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4 Easy Steps for Becoming a Video Advertising Master

Ashley Kaczmar | Video advertising has quickly become a favorite for consumers. But technology changes rapidly. So you may find yourself struggling to get an ad out there.... more

Smarter Selling: Why You Need to Master Sales Intelligence

John Shieldsmith | Calling a customer can be stressful. What if you get something wrong? With sales intelligence, you can know them before you call them. Read on for more.... more

Master Customer Retention With Predictive Analytics

Trent Jonas | Predictive analytics is valuable to customer retention because it allows you to identify the customers you need to engage.... more

Master Native Advertising with These 5 Tips

Ashley Kaczmar | MediaRadar recently hosted an event which featured a panelist of native advertising experts. Bianca Fortis gives us the lowdown on their five bigs tips.... more

CMOs Need to Master These Five MarTech Trends for 2018

Sara Sousa | Summary It's time to start strategizing for 2018, but with the amount of martech tools that have popped up this year alone, the task can seem daunting.Jim Yu helps you prioritize with these five martech trends CMOs need to master for 2018. Who Sho... more

Expert Opinion: Mobile & Web Analytics Featuring Nate Masterson

Nate Masterson | Today, the way we use data and analytics is at a crossroad. Find out what our experts predict for its future in this installment of our Master Series.... more

Taxonomy Time! Here's How Machine Learning Does it Faster and Smarter

Lisa Callahan | Summary Sometimes, the hardest tasks in martech are the most straightforward. Like creating an intuitive, navigable taxonomy.We tend to overthink things like this, which is why logic and reasoning are priceless assets. And it just so happens that m... more

Women You Need to Know in Martech: Michel Feaster

Michel Feaster | MarTechExec is celebrating the dedication, strength and innovative thinking of 50 amazing women in martech. Show your support by sharing their stories.... more

Why Waste Your Content When You Can Recycle It?

Sara Sousa | Make good use of your resources and amplify your top performing assets with these tips for repacking. ... more

Myth Busters: The Programmatic Advertising Edition

Ashley Kaczmar | Programmatic has been in the news a lot lately. Everyone has opinions, and a lot has been said, but not all of it has been true.... more

Developing Influencer Relationships When You're Starting Out: Advice From Josh Steimle

Josh Steimle | How do the pros pitch influencers for their marketing campaigns? We asked, they answered. Learn more in this expert roundup.... more

E-Commerce is Getting Smarter, Artificially

Madeleine Helme | A personalized online shopping experience is everything! Deliver this level of personalization by letting data and artificial intelligence lead the way.... more

What the Future Holds for Marketers in the Face of Artificial Intelligence

Madeleine Helme | The future of artificial intelligence is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. With machines that are smarter than humans, where does that leave us?... more

Cracking the Mobile Programmatic Mystery

Ashley Kaczmar | There's a lot of planning and strategizing that goes into creating a programmatic advertising campaign online. And then there's mobile programmatic...... more

Why Should B2B Advertisers Be Interested in Programmatic TV?

Ashley Kaczmar | 'Programmatic” connotes digital trackability, and 'TV' has an old-brand feel. This article will cover why B2B advertisers should try programmatic TV. ... more

Expert Opinion: Display and Programmatic Advertising featuring Darren Easton

Darren Easton | Over the next few years, as the tools to create them become more accessible and easier to use, programmatic will become a more user-friendly platform.... more

Stop DIYing Your Data Cleansing (Do This Instead)

Lisa Callahan | Summary Data management isn't for the faint of heart — or depleted of resources.Truth be told, you can't DIY a data-driven marketing strategy. You can't survive on a makeshift infrastructure or rely on half-baked insights.But you can hire someone... more

Girls Who Code + Capterra partner up for betterment of STEM

Lisa Callahan | If you haven't yet heard about Girls Who Code , it's essentially an educational program for girls in the U.S. who are interested in coding as a future career. So, Capterra actually partnered up with them at the end of last year as a type of corpor... more

Programmatic Advertising: A Modern Marketer's Definitive Guide

Ashley Kaczmar | Programmatic advertising is the buying of digital ad space using software. Programmatic advertising is considered more efficient.... more

IBM and Webgains are partnering up to make advertising smarter

John Shieldsmith | IBM and Webgains recently announced that they're partnering up to make advertising smarter and more efficient. More specifically, their end goal is to create products and APIs that help online retailers place ads in more effective spots, and have m... more

They Grow Up So Fast: Why Martech is Ready for Its Own Department

Sara Sousa | With the martech landscape expanding, we must also expand. This could mean a separate martech department for some companies. ... more

Are Media Agencies in the Past for Digital Advertising?

