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Top Marketers Say 2017 is the Year for Mobile Analytics

John Shieldsmith | The collection and analyzing of mobile activity, including installation and use of mobile apps, as well as mobile browsing, is known as mobile analytics.... more

Chatbots: Wave of the Future or Waste of Time?

Lisa Callahan | Should smaller businesses follow in Facebook's footsteps and create their own chatbots? Henry Foster from Ignite My Company poses the question to experts.... more

Squeezing More Data Juice From Your Marketing Efforts

Lisa Callahan | Peter Daisyme from The Next Web explains how to extract more data from all of your marketing efforts, be it mobile, social, email, or otherwise.... more

Web Analytics Will Make 2017 Your Site's Best Yet

Lisa Callahan | Web analytics is data about website activity. It helps businesses track who visits their website, what content they look at, and how long they stay.... more

Analytics Exposed: Is A/B Testing Worth the Praise?

Lisa Callahan | In this article, the team at Kissmetrics Blog explains why A/B testing often fails and what other techniques you can use to replace them.... more

Web vs. Mobile Analytics: Key Differences

Trent Jonas | In order to get the most complete consumer portrait, marketers should consider both mobile and web analytics.... more

What is Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce?

Madeleine Helme | Setting up enhanced ecommerce tracking will get you the data you need to optimize your online store and start getting more sales and profits from it.... more

Where to Start With Your Web Analytics

Lisa Callahan | In this article from SalesHub, you'll learn how to extract more insight from your inbound data by looking at source, landing page, conversions and more.... more

Ecommerce 'Round the World: 2017 State of the Industry

Lisa Callahan | Alan Coleman from Moz presents a "gift to the global e-commerce industry" — a study of over 140 million website sessions and their impact on business KPIs.... more

Mobile-Friendly vs. Mobile-Responsive: Which is Best?

Lisa Callahan | Read this article to learn the difference between mobile-responsive and mobile-friendly design — aka, the good and evil of the UI universe.... more

Filling the Gaps in Web Analytics Data

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Tim Wilson from Practical Ecommerce guides you through the additional tools you may need to support your web analytics data.... more

Are You Wasting Your Dollars on This Paid Media Channel?

Lisa Callahan | Kissmetrics is here to explain how money spent on AdWords may not result in the web traffic you hoped for — plus how to make sure it does.... more

How to Get More Out of Your Web Analytics

Kathi Furman | Web analytics hold a great deal of valuable information about a website’s performance.The key is to know which statistics matter and what they are saying.... more

Common Web Analytics Terms and Metrics Useful for Marketing

Madeleine Helme | Although there are a lot of complexities to web analytics, these basic key web analytics terms should give you enough background knowledge to get started.... more

Marketing in a World of Analytics

Madeleine Helme | The majority of marketers aren't sure how to get the most out of their data. Hear from 5 analytics experts on how to make the most of the data you've got.... more

How to Bounce Back from a High Bounce Rate

Lisa Callahan | By integrating bounce rate into your analytics reports, you paint a much more detailed picture of how users behave on your site.... more


Lulu Alex | I think it is a convenient tool for larger businesses and corporations. While they are not as useful as talking to an actual live customer representative, at times it can prove to be useful! First off, they demonstrate that the company cares about i... more

Doing something wrong is worse than not doing it

Lisa Callahan | InfoTrust talked in June about some research they did on the ROI of data quality . Essentially, most marketers do thing they're following a data-driven lifestyle in their business, most of them ALSO say their data isn't very good -- poor quality or... more

The fine line between insight and privacy

Lisa Callahan | I'm always torn on this issue, with a preference for the marketers' side of the argument. It's been a debate and I'm sure it will continue to be a debate for many years moving forward, especially as our data tracking capabilities become even more ad... more

Referral discounts no different than influencer incentives?

Lisa Callahan | We've all been told over and over that WOM is the strongest form of marketing, right? Something that I think might be starting to get in the way of that, though, is influencer marketing. I wonder if referrals in general have lost some of their power... more

Referral discounts no different than influencer incentives?

Lisa Callahan | We've all been told over and over that WOM is the strongest form of marketing, right? Something that I think might be starting to get in the way of that, though, is influencer marketing. I wonder if referrals in general have lost some of their power... more

Using analytics to improve marketing and customer value

Gregory Samsa | In this day and age, analytics can be used for almost anything, including marketing. Businesses should be making use of analytics from the get-go in order to understand customer trends when it comes to their company. Analytics can help identify weak... more

Every marketer should use analytics

Ben Ibarra | It still baffles me that people don't use analytics to learn about their customers. It is perhaps the most effective tool for finding information about your customer base and potential leads. Because the majority of time for people is spent onl... more

Too many data scientists, not enough jobs

Lisa Callahan | So, check this out: "On any given day there are about 450 job postings for data professionals coming from every kind of company." That came from an article about RapidMiner partnering up with Experfy. The goal there is so make hiring dat... more

Bitly CEO talks about hiring his younger self

Lisa Callahan | Bitly's CEO, Mark Josephson, has an interesting perspective on Bitly, how it's changed over time, and the use of link shortening in general. He talked about it in an interview with Forbes back in April. He actually followed what Forbes calls their... more

Social media is the new wave of social reform

Lisa Callahan | We should all be pretty familiar with how things on social media can spread like wildfire. That's either really bad or really good, depending on what that 'thing' is.  Well, you can probably put social reform in the 'good things' bucket, r... more

Are SaaS metrics that different from other biz metrics?

Lisa Callahan | I might be wrong, but it seems like even though SaaS companies have been around for awhile now, the term is relatively new to martech? It's kind of a buzzword now. And a lot of martech content talks about SaaS as if they're vastly different from eve... more

If you follow Neil Patel, you should check out this interview

Lisa Callahan | I'm sure you're all at least somewhat familiar with Neil Patel? He's the guy who founded Kissmetrics and also Crazyegg. This guy is just... super interesting. He actually started off trying to build a copycat version of Monster. Then he kind of stra... more
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