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Making the Most of Marketing Attribution

Lisa Callahan | Marketing attribution allows you to follow in your customers’ footsteps.  It details their journey from Point A to Point B to Point C and beyond.... more

Collect Tons of Live Event Data with These Social Media Tools

Lisa Callahan | Summary Online and offline marketing are no longer separate entities.Now, thanks to martech, we can seamlessly connect online and offline data to paint a complete picture of our marketing performance.In this article, Mary C. Long from Adweek expla... more

Have a Holly Jolly Analytics Report by Tracking These Holiday Benchmarks

Lisa Callahan | Summary Don't think that the infectious joy of the holiday season is enough to bring the customers swimming in.It's true — The holiday season is a feeding frenzy for customers far and wide. But it's this fact that makes business competition so ha... more

The Martech Newbie's Guide to Implementing Big Data

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Philip Piletic from Single Grain Digital Marketing describes how to start using big data analytics to bump up your marketing efforts.... more

Labors of Love: Embracing AI at Work

Lisa Callahan | In this article, Gini Dietrich from SpinSucks explains why we should look forward to the changes AI will bring -- not fear them.... more

Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Modeling: An Introduction

Madeleine Helme | There are multiple multi-touch attribution models that you could use. These are some of the most common.... more

Maintaining Accurate Marketing Attribution

John Shieldsmith | It’s far from a science, and it can be messy, but over time you will be able to know why people are converting with accurate marketing attribution.... more

Marketing Attribution: Last-Touch Should Be a Last Resort

John Shieldsmith | Knowing what marketing channels drove your campaign’s success the first time gives you the power to recreate that success in your next campaign.... more

Computing and Kumbaya: Big Data as a Force for Good

Lisa Callahan | New to big data and business intelligence? Read this article for a fresh take on the influence of the big data field -- as told by one of its top experts.... more

Need for Speed: Why Time is Money with Data Queries

Lisa Callahan | Summary Why is the first SERP the most hallowed SERP? Because we all love convenience.One press of the "easy button" and – zap! We get the exact answer we're looking for, without hardly even needing to scroll. Instant gratification.In this articl... more

Money See, Money Do: Taking Direction from Big Data Champs

Lisa Callahan | Summary Big data is a $150 billion industry, according to some estimates. But how much of that money goes down the drain?Save yourself some unnecessary despair, won't ya?In this article, Clint Boulton describes how top CIOs are succeeding with big... more

In Modern Martech, the Early Analyst Gets the Worm

Lisa Callahan | Summary If modern martech is a bird, then traditional marketing analytics is a worm. And you know the fate of that pair isn't pretty.Analytics tool of years' past can't even compare to the tools we work with now. Yet, research shows that many mark... more

Allocadia says most data-driven marketing is immature at best

Lisa Callahan | I wanted to share some of the stats I came across from Allocadia's 2017 Marketing Performance Maturity Study (say that five times fast). Here are a few in particular that caught my attention: Only 8% of businesses keep marketing, sales and finan... more

Thank you, Absolutdata cofounder, for embracing AI

Lisa Callahan | One of the co-founders of Absolutdata, Suhale Kapoor , said some pretty neat things about AI recently during an interview with Hindu Business Online. Considering how much AI fear-mongering I read day in and day out, it's nice to find a martech lead... more

Last-click attribution = not evil after all?

Lisa Callahan | I love love love when businesses have quality blogs. AdTriba covered some of the myths people believe about attribution modeling (I topic I actually cover).  There's an especially interesting part that talks about retargeting/remarketing... more


Leon Miltiadous | Great read. I think AI has a important role in today's business industry. It would be interesting to see what others think about this. As a business owner I am looking to incorporate 21st century platforms into my business. ... more

6 KPIs to Track for Startup Success

Tim Ziegler | Want to win? Want your startup or new product to succeed? Of course, you do so how do you ensure startup success? Find out in this article from Kiran Patel.... more

Learn from the Best: How Companies Are Using Marketing Analytics

John Shieldsmith | Modern marketing analytics has led to an overwhelming amount of new possibilities for marketing and has changed the playing field as we know it.... more

3 Steps to Improve ROI with Marketing Analytics

Trent Jonas | Put these steps into practice, track the metrics that matter, and show the CEO (and budget) how marketing analytics can impact ROI for the better.... more

Marketing KPIs: Key Performance Indicators that Measure Marketing Performance

Madeleine Helme | There are dozens of marketing KPIs that might be important to your business, and which ones you should focus on will depend on your priorities and goals.... more

