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Live Chat Software Mioot Live Chat Software is a leading Customer Support, chat software software and email solution designed to increase sales, support for business needs.... more

Be a Better Buyer: Tips for Buying Live Chat Software

Kathi Furman | According to Forrester, 44% of respondents believe a live person answering their questions in the middle of a purchase is an important website feature. It is no secret that customers now want answers to their questions instantly. Many marketers... more

Live Chat

Heather Nelson | Live chat is becoming an increasingly popular tool for a variety of different websites but it is espeicially important for websites dealing in ecommerce. Customers want instant feedback during their shopping experience online, just like how it would... more

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Let's Chat: Do You Need Live Chat for Your Business?

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What Elite Marketers Know About Feedback and Chat in 2017

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Ch...Ch...Change: How One Expert is Revamping His Social Channels

Hailee Franco | For a lot of marketers, "change" is a dirty word, like "new software" or "staff meeting." But does it need to be? When it comes to his social channels, no.... more

Questions to Ask When Choosing Sales Tech

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How to Boost E-Commerce Conversion Rates

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What Experts Wish Their Bosses Had Known About Talent Management

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