Lead Management

What is Lead Management? Lead management is the practice of finding, attaining, and building relationships with leads. This is often done using management programs and campaigns. Lead scoring is a large part of this practice and involves the ranki... more

Lean Management

What is Lean Management? Lean Management is a methodology that focuses on small, incremental steps. Using the lean style, companies focus on each step in a process. As a result, businesses can cut out any process that doesn't add value. ... more

Yield Management

What is yield management? Yield management is the process of making adjustments to influence advertiser and consumer behavior in order to maximize profits. These adjustments include better selling, pricing, packaging, and inventory management.... more

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is customer relationship management? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a mix of the strategies, technology, and practices that manage and analyze customer interactions. Then, it collects all the data a provided by a customer to a busine... more

Content Management System (CMS)

What is a content management system? A Content Management System  also know as a CMS is a platform that creates, modifies, and manages online content. Usually, a CMS maintains a site made up of multiple users with a varying level of permis... more

Talent Management

What is talent management? Talent management  helps businesses create and keep talented teams. This involves activities such as recruiting and employee development. Because it prioritizes personal growth, talent management is a continuous proc... more

Web Experience Management (WEM)

What is Web Experience Management? Web experience management , or WEM,   is the process of managing a user's experience as they navigate a website. This process includes looking at how easy it is to navigate different part... more

Product Management

What is Product Management? When you're building online systems or software of any kind, product management is the big picture. It starts by determining the business goals - what does the business want to accomplish? - which turn into requirements f... more

Tag Management

What is a tag management? Tag management is the process of editing short pieces of website code, or "tags." This helps a business to edit many tags at once in a short amount of time. Proper tag management leads to better websit... more

Agile Management

What is Agile Management? Agile Management is a framework for managing teams and projects effectively and efficiently using principles borrowed from agile software development. Due to agile management being like agile development, teams focus on fas... more

Workflow Management System

What is a Workflow Management System? A  workflow management system also known as WfMS acts as the infrastructure that allows for the monitoring and set-up of any workflow defined within a workflow application. Businesses use WfMS for people a... more

Marketing Resource Management (MRM)

What is Marketing Resource Management? Marketing resource management also known as MRM  is the infrastructure needed to perform marketing operations management. MRM generally involves tools that businesses use for planning, designing, or produ... more

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

What is Digital Asset Management? Digital asset management also known as DAM , is the process of storing and organizing digital files. Businesses use DAM platforms to store photos, videos, graphics, and other rich media. Using digital asset ma... more

Data Management Platform (DMP)

What is a Data Management Platform? A data management platform  also known as a DMP is a type of software that brings together data from multiple sources. It collects first and third-party data on your audience and provides an analysis of this... more

Call Management

What is call management? Call Management is the business process of creating rules and conditions for routing inbound calls. Call management uses features like IVR Menus,  Call Queues,  Hunt Groups, and Recorded Announcements.... more

Martech landscape shrinking?

Lisa Callahan | A study from MarTech Advisor was referenced recently in an article from Tech Crunch. To summarize, the article talked about how vast the martech landscape is, and explains that's why it "developed its own nickname" of martech. Right after... more

Hacker attribution sounds a lot like marketing attribution

Lisa Callahan | Avivah Litan works at Gartner in their cybersecurity department. She had an interview with the Information Security Media Group and talked about things like malware, hackers and cybercrime (Anyone seen the documentary Deep Web? It's really cool, I... more

Are leaders fearless or simply courageous?

Lisa Callahan | Sandeep Kashyap , the CEO of ProofHub, talked about time management best practices in an article on Your Story. He also just talks about leadership in general, and what makes a "great leader" a great leader. He wrote something that stood... more

"The goal is to create technology that just delivers a simple value"

Lisa Callahan | Ross Mayfield, you Silicon Valley master, you. Did you guys know that besides being CEO of PingPad, he also helped LinkedIn acquire Slideshare? And a few other "serial entrepreneur" stunts, as you can read more about here . Well, he talke... more

People at SXSW try to guess what Moxtra does

Lisa Callahan | If you didn't know about SXSW... well... shame shame. It's a huge festival held here in Austin once a year. It's mostly known for music, but it also has a huge appeal to business people, tech founders, etc. because of its Interactive portion. There... more

Gridle CEO says SaaS customers have five faces

Lisa Callahan | Yash Shah , who is founder and CEO of Gridle, said some stuff about SaaS customers that really helped nail down the concept for me. He said that "a potential SaaS customer may showcase five traits, namely, “No need, no money... more

Dzone wants us all to just get along (As if, right?)

