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Machine Learning

What is machine learning? Machine learning is a function of artificial intelligence that teaches software to adapt to change. These software programs look for trends in data in order to predict events. In marketing, machine lea... more

Differentiating Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Mining

Trent Jonas | In order to master data science as a whole, you need (at least) a working knowledge of the interplay between statistics, machine learning, and data science.... more

How AI Works: A Visual Guide to Machine Learning

Tim Ziegler | AI and machine learning are all the rage. Here's a great introduction to how it works, with specific examples that include clear visual illustrations.... more

What the Heck is Machine Learning, Anyway?

Lisa Callahan | AI is becoming a big part of marketing. If you're struggling to make sense of AI's machine learning component, this article is a great place to start.... more

How Machine Learning Can Help Product Managers

Tim Ziegler | Machine learning is going to change the world and businesses into the future. Find out how it will help product managers in this article from Vishal Sood.... more

How Machine Learning Will Take Over in 2017

Lisa Callahan | Machine learning aims to do more than bloat your bottom line. On a wider and more long-term scale, it will make huge strides in our overall quality of life.... more

How does AI and machine learning impact marketing?

Ashley Kaczmar | The CEO of Acquisio recently did a podcast on this very topic. What do you think of his insights?... more

Step Aside, Siri: Business-Based Machine Learning is Here to Stay

Lisa Callahan | With time, machine learning will expand beyond consumer applications and become an innate feature of data-driven businesses.... more

How Machine Learning Increases Martech's Role in the AI Revolution

Hailee Franco | In martech ML works with AI to create personalization in the form of graphs. So what does this all have to do with the AI revolution? More than you think!... more

How to Become an Agile Marketing Machine

Tim Ziegler | Top brands across industries, from eCornell to Verizon are adopting the nimble and unstoppable approach of agile marketing. Find out why.... more

Mean, Clean, Big Data Machine: Quality Beats Quantity

Lisa Callahan | Any way you slice it, bad data is bad data. No amount of graphing, mapping, or filtering can prove that untrue. Make it shine again with these tips.... more

Learn 'em Good: Scaling Your Sales Coaching

John Shieldsmith | Sales coaching is an essential part of sales success. But it's also hard to get right. Read on to learn about scaling back your coaching.... more

Searching online

karen pink | As a person who rarely uses a PC these days, other than for work and business, I understand the importance of getting the right advertising tools that will be suited to smartphones and tablets. Not all advertisement is geared up to be seen on such a... more

Reaching out to others for help

Rebs Amazon | I'm curious whether it is wise to look upon past vendor relationships in order to make an educated decision when selecting a vendor. Obviously you want to look at business ratings, but how does everyone feel about reaching out directly to past clien... more

Businesspeople can be morning people, too

Lisa Callahan | Thought this was neat -- Quora contributed a post to Forbes that was actually a question originally posted to Quora. It also included a long answer from Paul A. Klipp , who directs UX at Kanbanery. Must be a huge ego-boost to not only get upvotes on... more

Less Yes, More No: Teaching Teams Not to Overcommit

Lisa Callahan | Find out how to treat and prevent overcommitment on your teams. Kander includes tips on prioritizing, seeing warning signs and giving credit where it's due.... more

Death by Deadline: Mourning a Delayed Product Release

Lisa Callahan | Veamly walks us through the five stages of grief that all you Product Managers must face head-on in order to mourn the delay of your product release.... more

Cashing In: Turning Your Email List Into Cash

John Shieldsmith | Email marketing can be a great driver of brand awareness. But with a few tweaks, it can be an excellent driver of revenue. Here's how to get started.... more

Coaching Your Sales Team to the Top of the League

Madeleine Helme | Read on to learn that all you need to plan an effective coaching program is a 5-step assessment of your sales team. Sounds simple enough, right?... more

Living in a Mobile-First World: Reaching the Mobile Generation

Ashley Kaczmar | Creating content for mobile isn't an option anymore. How do you reach this mobile generation? With effective mobile marketing.... more

Aligning Sales and Marketing to Achieve ABM Success

Kathi Furman | Success is only experienced when businesses implement account-based marketing the right way – by aligning sales and marketing departments.... more

Switching vendors

Mia Kristensen | So true. People get so caught up in the sunk cost fallacy and not wanting to deal with picking new vendors, and of course it's true that you know what you have but not what you get... one bird in the hand, and so on. But so often we let it go on far... more

Researching appropriate font for promoting eye catching adve

Devis Michel | An effective advertisement requires extensive research and testing in order to determine what will work best for your product in your particular market. I would like to thank Madeleine Helme for opening up this discussion about various elements... more
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            Thinknear is the leader in location-based and targeted mobile advertising. With 15 years of experience in location services as part of Telenav.... more

Launching a new book

karen pink | I specifically think it is crucial when launching a new book to have an extensive knowledge of good PR. A lot of authors out there are now choosing to self publish, due to the insurmountable obstacles placed in their way by traditional editors and p... more

Verve buys matchinguu

Ashley Kaczmar | "London-based mobile marketing company Verve has acquired German proximity-based push marketing specialist matchinguu." What do you expect to see come from this?... more

Shining a Flashlight on Native Advertising

Ashley Kaczmar | The article is an interview with Casey Wuestefeld. In it, he'll give you a breakdown of what a recent study on ad spend means for you digital marketers.... more
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What is hashing? Hashing is the term advertisers use to describe retrieving items in a database. As a result, companies can match their data sets to someone else's data set without accessing it.... more

Hook, Line, Subscriber: Obtaining and Nurturing Leads

John Shieldsmith | Your newsletter is great. Why aren't people opening it? The answer: you aren't nurturing leads. Read this article to start lead nurturing ASAP!... more

Maintaining Online Reputation by Creating Content

Devis Michel | Due to the increasing popularity of online forums and communities for customers, especially as it pertains to ecommerce, your company's online repuation is more important than ever. The online chatter surrounding your products and/or services a... more

Crafting a presentation that is eye-catching and informative

Gregory Samsa | Presenting data in a way that can be both eye-catching and to the point can be a daunting task no doubt. Often enough presenters will pack way too much information into slides or printouts, leading to the loss of interest from the audience. It is im... more

Financial Planning in a Digital Business World

Bill Gaskill | Planning and budgeting helps companies take a long-term view of goals and finances, but also can meet short-term goals to help them stay on the right path.... more
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Pitching In: Sales Pitch Ideas You Need to Know

Hailee Franco | Do you work in sales? Are you pitches not hitting home plate? Learn some tips for creating the perfect pitch in this article from Rob Starr.... more

Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective Online Trainings

Courtney Raaz | Summary Jim Yupangco argues that predictive learning analytics makes online learning programs more effective at changing job behaviors. This is especially useful for companies that have online training programs, which yield small percentages of pe... more
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            ThingLink technology makes it possible to serve Rich Media content on top of online images. It is based on a javaScript link layer that appears on the image with mouseover. Easy plugins for all major blogging platforms.ThingLink increases image en... more

I Think, Therefore I Am Data: Opinion Mining 101

Lisa Callahan | Opinion mining is the latest and greatest advancement in the data science field. With it, customer opinions are turned into actionable data.... more

Priced to Perfection: Determining Your Business Value

Lisa Callahan | Could you put a price on your skills and expertise if you had to? This CEO says "there's a big difference between cost and value."... more

Finding Your Muse: Tips for Catching Creativity On-Demand

John Shieldsmith | Creativity is a fickle beast. It comes and goes as it pleases. Right? Well, it doesn't have to. Use these tips to find creativity anytime, anywhere.... more