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Live Chat

What is live chat?Live chat is a web service or software that allows business to communicate with their customers in real time. This feature is typically embedded into the company's website to provide customer and sales support. The business may... more

Live Chat

Heather Nelson | Live chat is becoming an increasingly popular tool for a variety of different websites but it is espeicially important for websites dealing in ecommerce. Customers want instant feedback during their shopping experience online, just like how it would... more

Text vs Live-Chat

Heather Nelson | That is a great topic of discussion. I can see and agree with your advantages and disadvantages. I am personally a fan of texting. It is easy and on the go. But I have used live chat often as a consumer and it is nice to be able to explain and intera... more
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Live Chat Software for websites to boost sales and decrease support costs.... more

Utilize live chat

Niya Dairo | Lots of customers prefer to chat with someone online rather than calling a business, especially if they are already on your website to make a purchase. Any business running a website or mobile app should make a solid investment into the software disc... more
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Live Chat Software Mioot Live Chat Software is a leading Customer Support, chat software software and email solution designed to increase sales, support for business needs.... more
JivoChat - Live Chat for Websites Install Live Chat on your website and turn your visitors into paying customers with JivoChat. Easy setup, 5 agents free!... more

Let's Chat: Do You Need Live Chat for Your Business?

Kathi Furman | Use these pros and cons to determine if live chat can improve your customer satisfaction rates.... more

Middle Ground in E-Commerce Live Chat

Tasha Lower | As a young consumer I am much more comfortable with live chats than calling help lines or call centers. That being said, I am often personally put off by a live chat prompt that is too eye catching or that pops up unprompted. Like a too pushy sales r... more

Be a Better Buyer: Tips for Buying Live Chat Software

Kathi Furman | According to Forrester, 44% of respondents believe a live person answering their questions in the middle of a purchase is an important website feature. It is no secret that customers now want answers to their questions instantly. Many marketers... more