Lisa Callahan | As social of creatures as we humans are, it's amazing that collaborating together in any sort of environment is always a challenge. If you think about, it's kinda funny. We're meant to work together, yet we can't work together. It's a topic that D... more

TallyFox talks with Dr. David Griffiths, a man who knows his unicorns

Lisa Callahan | Tally Fox did a pretty neat interview with Dr. David Griffiths , who's known around the world as being one of the best people in the knowledge management field (He actually has a PhD in it). Here is a pretty funny and also pretty true quote from Da... more

Online Marketing can be Done on Budget

Peggy Francoeur | What was said here is true, to market a service or business it's not necessary to have a huge marketing budget. There are several ways to do this online without having much of a budget at all. The tips outlined here are very true. Blogging, soc... more

Motivation and morale in the workforce

Gregory Samsa | There's no doubt that motivation and morale are some of the key driving forces behind employee performance in the workforce today. Managing talent has as much to do with finding the right talent for the right job as keeping the talent satisfied and... more


Scott Willis |   There are good tips here for both the employee and the employer. The fact that only 35% of those applying or interviewing for a job are qualified for it was a surprising statistic to me. Another important tip was to ask questions about th... more


Scott Willis |   I found this to be an interesting article. I also found it interesting that productivity has been down since the financial crisis. It makes one wonder if maybe peoples spirits are down? But a tighter job market and higher wages can help t... more

Sococo is yet another symbol of our changing workforce

Lisa Callahan | I read the transcript of a podcast with Sara Sutton , who created a site specifically to help companies find remote work. The interview is basically about how to stay up to speed when you have remote team members. She mentioned a few tools she perso... more

B2B vendors and buyers don't see eye-to-eye

Lisa Callahan | A few months back, TrustRadius released a study they did regarding B2B tech buyers and the vendors they buy from. They specifically wanted to find out if there was a "disconnect" between the two -- as far as how things are communicated, w... more

Getting the Best Vendors

Lee Hargrave | It is crucial for a business to have the right vendors.  Vendors that can easily be ordered from, and easily deliver what you order.  Some vendors charge for delivery and some don't especially if you have X amount of sales volume.... more

Power Virtual Cultures

Lee Hargrave | Netflix is one example of a company that utilizes a virtual culture to its advantage.  Hastings (the CEO) doesn't require 8 hour days nor does he give vacation days.  He believes in being honest (one of the company policies) and wo... more

Trello acquired by Atlassian

Lisa Callahan | Atlassian snagged Trello toward the end of last year, and TechCrunch did a piece about how it all went down . I can't help but look at business acquisitions as someone adopting a pet. The adopter usually only gets a pass from the adoption center if... more

Women power!

Rebs Amazon | I found it empowering that one of the major messages of this post/article was that successful businesswomen are those that break free of the self-doubting, self-loathing image. Women can be powerful! Women ARE powerful. It's time to have confidence... more

Reaching out to others for help

Rebs Amazon | I'm curious whether it is wise to look upon past vendor relationships in order to make an educated decision when selecting a vendor. Obviously you want to look at business ratings, but how does everyone feel about reaching out directly to past clien... more

Less is more... at least, Microsoft says so

Lisa Callahan | So a bunch of engineers at Microsoft decided they wanted to change up their office layout. They went from 5 buildings down to 4, and they partenered with a corporate real estate company to strategize the whole thing. Seems based on this article tha... more

Recruiterbox founders admit life isn't a fairytale

Lisa Callahan | Inc magazine did a spotlight piece on the founders of Recruiterbox in April. It was actually a really refreshing thing to read. It opens with one of the founders saying he wishes he had a "sexy" story for how their biz got up and running,... more

Sure, let's talk about your application over tacos

Lisa Callahan | ...said no one ever... until Chipotle came along. So even though I'm much more interested in how they train people to wrap burritos, and not the entire hiring process, I think I kind of owe it to them to learn about it. These are the people who pu... more

If you're in a C-suite, you're basically a pro juggler

Lisa Callahan | Every time the weekend comes, I always tell myself I need just ONE more day. People would really function better with three-day weekends. One day for fun. One day for chores. One for blissful couch potato-ing. I can't even imagine how people juggle... more

Gen Y sucks at holding down jobs? Whaaat?

Lisa Callahan | From a completely objective standpoint, it's important that we all have a basic idea of the state of the American workforce, don't you think? Well, I think so. I might be the only one who geeks out about stats, but whatevs. I'm cool with that. I wa... more

Switching vendors

Mia Kristensen | So true. People get so caught up in the sunk cost fallacy and not wanting to deal with picking new vendors, and of course it's true that you know what you have but not what you get... one bird in the hand, and so on. But so often we let it go on far... more