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Mobile App Marketing: What's Cutting-Edge in Mobile Tech Trends and Why to Embrace Them

Lisa Callahan | Mobile app marketing changes at the speed of text. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Check out this edition of the MarTechExec Master Series for tips.... more

Living in a Mobile World: The Current Mobile Marketing Trends

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary A shocking  90% of people’s mobile usage  is coming from apps now. A trend like this means we're bound to see changes in how marketing is being done in mobile spaces. In this article, Dan Steiner looks into how mobile marketing is shif... more

How B2B Marketers Can Master Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | What guy in a suit doesn't have his phone glued to him at all times? According to a study, 42% of researchers use a mobile device during purchasing process.... more

I See Machine Learning in Your Future, Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Earlier this month, CleverTap had the pleasure of participating in the inaugural  Mobile World Congress Americas  in San Francisco. Paul Brody, CleverTap’s Chief Product Officer, was a speaker at the event. He presented a topic at the... more

Punching Through the Noise with Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Consumers have an easy time ignoring marketing messages today. If they're not blocking ads or deleting unopened emails, they're simply turning a blind eye to those pesky banners. Even if they're interested in what you have to say, they won'... more

Mobile Marketing to Gen Z is as Easy as ABC

Ashley Kaczmar | We're in the marketing age of Generation Z. John Rampton will talk more about mobile marketing and Generation Z in this article from Oracle. ... more

How Programmatic Display Can Impact Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | In this article, Emma Ashby will talk about how brands can reach their consumers on a more personal level with programmatic display on mobile. ... more

Marketing on the Go: The Importance of a Mobile App

John Shieldsmith | A mobile app can put your brand on the map in a whole new way. But where do you even start? Read this article to tackle mobile apps head on!... more

Are You Missing Out On Mobile Marketing?

Ashley Kaczmar | People are on their smartphones an average of 200 times per day. Somehow, marketers seem to miss the massive potential that mobile has to offer. Why?... more

The Consumer Demands Shaping Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | In this article, Jason Spero steps in to make sure you're aware of the most important consumer behaviors shaping mobile marketing today.... more

Is Your Marketing Mobile-First?

Ashley Kaczmar | If your audience is living in a mobile-first world, shouldn't your marketing? Elyse Flynn Meyer from Forbes is here to tell you why it's so important.... more

Does Your Mobile Marketing Meet Customer Needs?

Ashley Kaczmar | We're in a mobile-first world now, and that means mobile marketing needs to meet higher expectations for consumer experience. ... more

Get These Key Takeaways on Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | It's time to focus in hard on mobile marketing. So this article is about big lessons and takeaways that you can apply to your own mobile marketing campaign. ... more

Who Runs the World? Mobile Marketing!

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How to Perfect Your Mobile Search Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | It's not enough to just copy what you did with desktop searches and expect it to work on mobile. It's time to take your mobile marketing to the next level.... more

Reasons to Design Email Marketing with Mobile in Mind

Kathi Furman | Make sure your emails get read by keeping the mobile user in mind, here's six reasons why you need to start creating mobile emails.... more

Young Mobile search and marketing

charles pope | Google was the original starter of the search revolution with its marketing targeting mobile CPA SEO ads / adwords to target mobile consumers. With the target markets getting younger and younger its no suprise that search business is focusing o... more

OfferCraft's CEO praises gamification in mobile marketing. Is he right?

John Shieldsmith | Aron Ezra, the CEO of OfferCraft, talks mobile marketing trends in this interview . He focuses heavily on gamification and how effective it is, especially due to the rise of mobile gaming. I play mobile games daily, so I love gamification of anythi... more

They Like You! But Do They Really? Likability in Content Marketing

Hailee Franco | If you want your customers to truly like you then it's time to lighten up! Find out how to create a more personable content marketing strategy here.... more

Clash of the Titans: Agile vs. Old-School Marketing

Tim Ziegler | You may have heard about this revolution called “agile” that leapt, from software development to marketing project management in the last few years.... more

Agile Marketing is Only as Scary as You Think it is

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Eva Jackson from Emplify recounts her team's experience with agile marketing. Prep yourself for the good, bad and ugly of with her tips.... more