan | Business leaders are just as susceptible to the perils of stress as everyone else. Find out why being clingy could kill your reputation.... more

Mean, Clean, Big Data Machine: Quality Beats Quantity

Lisa Callahan | Any way you slice it, bad data is bad data. No amount of graphing, mapping, or filtering can prove that untrue. Make it shine again with these tips.... more

The Makeup of a Quality Links

Kathi Furman | Quality links are what matter. Before you launch a link building strategy, review these six characteristics of quality links that improve your SEO.... more

Tips to Build Quality Links for E-Commerce Websites

Madeleine Helme | If your e-commerce site needs an SEO boost, try following these five tips to build quality backlinks to your website.... more

Selling a Personality

Matthew Witham | In our age of media, and the internet, selling products have been taking a whole new approach. Based on this article it seems that rather than purely selling a product, you are selling your personality, and the appraisal of others. In this article t... more

Is Your Social Media Advertising Failing? Find Out Why

Ashley Kaczmar | Social media lets marketers be in-touch with their audience 24/7. Sometimes we forget that it lets our audience talk back. Make sure you're listening.... more

Affiliate Link

What is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is used by an affiliate when they promote a product or service. The links include a short code, which differs for each affiliate. When a user clicks on or makes a purchase through an affiliate link, the... more

Are you Missing Out by Only Advertising on Google?

Madeleine Helme | Are we missing a trick by only advertising on Google? There are other search engines out there, and your customers might be using them.... more

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps Over Mobile Websites

Hailee Franco | In this MarTech article, we cover three benefits prove that small businesses need mobile apps over mobile websites... more

LeadFuze's CEO says cold emailing is less annoying than cold calling. What do you think?

John Shieldsmith | In this article by LeadFuze's CEO, Justin McGill, he sings cold emailing's praise. While he has many points, he says that overall, cold emailing is less annoying than cold calling and more effective.  Do you agree? What elements do you th... more

Signs Your Current Digital Asset Management Process is Failing

Kathi Furman | DAM investment is too significant for it to not work the right way. Here are 5 signs your digital asset management process is failing.... more

IT Gets By With a Little Help from Our Machines

Lisa Callahan | What can the IT industry learn from marketers? In this article, one IT pro discusses four ways in which machine learning can alleviate industry-wide pains.... more

Big Data is Your Business (Literally): Top 10 Big Data Benefits

Lisa Callahan | Summary Big data: It's much more than a buzzword.Slowly but surely, marketers are coming to understand what exactly big data is and what it means for our field.In this article, Aniketh Jain from Inc42 casts light on the future of big data and how i... more

Easy as Pie Charts: Data Visualization Types Explained

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Sibanjan Das from DZone sets the record straight on data visualization so you know exactly what type to use and when.... more

How AI Works: A Visual Guide to Machine Learning

Tim Ziegler | AI and machine learning are all the rage. Here's a great introduction to how it works, with specific examples that include clear visual illustrations.... more

Technology users email list, C-level executives email list, Healthcare mailing list, Industry wise email list

Mails Store | How to get the Mailing list | Email List | Email Database | Mailing Addresses at Mails Store Mails Store provides Worldwide all Targeted industry email database and mailing addresses of all industry across the global and also Appending Services... more

LinkedIn Lite is being rolled out

Ashley Kaczmar | LinkedIn Lite is an app for Android that's been designed for poor internet connection and weaker powered devices. What do you think of this app choice?... more

Women You Need to Know in Martech: Alayne Wilinsky

Alayne Wilinsky | MarTechExec is celebrating the dedication, strength and innovative thinking of 50 amazing women in martech. Show your support by sharing their stories.... more

Ensure Smooth Sailing When Upgrading Your CRM Marketing Stack

Anna Rachel Rich | Upgrade projects have many moving parts. Jose Cebrian offers key components of a successful CRM martech stack upgrade project.... more

How to Transform Talent Into Company Leaders: Advice From Karen Silins

Karen Silins | We asked Karen Silins, a talent management expert, how to transform team members into company leaders. Read more in this article.... more

Staying Savvy – Utilizing Business Intelligence in 2017

John Shieldsmith | Business intelligence is an umbrella term for any application, tech, or practice that can be used to collect, analyze, and present information.... more

How to Attract Affiliates to Promote Your Business

Madeleine Helme | If you’re trying to use affiliate marketing to promote your business, try following these tips to attract and retain successful affiliates.... more

Technology users email list, C-level executives email list, Healthcare mailing list, Industry wise email list

Mails Store | How to get the Mailing list | Email List | Email Database | Mailing Addresses at Mails Store Mails Store provides Worldwide all Targeted industry email database and mailing addresses of all industry across the global and also Appending Services... more

The Ecommerce Guide to Shipping Boxes: Shipping Boxes & Mailing Envelopes 101

Nicole Poncsak | One of the most important aspects of any ecommerce business is making sure your shipping boxes and mailing envelopes get to your customers without being damaged. But, do your shipping boxes stand out from the crowd? Do they WOW your customers every... more

The Traveling Typist: 6 Must-Haves for a Mobile Office

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Larry Alton from Entrepreneur argues the importance of a mobile office and what tools you'll need to make it work.... more

Success On-The-Go: Key Features of Mobile Apps for Business

John Shieldsmith | Mobile apps can do wonders for your business. But how do you know what to include in yours? Read this article to find out.... more

I See Machine Learning in Your Future, Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Earlier this month, CleverTap had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural  Mobile World Congress Americas  in San Francisco. Paul Brody, CleverTap’s Chief Product Officer, was a speaker at the event. He presented a topic at the... more

Expert Opinion: Community and Reviews featuring Jordan Harling

Jordan Harling | How do you build the best community for your brand? We asked the experts. Found out what they had to say in the installment of our Master Article Series.... more

Productivity Hacks for the Sluggish and Scatterbrained

Lisa Callahan | Time to get focused. In this article, the team at Marie Claire UK shares six no-fail tips for boosting productivity on the job.... more

Making Lead Generation a Priority for Local Businesses

Madeleine Helme | Lead generation is the biggest problem for local businesses. This article is full of tips to help you master local lead generation.... more