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What Can Businesses Use SMS Marketing For?

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Is Your Marketing Mobile-First?

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A Guide to Rewarded Video Ads on Mobile

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How to Perfect Your Mobile Search Marketing

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Who Runs the World? Mobile Marketing!

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Why Are Things So Rocky for Mobile Advertising?

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Get These Key Takeaways on Mobile Marketing

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Keep Your Audience Engaged With Push Notifications

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7 Tips for Perfecting Your SMS Marketing

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Living in a Mobile-First World: How to Engage Your Customers on Mobile

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Could Pay-Per-Visit Become the Future of Mobile Advertising?

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Are You Missing Out On Mobile Marketing?

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Are You Thinking About SMS Marketing? You Should Be

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Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Responsive: Which is Better?

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Mobile Advertising is Coming in Hot

Ashley Kaczmar | Mobile advertising spend totaled more than half of all digital advertising spend in 2016. This means it's time to look closer at mobile advertising.... more

SVP of media at Tapad talks about user identity

Ashley Kaczmar | According to Kate O'Loughlin, SVP of media at Tapad, fixing user identity across multiple screens created further opportunities. Do you agree?... more

excellent article

Tasha Lower | Great advice all over. I had no idea all these tools were available through google! That being said, I would be hesitant to rely on such ads at the expense of a well designed, easy to use mobile site. As young consumer, I know that there are few bus... more

Apple needs to be da Vinci

Ashley Kaczmar | In a recent interview, Alan Dye, designer at Apple, where he compared what Apple does with the inventions Leonardo da Vinci dreamed up.  Do you agree?... more

Disappearance of desktop ads

Valerie Trace | While the mobile advertisement industry is growing, I think desktop ads are still very relevant. So many websites are funded through ad placements throughout their site. While most will be able to implement mobile ads for funding, how will this affe... more

Verve buys matchinguu

Ashley Kaczmar | "London-based mobile marketing company Verve has acquired German proximity-based push marketing specialist matchinguu." What do you expect to see come from this?... more

Phone Ads

Lauren Campbell | This article was wonderful and I agree with it completely. Advertising through mobile devices is what's going to bring in most of your customers right now. The average person spends so much of their day on thier cell phone, so why not take adva... more

Implementing Mobile Advertisement

Devis Michel | Almost everyone has used a mobile phone to make an online purchase. Implementing mobile advertisments into their business strategy is an excellent opportunity all marketers should be taking advantage of. With proper research and testing of your... more

Mobile advertising

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Did You Say Parallel Parking? No, Parallel Tracking and It's Coming Soon

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Parallel tracking will start rolling out later this year and become the default tracking method in early 2018. Not sure what that means for your marketing? You're in luck. In this article, Ginny Marvin will talk about the new Google AdWord... more

Living in a Mobile World: The Current Mobile Marketing Trends

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary A shocking  90% of people’s mobile usage  is coming from apps now. A trend like this means we're bound to see changes in how marketing is being done in mobile spaces. In this article, Dan Steiner looks into how mobile marketing is shif... more