Ashley Kaczmar | The world is programmatic. And this is a tricky thing for media agencies. It's hard to tell what their future looks like. Read on to find out more. ... more

Stop, Dropship and Roll: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started with Dropshipping

Lisa Callahan | Summary The philosophy behind ecommerce pertains to one thing and one thing only: convenience.It should come as no surprise, then, that the shipping of products is of utmost importance to ecommerce marketers. If making things quick and easy for cus... more

The Fantastic Five Sales Techniques

Madeleine Helme | We all want to know the best way to get things done. Mastering these 5 sales techniques will have you meeting your quota every time.... more

Paper or Plastic: Choosing Topical or Evergreen Content

John Shieldsmith | Do you go with topical content that's trending? Or do you shoot for consistency and stick with evergreen content? They each have their uses.... more

Fantastic Bots and Where to Find Them: Myths of AI

Lisa Callahan | Learn the truth behind the many myths of AI in this article from Albert Or Shani of VentureBeat. Trust us: Bots aren't as scary as they seem.... more

Data in Martech: How the Future Depends Upon Our Past

Lisa Callahan | Summary History repeats itself, as they say.Just as bell sleeves and choker necklaces came back in style, no trend in martech really ceases to exist. It might step away from the limelight for a bit, or undergo some small changes. But each new pract... more

Expert Opinion: Native Advertising featuring Ryan Steelberg

Ryan Steelberg | Read up on what native advertising expert, Ryan Steelberg, foresees will happen as native advertising technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Expert Opinion: Social Advertising featuring Stefanie Rosenfield

Stefanie Rosenfield | Each brand’s social advertising strategy is different than the rest. In this article, Stefanie Rosenfield shares top tips for social advertising success.... more

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mijie sen | Zhejiang Chenfeng Technology CORP., LTD. (formerly Zhejiang Chenfeng Lamp CORP., LTD), the world-famous tide Holy Land - Zhejiang Haining Yanguan town. After years of development, now we have Jiangxi Chenhang Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang... more

Creative Agile Tactics From Steve Burge

Steve Burge | What are your most creative agile tactics for marketing success? Check out what martech practitioner Steve Burge had to say.... more

3 Steps to Improve ROI with Marketing Analytics

Trent Jonas | Put these steps into practice, track the metrics that matter, and show the CEO (and budget) how marketing analytics can impact ROI for the better.... more

Elastic Grid respects the power of workplace culture. Do you?

John Shieldsmith | Elastic Grid talks the importance of workplace culture in this article . They're not alone either. Startups everywhere list fridges stocked with beer or regular playdates as reasons to work at their company. What do you think defines a good workpl... more

Interstitial Advertising

What is interstitial advertising? Interstitial ads are ads that pop up as fullscreen while a web page is loading, or while moving between two pieces of content. They usually have an "x" button to press out of them, or only stay on screen f... more

Diagnostic Analytics: The Marketer's Magnifying Glass

Lisa Callahan | In this article from eConsultancy, Jeff Rajeck deep dives into the use of diagnostic analytics to solve your deepest, darkest martech predicaments.... more

Content Management Systems (CMS): Your Need-to-Know, Vendor-Agnostic, and Comprehensive Guide

Lisa Callahan | What does the future hold for CMS and web experience management? Get a glimpse with predictions from these martech experts, influencers and practitioners.... more

Stealth Marketing: The Art of Content Marketing

John Shieldsmith | Content marketing is all the rage right now. But how do you go about breaking into this huge market? Start with this guide.... more

Spredfast announces special guest for Smart Social Summit conference in October

Ashley Kaczmar | Michelle Obama was just announced as a guest for the Smart Social Summit conference.   What do you look forward to hearing her discuss?... more

Women You Need to Know in Martech: Stefanie Grieser

Stefanie Grieser | MarTechExec is celebrating the dedication, strength and innovative thinking of 50 amazing women in martech. Show your support by sharing their stories.... more

If You Can't Beat 'Em Don't Join 'Em Customize Your Martech Instead

Sara Sousa | Summary With the ad tech and martech landscapes becoming increasingly crowded, your options become overwhelming. One way to solve that problem is by customizing your solutions.Not convinced? Michal Wlosik explains the benefits of building custom ad... more