How Data Resurrected Retail Marketing

Lisa Callahan | If you work in a brick-and-mortar retail store or in retail marketing, this is for you. Read to learn why data is faring so well on the retail floor.... more

Analytics vs Insights: Why the Two Aren't Created Equal

Hailee Franco | So you want to know how your Facebook page is doing. So where do you go? Learn more about analytics vs insights in this article.... more

Stats on Stats on Stats: Layering a Solid Martech Stack

Lisa Callahan | A great martech stack is only as good as its weakest program. Time spent choosing the right programs is just as important as the time spent using them.... more

Google Analytics Behavior Data: A Marketing Goldmine

Lisa Callahan | When it comes to Google Analytics, it's the Behavior section that often breaks the bond of an otherwise sound set of data insights.... more

Your Data Could Be What You Need to Pass the Test

Madeleine Helme | Using data-driven analytics to support your A/B tests could help you get more out of them, and this article shows you how.... more

Peeking Behind the Curtain of Marketing Performance

Lisa Callahan | Check out the results from the 2017 Marketing Performance Benchmarks and Trends. Where do you fall among the competition?... more
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Markov model vs. Shapley Value | Windsor Data Service

Laura Wyss | We are receiving quite many questions concerning the differences between the markov model and shapley value data driven attribution models . So I thought we would cover the main differences in a blog post. Regarding the sophisticated models the ques... more

Which marketing attribution tool has the best dashboard?

Laura Wyss | The definition of best varies from user to user. According to me, the best dashboard would be the one that can provide information in simple and easy to understand way, and also with the user-friendly user interface. There are various online attribu... more

What is a conversion attribution model in online advertising?

Laura Wyss | Conversion attribution modeling in online advertising helps to compute ROI for every touch-point, be it a first touch or last touch point. This is very helpful because it will help you to optimize every touch-point consequently. It will help in dete... more

What is Customer Data Integration?

Laura Wyss | The process of combining and managing customer information from available sources is called as “ customer data integration ”. This information includes contact details, customer valuation data, and information gathered through in... more

Which latest ETL tools for data integration have promising future?

Laura Wyss | There are many tools in the market and with great features/abilities. My personal preferences are: • Alooma: Alooma allows data teams to have visibility, and manage the data. It brings data from your various data structures to your data st... more

What is the best multi-touch attribution model?

Laura Wyss | Multi-touch attribution techniques are becoming increasingly prominent in the world of marketing. Still, most of the marketers are still not harnessing their data to truly capitalize on the opportunities it can offer in the long run. Also, today mod... more

Is Data Integration really dead?

Laura Wyss | In this time of technological advancements, the analytics vendors are tapping off features that used to be specific to the integration providers alone. This makes us question if data integration is dead. The reality is that, the traditional way of... more

Understand how different marketing channels are working together for your business

Laura Wyss | Employing different marketing channels in order to drive sales and conversions is not the only thing essential for your business to grow. Tracking them is more important than employing them into business. With attribution modelling statistics , you... more

Why is it better to use open source data integration solutions?

Laura Wyss | A comprehensive set of data integration tools offers data extraction from a variety of sources while cleansing and transforming the data into calculative figures. The data is further loaded into a destination database and then delivering it to the f... more

Why is it better to use open source data integration solutions?

Laura Wyss | A comprehensive set of data integration tools offers data extraction from a variety of sources while cleansing and transforming the data into calculative figures. The data is further loaded into a destination database and then delivering it to the f... more

What is big data integration?

Laura Wyss | The big data integration tools are one of the key operational challenges in front of the IT giants today. IT enterprises may lack in their skill sets, workload and the budget, in order to manage the data requirements by the users. A genuine value f... more

What is a data driven attribution modeling?

Laura Wyss | A data-driven attribution modeling uses the conversion data specified on the reports as a key for calculating the actual contribution done by every keyword across the conversion path. There is a specific advertiser for every data-driven attribution... more

What is the use of attribution modeling Google analytics?

Laura Wyss | An attribution model can help in determining the paths and patterns of credit for sales and conversions being assigned to touch points in the conversion paths. In Google Analytics, we don’t have a single model when it comes to attribution... more

Data integration for best quality data at the fingertips

Laura Wyss | Sound data integration enables its users to ingest, cleanse and prepare from diverse data which is available from abundant sources. With good visuals including data tables, spreadsheets, and other data integrations tools , it helps in eliminating th... more