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Creating Instagram Ads People Will Love

Madeleine Helme | Instagram ads are a great way to get more leads for your business. Follow these tips to create ads that will make your audience pay attention.... more

Instagram ads just short of facebook

Ben Ibarra | In my opinion, Facebook ads are 1# way to go just because of the hyper targeting, but instagram are definitely a near second alongside other social media platforms. Because of the different layout on insta, depending on the ad context, it can be bet... more


Lauren Campbell | There are tons of ads on Instagram, and nine times out of ten you can tell its an ad as soon as you scroll to it. These days people are attracted to humor, and memes especially. I've always thought that maybe if these companies looked a little... more

Is Programmatic Ruining Native Ads?

Ashley Kaczmar | Programmatic continues its problematic life. Lately, it's been breaking into native advertising and stirring up some trouble over there.... more

The Advantages of Skippable Video Ads

Madeleine Helme | Forcing people to sit through your ads could lead to a negative impression of your brand. Skippable video ads are a good way to stay among your audience.... more

Google's War On Bad Ads Starts With This

Ashley Kaczmar | Does it ever feel like "Attack of the Ads" when you're browsing online? That's why Google is introducing an ad blocker for their Chrome browser. ... more

Are You Making These Mistakes with Your Facebook Ads?

Ashley Kaczmar | Facebook ads have a lot of shiny buttons. It can be hard not to press them all. But don't just put together your ad willy nilly.... more

Instagram Makes Selling Products Easier with New In-App Tool

Hailee Franco | Instagram is making it easier to sell your products without hurting your bottom line. Their new tool launched recently and makes it easy to sell products.... more

Target Locked On: How to Target Facebook Ads the Right Way

Ashley Kaczmar | Summary Here's the secret: when a user is scrolling through Facebook, they don't want to leave the platform. So they're not interested in clicking on an ad that redirects them.Luckily, Facebook has figured this out and they're now providing some ha... more

Social Ads are Right Behind Paid Search in the Ad Spending Race

Ashley Kaczmar | The latest State of Search Report is in. Advertisers, it looks like the social ad trend continues to grow. Not only that, it's the fastest growing trend.... more

Millennials and Social Media: The Experts Weigh In

Lana K. Moore | When it comes to social media which platform should you choose to best market to millennials? We asked the experts to weigh-in. See what they had to say.... more
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Expert Opinion: Social Advertising featuring Joanna Pawluk

Joanna Pawluk | Each brand’s social advertising strategy is different than the rest. In this article, Joanna Pawluk shares a few top tips for social advertising success.... more

If Social Media Doesn't Work, Why Not Try Native Advertising?

Ashley Kaczmar | For some reason, you're just not getting the response you hoped you would from social media. Why not give native advertising a try?... more

Women Dominate Influencer Marketing [Research]

Yuval Maoz | Everyone knows influencer marketing is exploding, but to what extent? To answer this question, we’ve recently analyzed 1.5 million #ad posts and were blown away by the results. Here are the key findings: Women Dominate Influencer Marketi... more

Press Play: Why Your Brand Needs Video Marketing

John Shieldsmith | You know the big dogs are using video marketing. You know, because you see their content everywhere. But does your brand need it? Yes, yes it does.... more

Expert Opinion: Social Advertising featuring Mike Jacobs

Mike Jacobs | Each brand’s social advertising strategy is different than the rest. In this article, Mike Jacobs shares a few top tips for social advertising success.... more

Like, Share, Comment: Marketing on Facebook

Hailee Franco | "There is more to Facebook ads than finely crafted copy, compelling images, custom audience and interest based targeting." Find out what on MarTechExec.... more

Curated Roundup of the Best Ecommerce News, Resources & Guides

Nicole Poncsak | Every month we try to put together a curated list of some of the most noteworthy ecommerce news, articles, apps, and resources that take place throughout the month, and this month we did just that. The purpose of these monthly roundup posts is to b... more

Want to be Social? Say it with Video

Hailee Franco | How on Earth are you supposed to get your video noticed on social media? The easy answer is to craft videos that are formatted for each platform.... more

Expert Opinion: Public Relations featuring Deidre Woollard

Deidre Woollard | Public relations its as different today as media itself. In this article, Deidre Woollard shares a how to stay ahead of the changing landscape.... more
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Social and Relationships: 50+ Stats You Need to Know

Lana K. Moore | Looking for a rundown of "need-to-know" information on social media and customer relationships? Look no further. We have all the essential statistics.... more

What You Need to Know About Social Advertising to Stay Ahead in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Social advertising is a form of online advertising that focuses on social media networks. These can be as simple as promoted posts, or large campaigns.... more
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Expert Opinion: Social Advertising featuring Molly Schweickert

Molly Schweickert | Each brand’s social advertising strategy is different than the rest. In this article, Molly Schweickert shares a few tips for social advertising success.... more

Expert Opinion: Ecommerce Marketing featuring Haig Newton

Haig Newton | Read up on what ecommerce marketing expert Haig Newton predicts will happen as marketing technology evolves over the next three to five years.... more

Don’t Stop the Presses: Experts Say Print Advertising Has a Time and Place in 2017

Ashley Kaczmar | Print advertising is a type of advertising that is found on physically printed media, such as magazines or newspapers, to reach a certain audience.... more

Marketing in Motion: Video Types and You

John Shieldsmith | Live videos, Facebook videos, disappearing videos - there are so many video types to choose from. Read this guide to determine which one works for you.... more
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9 Steps to Better Video Marketing on Social Media

Kathi Furman | Don’t get lost in the crowd on social media. Make your audience want to start a relationship with you with these steps for video marketing on social media... more

Influencer Marketing Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

Kathi Furman | Before you start the process, take the time to review these influencer marketing mistakes. It could make all the difference between success and failure.... more

Too Many Cooks: 1,000,000 Content Marketing Tips

John Shieldsmith | Everyone is doing content marketing, and everyone has content marketing tips. Read this article to learn how to differentiate yourself.... more