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The Changing Landscape: Martech Innovations to Watch

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In the Martech Landscape How Valuable of a Provider Are You?

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What does the future hold for the MarTech landscape? Hear what the experts have to say.

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Warning: Overcrowding in the Martech Landscape and How to Deal

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Navigating the Martech Landscape: An Expert's Perspective

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Making Sense of the MarTech Landscape: Vendor Analysis Tips

Lisa Callahan | TL;DR Definition: Vendor analysis helps a business choose a supplier, or vendor, to buy from. It involves looking at costs, quality and the features of each vendor's offer. As a result, the business is able to pick the vendor that best meets its n... more

Data scientists are the star athletes of the martech landscape

Lisa Callahan | Well, times have definitely changed. It's crazy to think about, but BlueVenn put out a study recently and found that data scientists are basically the new cool kids on the block. 72% of the marketing pros they interviewed said they wanted to buff up... more

Martech landscape shrinking?

Lisa Callahan | A study from MarTech Advisor was referenced recently in an article from Tech Crunch. To summarize, the article talked about how vast the martech landscape is, and explains that's why it "developed its own nickname" of martech. Right after... more

Introducing the One, the Only Blockchain Marketing Technology Landscape

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Women You Need to Know in Martech: Kelly Jo Sands

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Helping the Customer Win: The Convergence of Martech and Adtech

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Are Martech and Adtech Two Side of the Same Coin?

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MarTech and the Modern Marketer: How Tech Creates New Opportunities

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This Year in Martech: The Biggest Trends of 2017

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The Essentials: 5 Must-Follow Martech Trends

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Turns Out Even Martech is About Balance

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Women You Need to Know in Martech: Valerie Vallancourt

Valerie Vallancourt | MarTechExec is celebrating the dedication, strength and innovative thinking of 50 amazing women in martech. Show your support by sharing their stories.... more

Women You Need to Know in Martech: Andrea Lechner-Becker

Andrea Lechner-Becker | MarTechExec is celebrating the dedication, strength and innovative thinking of 50 amazing women in martech. Show your support by sharing their stories.... more

The Time is Now for Marketing Operations and MarTech

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Let Martech Be Your B2B Event Planner

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Got a Gig: How Freelancers Are Changing Martech

Hailee Franco | Summary A 2016 study from Paychex revealed that from 2000-2014, the freelance economy expanded by over 500%, with the sharpest uptick occurring around the time of the recession. Alice Watson Gone are the days when you were forced into an office e... more

CMOs Need to Master These Five MarTech Trends for 2018

Sara Sousa | Summary It's time to start strategizing for 2018, but with the amount of martech tools that have popped up this year alone, the task can seem daunting.Jim Yu helps you prioritize with these five martech trends CMOs need to master for 2018. Who Sho... more

Stay Ahead of These Martech Trends to Stay Ahead of the Competition

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Roundin' Up All the Martech Trends You Need to Know for 2018

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There Are Even Trends for Martech Budgets but They Have Implications

Sara Sousa | Martech budget trends could have impacts on data in 2018, and it's important to be informed if you want to stay ahead. ... more

Data in Martech: How the Future Depends Upon Our Past

Lisa Callahan | Summary History repeats itself, as they say.Just as bell sleeves and choker necklaces came back in style, no trend in martech really ceases to exist. It might step away from the limelight for a bit, or undergo some small changes. But each new pract... more

Going Up, Up and Away! Martech Use is Soaring in the US and UK

Sara Sousa | The research indicates that martech use in the US and UK is set to grow by 10% over the next year. In order to keep up, consolidation and diversity will be key. ... more

Bop It, Twist It, Stack It: Handling Your Martech Stack

John Shieldsmith | You finally perfected your martech stack. It's good now, right? Actually, you will have to update it. Let's make sure your martech stack is optimized.... more

Martech Consolidation vs Diversification: Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

Sara Sousa | Summary The martech landscape is as vibrant ever, but will all these new solutions trying to navigate uncharted territory, we start to wonder if marketing technology will consolidate.Scott Brinker explains his thoughts on the future of the martech... more

You Better Catch Up and Keep Up With Martech

Sara Sousa | Marketers can strengthen their positions and companies by making an effort to understand and keep up with martech. ... more

Women You Need to Know in Martech: Brandi Starr

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Everyone Loves Humor Even When it Comes to AI and Martech

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Women You Need to Know in Martech: Aleksandra Injac

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Taking a Deep Dive into Deep Learning and Martech

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The 3 Musketeers Here to Save the Day: Sales, ROI, and Martech

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Martech is Like a Chiropractor for Sales and Marketing Alignment

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Openprise's CEO, Ed King, weighs in on several major martech trends.

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Death by MarTech Silo and How to Prevent It

Hailee Franco | It is easy to take a siloed approach to martech, but doing so may be slowly killing your business. Find out how to prevent death by martech silo here.... more

Why Understanding Martech Can Make or Break Your Career

Hailee Franco | Summary Technology is now pivotal to the marketer’s trade – and has been for some time. And marketers that understand the software and systems available to them (and how they’re continuously evolving) put their companies and careers in a mu... more

Think You Have the Skills and Traits Needed to Succeed in Martech?

Sara Sousa | As times change we must also change. Martech skills require marketers to tap into both the left brain and right brain. Find out why here.... more