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Let's Chat: Do You Need Live Chat for Your Business?

Kathi Furman | Use these pros and cons to determine if live chat can improve your customer satisfaction rates.... more

Live Chat

What is live chat? Live chat  is a web service or software that allows business to communicate with their customers in real time. This feature is typically embedded into the company's website to provide customer and sales support. The business... more

Why You Need Live Chat Support for Your E-Commerce Site

Madeleine Helme | Live chat tools offer e-commerce sites a number of benefits. Read on to discover why you need live chat support for your e-commerce site.... more

Be a Better Buyer: Tips for Buying Live Chat Software

Kathi Furman | Customers want answers to their questions instantly. So many marketers are buying live chat software to make this happen. So how do you pick the right one?... more

Texting vs. Live Chat: Which is the Best Choice for Customer Communication?

Kathi Furman | Texting and live chat are strong customer communication techniques for businesses. Deciding which is best depends on which appeals to your customers.... more

Live Chat

Heather Nelson | Live chat is becoming an increasingly popular tool for a variety of different websites but it is espeicially important for websites dealing in ecommerce. Customers want instant feedback during their shopping experience online, just like how it... more

Text vs Live-Chat

Heather Nelson | That is a great topic of discussion. I can see and agree with your advantages and disadvantages. I am personally a fan of texting. It is easy and on the go. But I have used live chat often as a consumer and it is nice to be able to explain and inter... more

Middle Ground in E-Commerce Live Chat

Tasha Lower | As a young consumer I am much more comfortable with live chats than calling help lines or call centers. That being said, I am often personally put off by a live chat prompt that is too eye catching or that pops up unprompted. Like a too pushy sales... more

Utilize live chat

Niya Dairo | Lots of customers prefer to chat with someone online rather than calling a business, especially if they are already on your website to make a purchase. Any business running a website or mobile app should make a solid investment into the softwar... more

Should you integrate your knowledge base with live chat?

Hailee Franco | I use to work for a tech company, one that had an extensive knowledge base filled with tutorials, articles, FAQs and more. But there was just one problem. We did nothing to promote it and it was difficult for our support team to share articles with... more

What a Food Delivery Service Can Teach You About Customer Service

Hailee Franco | One marketer ordered Blue Apron and soon discovered that his company and yours needs to be more like them, especially when it comes to customer service.... more

"The goal is to create technology that just delivers a simple value"

Lisa Callahan | Ross Mayfield, you Silicon Valley master, you. Did you guys know that besides being CEO of PingPad, he also helped LinkedIn acquire Slideshare? And a few other "serial entrepreneur" stunts, as you can read more about here . Well, he talke... more

Chatbots, Native Advertising and the Future

Ashley Kaczmar | Chatbots have been popping up all over. They're the hottest craze in the digital marketing world. They have a lot of potentials that are still undiscovered.... more

City Wide Web: How IoT Will Change Urban Living

Lisa Callahan | From automated public transport to utility monitoring, IoT is making metro areas a lot more high-tech. Talk about street smarts.... more

Using Predictive Analytics in the Retail Supply Chain

Lisa Callahan | Summary Recently, a study from Segment found that nearly 40 percent of consumers surveyed said that they have purchased something more expensive than they originally planned because their experience was personalized. In this article, Michelle Cove... more

Become More Innovative by Learning to Own Change

Courtney Raaz | In this article, Jared Gordon shares strategies for not only spotting change, but for owning change as well.... more

Learn the Churn: Predictive Models that Breed Loyalty

Lisa Callahan | Not every website visitor is a subscriber, and some may never convert to one. These stragglers can send your churn rate skyrocketing.... more

What the Future of DAM Needs to Survive

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary The DAM market has seen some decline in recent years. What used to be a hot market is now drying up due to lack of innovation.In this article, Ralph Windsor will talk about what innovation he thinks DAM needs and how the industry can achiev... more

Four Pervasive Analytics Mistakes that Rookies Make

Lisa Callahan | Until AI can do our thinking for us, we need to look at our analytics with a critical eye. Tom Capper from Moz explains how to interpret them in this post.... more

Create a Budget that Drives Growth

Kathi Furman | As a responsible business owner, you can’t choose a random amount of money for future expenses. There are factors to consider when creating a budget.... more

M-Pressive Trends That Will Alter M-Commerce by 2020

Lisa Callahan | Check out this short article and video from Ingenico to learn more about mobile commerce (m-commerce) and social commerce trends.... more

COPY THAT: Writing Effective Social Media Posts to Spark Engagement

Anna Rachel Rich | Ben Sailer explains how to sharpen your writing chops and satiate consumers with quality copywriting on each social media platform.... more

Prescriptive Analytics in a Nutshell: What, When, How

Lisa Callahan | Summary Prescriptive analytics sounds like an awfully fancy data science practice, doesn't it?Like many other martech buzzwords and phrases, however, it isn't as complex as most make it seem.In this article, Jeff Rajeck from Econsultancy introduces... more

Crafting a presentation that is eye-catching and informative

Gregory Samsa | Presenting data in a way that can be both eye-catching and to the point can be a daunting task no doubt. Often enough presenters will pack way too much information into slides or printouts, leading to the loss of interest from the audience. It is im... more

Neglected Marketing Topics: What Should Universities Teach Students?

Kevin Nelson | There’s a growing concern about the quality of education that students are receiving in the universities today. The curriculum of some of the courses being provided in the institutions does not have practicality in the real workplace situa... more

What is a data driven attribution modeling?

Laura Wyss | A data-driven attribution modeling uses the conversion data specified on the reports as a key for calculating the actual contribution done by every keyword across the conversion path. There is a specific advertiser for every data-driven attribution... more

Display and native advertising: what's the difference really?

Ashley Kaczmar | "Zemanta’s Technology paired with Outbrain’s Interest Graph to Put Native Advertising on the Same Scale as Display." I think this is interesting. In my opinion, native advertising is a form of display advertising. Yet,... more

Given unlimited funding, RingDNA's CEO would focus on content. What would you focus on?

John Shieldsmith | In this interview , RingDNA's CEO, Howard Brown, says he would use an unlimited budget to focus on hiring more people to create awesome content. Furthermore, he says he would focus on testing and measurements.  What would you focus on if y... more

What is a data driven attribution modeling?

Laura Wyss | A data-driven attribution modeling uses the conversion data specified on the reports as a key for calculating the actual contribution done by every keyword across the conversion path. There is a specific advertiser for every data-driven attribution... more

What’s Stopping Us from Using More Interactive Video?

Lisa Clark | Martech teams must create, manage, and measure content across a variety of media today, even provinces like video that used to be left to specialist teams. Yet in a recent poll of martech professionals, less than 10% of respondents regarded themselv... more

Conversational Commerce

What is conversational commerce? Conversational commerce is a business conversation that leads to a sale. It aims to make the buying process quick, easy and personal. Conversational commerce comes in many forms, such as live chat, sales calls and... more
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Live Chat Software for websites to boost sales and decrease support costs.... more
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What Elite Marketers Know About Feedback and Chat in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Feedback and chat solutions provide ways to manage communications between a brand and its customers while also collecting information from these customers.... more
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            Free Live Chat Software. Add Live Chat Software to Website... more

Expert Opinion: Customer Service featuring Szymon Klimczak

Szymon Klimczak | Customer service is critical to a brands success. In this article, Szymon Klimczack shares a few top tips for customer service success.... more
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            BoldChat Live website chat software that is easy to install and highly customizable... more
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