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The Latest Facebook Custom Audiences Changes

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VisibleThread's website clarity review finds insurance sites have bad content.

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8 Factors For Improving Project Success Rates

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Chatbot & Facebook Messenger: The Cure-All for Waning Open Rates

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A Touchy Subject: Tips to Boost Email Open Rates

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The Customer Connection: Making Customers Advocates

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Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing Data Scientist Candidates

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Smarp aims to turn employees into advocates using their own platform.

John Shieldsmith | Smarp, the employee advocacy platform provider, is developing a platform that will transcend traditional intranet and give employees the opportunity to become advocates. They aim to do this by going beyond the traditional chat and file-sharing plat... more

MDM creates more time

Ben Ibarra | For business owners today, especially for ones who aren't savvy in this department, MDM is such a powerful tool. The automation not ony frees up so much time, but it also gives confidence to those owners who aren't as techy.... more

What is the future of AI as it relates to marketing?

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NextBee collaborates with 3dcart

Ashley Kaczmar | "Shopping cart software leader 3dcart and NextBee Media - a cutting-edge Viral Marketing Software company - announced today a collaborative venture that will bring affordable and technologically superior marketing solutions to 3dcart merchants.... more

Owler rates most likable CEOs

Lisa Callahan | Owler's users ranked the top CEOs in the tech industry , and Owler reported on it in May this year. Their likability was rated out of 100 possible points. Apparently, no heads of tech companies made the top 10. Do you think this is a good list? Doe... more

The 5 Best Types of Content for Native Advertising

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Forrester Claims Cloud Computing Will be Transformative in 2018

Lisa Callahan | Summary 2018 looks to be pretty cloudy... In the best way possible.For one, Forrester says we should see more spending in hybrid cloud solutions. We can also expect the leading cloud providers — Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft — to st... more