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Martech landscape shrinking?

Lisa Callahan | A study from MarTech Advisor was referenced recently in an article from Tech Crunch. To summarize, the article talked about how vast the martech landscape is, and explains that's why it "developed its own nickname" of martech. Right after... more

Navigating the Martech Landscape: An Expert's Perspective

Hailee Franco | Are you ready to make sense of the landscape that is marketing technology? If so check out Jenn Chick's article, for navigating the martech mess.... more

In the Martech Landscape How Valuable of a Provider Are You?

Hailee Franco | After what Scott Vaughan calls "martech event season" we now know what the experts say are the most important traits of a provider in the martech landscape.... more

Making Sense of the MarTech Landscape: Vendor Analysis Tips

Lisa Callahan | TL;DR Definition: Vendor analysis helps a business choose a supplier, or vendor, to buy from. It involves looking at costs, quality and the features of each vendor's offer. As a result, the business is able to pick the vendor that best meets its n... more

Data scientists are the star athletes of the martech landscape

Lisa Callahan | Well, times have definitely changed. It's crazy to think about, but BlueVenn put out a study recently and found that data scientists are basically the new cool kids on the block. 72% of the marketing pros they interviewed said they wanted to buff up... more

What does the future hold for the MarTech landscape? Hear what the experts have to say.

Lana Moore | The marketing landscape is changing at an incredible pace. To get a better idea of the future, see where the experts weigh-in.... more
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Brandoint CEO discusses martech in interview

Hailee Franco | It seems like everyone these days has an opinion about martech. But which opinions should you listen to?  What about the ones from those working in the field! Brandpoint CEO Scott Severson sat down for an interview where... more

This Year in Martech: The Biggest Trends of 2017

Hailee Franco | The Kardashian, Paleo Diets, and Martech. What do they all have in common? They are trendy. So what are the biggest trends for martech in 2017? Find out!... more

The Essentials: 5 Must-Follow Martech Trends

Hailee Franco | The heart of a business should be tech. Are you using it enough? If not check out these martech trends to see what you need to add to your stack today.... more

Brandmuscle's acquisition of Saepio - a sneak preview of martech's future?

John Shieldsmith | In Scott Brinker's most recent martech landscape count , there are more than 5,000 martech solutions. This has many asking if martech companies will be forced to consolidate.  Last year, Brandmuscle acquired Saepio MarketPort coul... more

Bop It, Twist It, Stack It: Handling Your Martech Stack

John Shieldsmith | You finally perfected your martech stack. It's good now, right? Actually, you will have to update it. Let's make sure your martech stack is optimized.... more

Co-founder and CMO of SugarCRM talks martech

Ashley Kaczmar | As someone who works in marketing technology, I'm always looking to hear what experts in the field think about the industry and its future.  This interview with Clint Oram, co-founder and CMO of SugarCRM, has great insight into just that.... more

Death by MarTech Silo and How to Prevent It

Hailee Franco | It is easy to take a siloed approach to martech, but doing so may be slowly killing your business. Find out how to prevent death by martech silo here.... more

Helping the Customer Win: The Convergence of Martech and Adtech

Hailee Franco | The convergence of martech and adtech has many benefits for business, the biggest being helping you improve your customer experience. Find out now.... more

Are Martech and Adtech Two Side of the Same Coin?

Hailee Franco | Are martech and adtech distinct or just two sides of the same coin?" Experts everywhere share differing opinions on the topic. Find out what they are.... more

MarTech and the Modern Marketer: How Tech Creates New Opportunities

Hailee Franco | What was once considered to be mostly a creative field, has changed dramatically due to technology. Find out how martech is changing the modern marketer.... more

Openprise's CEO, Ed King, weighs in on several major martech trends.

John Shieldsmith | Ed King tackles numerous martech trends in this interview . But, one thing really stuck out to me: He thinks AI and deep learning are overrated.  With seemingly every marketer flipping out over these technologies, do you think he's on the... more

BoldGrid works on top of WordPress to make it easier. A martech sandwich?

John Shieldsmith | WordPress, the CMS that everyone has heard of, is known by many as an accessible way to break into website building. But, BoldGrid decided to make it even easier and more customizable. The end result is their solution, which works on top of the Wor... more

Moltin-powered ReactJS makes waves in e-commerce, and hints at martech's future?

John Shieldsmith | Earlier this year, ReactJS was announced . This Moltin-powered framework lets users build e-commerce stores with ease. Think of it as the WordPress of e-commerce.  While the platform itself is worth a head turn, I couldn't help but think a... more

X Marks the Spot for Ad Escape Routes in Display Advertising

Madeleine Helme | Offering easy ad escape routes lends to the user experience and minimizes the disruption caused by your ads. Don't let your ad earn you a bad reputation.... more
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IBM and Webgains are partnering up to make advertising smarter

John Shieldsmith | IBM and Webgains recently announced that they're partnering up to make advertising smarter and more efficient. More specifically, their end goal is to create products and APIs that help online retailers place ads in more effective spots, and have m... more

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

What is Hypertext Markup Language? HTML also know as Hypertext Markup Language is the language of the Web. HTML code sits behind any webpage you see. It includes markup that tells your browser things like which words consist of links and w... more

A Path to Success: Using Tech to Leverage Marketing Trends

Hailee Franco | When it comes to marketing trends challenges are sure to come up, but technology will always be there to help overcome them. Find out how.... more

How Influencer Marketing Trends Will Influence Brands

Ashley Kaczmar | Influencer marketing has changed a lot over the years. Of course, like anything, it will continue to see some changes. Let's explore the latest trends.... more

Hands-Free Marketing: Mastering Marketing Automation

John Shieldsmith | Marketing has so many moving pieces that sometimes it's hard to focus on, well, marketing. Master marketing automation and focus on what matters: marketing.... more

The Consumer Demands Shaping Mobile Marketing

Ashley Kaczmar | In this article, Jason Spero steps in to make sure you're aware of the most important consumer behaviors shaping mobile marketing today.... more

Understanding Analytics in Non-Technical Terms

Madeleine Helme | Understanding the analytics your business collects could spur your performance to soar, and you don't have to be a technical genius to achieve this.... more

SMEs and the Current State of Marketing Technology

Hailee Franco | Find out the current state of marketing technology and how it helps small businesses meet their goals in this article from Dan Newman.... more

Content Marketing: Scale It, Maintain It

John Shieldsmith | Is your content marketing getting treated like a one-and-done tactic? It should be ongoing. It's time to scale your content marketing strategy.... more

Be Less Technical and More Practical With E-Commerce Optimization

Madeleine Helme | There's more to a business than just the website. It's time to drop the impersonal nature of online shopping with a few tips on e-commerce optimization.... more

BuySellAds finds a new partnership

Ashley Kaczmar | BuySellAds recently teamed up with SitePoint to help advertisers reach more web creators. How do you think their strengths will benefit each other?... more

Facebook Markup Language

What is Facebook Markup Language? Facebook Markup Language (FBML) is a markup language unique to Facebook. Markup languages are used to customize the look of the applications that developers create. It is a subset of HTML. On Facebook, it lets page... more

Extensible Markup Language (XML)

What is Extensible Markup Language (XML)? Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a universal form of data sharing. It uses tags defined by the user. When sharing XML, users also share an explanation of their tags, called document type definiti... more

Venture capitalists swoon over U.S. startups

Lisa Callahan | So according to CrunchBase , VCs and putting more and more money into startups this year. And they also say it's only going to increase.  They're estimating that startups in the U.S. have raised over $22 billion... just in the second quart... more

Are smart businesses becoming insight- and pattern-driven entities

Hailee Franco | This past year we have seen huge moves in big business. The latest being Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods.  And as these large corps go for world dominance, small businesses are forced to find ways to work smarter. This means using the... more

How a Tag Management System Works and Why it's a Smart Investment

John Shieldsmith | Whether you’re tagging tens of thousands of pages, or simply ten, a tag management system can help you stay agile and stay ahead.... more

2017 Influencer Marketing Trends

Kathi Furman | Don’t miss out on the benefits, pay attention to these influencer marketing trends in 2017 and find your own influencer voice.... more

What trends could reshape content marketing? Find out what the experts say.

Lana Moore | It’s impossible to predict without fail what the future holds. But, to get a better idea of what's next for content marketing, we asked the experts.... more